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  1. No, I'm not duplicating work. Just looking to tweak my SEO. I think that answers my questions. You guys all really helped me with this. Thank You
  2. Yes, thanks for reminding me about the route 66 pics. I will have to go back and fine tune them.
  3. Since I'm archaic and just hate re-writing titles, tags and descriptions. I usually have a set of images like Chicago skylines that pass. I then use the same title and tags in all of these just to get them up and on the site. Then I go back and re-adjust the tags so they are appropriate to the exact location. I keep the titles the same though in a lot of them. Should each title be different for better rankings Thanks in advance
  4. Yes John, I thought that may be the case. Oh well, lets just do some tweaking and see what the stats reveal
  5. I find that selling online is a whole different world than selling in person. Online its all about being on the first page of search, maybe the first three depending. If you're not on the first 3 pages, your work will prob never be seen. I have witnessed on many online sites that mediocre images sell and the reason is that they come up first in search. I would say that making a perfect picture is only about 25% of selling it online. Figure out the ranking criteria and algorithm of this site, and you will be surprised at the difference, regardless of how many images you have for sale. Don't eve
  6. One more question that gets a little deeper. Will having to many keywords confuse the algorithm. Say I have a favorite picture of the Chicago skyline and in order to make my keywording green, I add 20 more tags that (ARE) relevant to the actual image, but not related to Chicago Skyline. Like the type time of day or night, colors, names of buildings in the image. The only keyword in this image that matters to me would be Chicago skyline. So what Im saying is, would the rest of the fluff thats relevant to the image, take away now from this image ranking higher for just the phrase (Chicago Skylin
  7. Thats what I have been doing as well. Do you know if they give credence to the file name being the same as the title.
  8. I was wondering if anyone knows if single keywords or keyword phrases are best on Alamy. Or should there be a mix. When I look at an image on the first page, I scroll down and see the keywords. They are all single that I have seen. Is that from the contributor, or just a list this site makes up. Also is it important for SEO here to have the same name in your original file upload here. Every site has its own algorithm, so I am just figuring it out here. Thank You Kevin OConnell
  9. Thank you Paulette, I will be looking at the measures for sure.
  10. Thank you for those responses, very much appreciated. Im just an old school photog that hasn't had any luck outside of my own website SEO. To me finally getting looks to begin with is a big plus. Most of the other sites I have used over the years don't get a look from anyone, unless you're excepted into a special clique, or there long enough to figure out what system is in place to get found.
  11. Thank you for the info. Can I ask how doing this lowers the CTR eventually.
  12. Just typed this question in and thanks for a straight up answer Alamy. Cant believe so much negativity about the tags and how to make your discoverability best. Most other places wont tell you one thing to help get you discovered, and this site tells you all, lol. Either do it or don't. Complaining about it is silly.
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