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  1. Makes perfect Sense, thanks Harry. So I’m safe just sticking m6 Leica in the highest JPEG quality mode ! although I do recall many years ago when I first submitted images to Alamy back in 2008 I had to send them on a CD due to there size but they were all taken frommTIFFs. Lee.
  2. Yes quite strange but again managed to get it to fail when trying to load an older image which was a TIFF unless of course the uploader simply doesn’t accept TIFFs? Lee.
  3. Looking at options myself now and although years ago I was an avid Adobe user the subscription basis sticks in my teeth! has anyone that was an avid Adobe user switched to Afinity and if so what’s your thoughts, opinions good and bad! going to need to select something soon so advise much appreciated! Lee.
  4. Think I solved this (sort of), it would appear any JPEG edited in my trial version of LR will not load same as TIFF. files as I found out today! a straight forward un edited JPEG straight from my Leica will upload! thanks Lee.
  5. Hi all, having recently returned to photography after a few years sabbatical I’ve bought myself a Leica which shoots DNG files ( which I know are RAW files)! I’ve started loadin* up more photos to my profile and today found some pictures I captured on my Canon DSLR years ago however they are TIFF files. After finding the upload app didn’t like this format it left me wondering why? also after I edited some of my new JPEGs from my Leica using Lightroom these were also rejected by the Alamy uploader? so I’m a little confused as to what I can and why upload?
  6. Thanks Betty, that really is helpful! As you can tell and have pointed out I do struggle with the tagging ! thankyou to everyone else, I’ll take a look at the different software. as for the comments on cropping, I had not considered this before! But makes a lot of sense to leave more room so the image can be used as required by a customer! so I’ve learnt a great deal from just one post! PS what’s the latest versions of photoshop and LR, ( I’ll have a look for some deals unless anyone can advise where to look?) appreciated! Lee.
  7. Hi everyone and thank you all for such detailed answers! and the criticism ( much appreciated) I’m really self taught and if z photo looks nice to me I’m happy! I have no real experience with the finer details! i used to use a Canon DSLR to Shit wildlife and processed in RAW which must have worked as I’ve sold some including 500,000 in a newspaper! my new Leica has options for JPG, JPG + DNG or DNG. I’ve been using the middle option so producing both and DNG. I assume is RAW as it’s around a 45mb file! im unfamiliar with DNG! ive just submitted another 1
  8. Hi all, new to the forum but uploaded 1st photo to Alamy in 2005. i used to be into wildlife photography in a big way and just before I hung up my camera for a few years I uploaded some pictures after receiving Much appreciation for my photos. ive just returned to the shutter once again after buying myself a Leica, my photography has changed as a result of my life changing. so once again I am now looking to upload some more photos, but have some questions! i read somewhere it is not permitted to adjust photos as far as sharpening ect! t
  9. Hi all, I’ve just returned to photography after a few years, anyway Turns out I had to supply 3 new samples due to the break which I did and uploaded no problems, all images passed QC however when 8 try to upload using the image uploader I select my images from my files then hit done and it returned me to stage 2 again ( as if I haven’t selected any images)? any ideas as I’m loosing patience with it now! ive uploaded from my iPad Pro without issue including the 3 samples 2 nights ago! ive reset my iPad, logged out and back in to Alamy but no change? thanks L
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