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  1. It seems I make the impression I am lazy. I am not. I only tried to better and faster understand, to estimate in what direction I should/could look at, and understand what can be an efficient workflow for me. I am not a pro in photography, and not a pro in stock or microstock photography. I like my photography development in the last year, and might push it forward. Some questions I have might upset some (as in 'why don't you just Google it ffs'), as they are just "so beginner". Well, sorry, it is how it is. In all fairness. Not everyone can start as a pro. Thanks agai
  2. Ian, I had no intention to put someone off, sorry about that. There is no need to defend Alamy. I am not into comparing platforms but I am trying to understand fast. This means sometimes to ask questions, even though the answer could be found somewhere already. With that said, I allow myself to post whenever I feel it is worth to post. As a beginner I did not know that Alamy is "not the same" as other stock agencies. Every stock platform would probably say about themselves that they are different in a positive way. I need to figure out myself if it suits me, sometimes with the help
  3. That is true, in absolute numbers probably more photos are checked. Is it unusual that I started uploading on several stock photo platforms? I thought it makes more sense instead of focusing only on one. Editing, keywording, describing is anyway already done. What is MS sites? Sharepoint? If so, I can unfortunately not follow how you do an additional QC before the actual Alamy QC.
  4. I simply expected a screen after upload to enter keywords, etc. and only then click "submit". That's not the case. That's different in all other stock platforms I know and from my point of view weird, but that's just my opinion.
  5. Of course, my uploads contain already keywords and description. Somehow some things work differently than what my other platforms. Well, it's my choice. Thanks folks
  6. I also upload at other stock platforms and I always thought it is exactly the opposite and also implemented in the process by the stock platform this way.
  7. That is for sure true - however, everything got its learning curve. After some time the chances of rejection will decrease as I simply know better by then. For the start it is most likely recommended to go for smaller submissions. Thanks for all your feedback and help!
  8. Oh ... that's annoying. Too bad, but thanks for this super fast reply.
  9. It seems that individual stock platforms have quite some different approaches and regulations when it comes to licensing, allowed uploads, and releases. While a photography of mine showing the iconic Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur got rejected by many stock platforms because of a missing property release form, it got accepted at Alamy. However, I am not sure if I understand correct what plays a role for an individual picture upload, the licensing, and the release form. Also I am unsure who is responsible to guarantee that a proper release form is available. The photographer/
  10. It happened already to me twice that I submitted photos by mistake: 1. by using an upload software that resulted in redundant uploading 2. by running a test upload (I had no idea that uploading only is automatically submitting it) Can I somehow withdraw those submissions. Don't want QC to have additional work and rank me down or block me because of such mistakes.
  11. Exactly, that was the final part that was leading to confusion. I did not understand what they see as "submission". I set up my process that way that I handle the actual uploading to 5 different stock platforms via Xpiks (an application for keywording and uploading simultaneously to several platforms). I expected every uploaded batch, i.e., collection of stock photos, to be seen as an individual submission from QC. So from my point of view I contributed 5 submissions within a few days. From the QC point of view this was obviously seen as 1 single submission. My learning
  12. Thanks for your feedback. I initially did not see the failure reason, and not even the one photography that triggered the rejection, thus I was felt left alone here. But it was my mistake and I saw the declined image in the batch later on including reason. Understood now how the process works. Thx.
  13. Yes, you are absolutely right. I do understand now. Better make smaller bathes for the beginning to learn. Thanks!
  14. Can I delete my own post in the forum? Obviously not. I could identify the problematic photo - I did not see that at the first look. So at least now I can identify the photo and can work on a correction. However, it turns out that several submissions got rejected because of one photo. So I uploaded different batches on different days (within 5 days) 1 photo 14 photos 15 photos -> here was a problem with QC of a photo 1 photo 5 photos All of the submissions got rejected.
  15. I contribute at a few stock platforms and Alamy is the only one that does QC on a submission/batch level instead on an individual level. So I upload 15 photos, my submission failed, and I have no idea at all why and no idea which photo was the reason for it. How should I learn about that so that I can correct the single photo or leave it out. Now all other photos got rejected as well. From my point of view a very strange approach to do the quality control. One or more images failed QC. This means the remaining images have been rejected without being assessed.
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