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  1. Thanks for the images everyone, it definitely seems like motion blur and out of focus images can definitely pass QC depending on subjective artistic intent and/or if one or more parts of the otherwise blurry image is in focus. It certainly feels as humans are still making the QC decisions. I am curious, would anyone be willing to share a motion blur or out of focus image that DID NOT pass QC for comparison?
  2. thanks for all the input everyone, much appreciated!
  3. Hi! I am worried about submitting images with motion blur for QC, both intentional and unintentional. I've consulted the QC guide PDF, but it only lists "camera shake" or "blurred or soft image giving the impression that the camera moved when the photo was taken." This is still unclear for me as I know there are many images on Alamy that have blur and motion and have passed QC. What passes and what doesn't? I break it down further: Intentional Motion Blur What are the QC standards for acceptable blur and motion that is intentional? Things like sports, cyclists, cars, anything fast or in motion but the rest of the image is in focus, or if you pan the camera while shooting for a motion effect? Unintentional Motion Blur What are the QC standards for acceptable blur and motion that is unintentional? Things like arms and hands that are blurry on a walking person for example due to a slower shutter speed, but the entire rest of the image is in focus? Thanks.
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