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  1. Thanks very much for your comment Brian, I'm reading the contract right now. But I will follow your suggestion and will search for some photographers or artists organization in Italy to give me help. Otherwise I will let my lawyer writing an official letter to the agency with the hope that Alamy will do something after that. I wil let you know. Thank you again. If I understood right, on Alamy is not allowed to be sold the same images by two different entities? Because if so, I can't understand why they didn't force this agency to delete my images, since I submitted before them...
  2. I was searching it in the photographer area, but now I have found it on the normal website under contributor. I downloaded it right now and I'm going to read it and will let you know. thanks again
  3. I didn't say the name of the agency and of it's owner, so I thought it wasn't a problem. However I edited that part, but I see that the previous quotes remained the same and I don't think I can adit them. Regarding the contract, I can't find it and I asked the agency to send me a copy several times but they refused to do it. I reached on their website if there was the way to find the contract there, but I didn't find it.
  4. Hi John, I of course tried hard to let them delete all my images form their site and from Alamy, but the owner is a real bad guy and not only he didn't do what I was asking, but he also started to be very aggressive and offensive. This happens two years ago. I still have these emails. Can anyone confirm me that if I would show to Alamy an official request written by my lawyer addressed to this Spanish agency to remove all my images from Alamy and their own database, then Alamy can proceed to remove them?
  5. Hi, thanks for your message. Alamy refused to help me because they said they have a contract with this agency where they assure non disclosure of sales data to anyone.. no matter if I am the copyright owner of the images. Alamy didn't tell me about any rule that don't allow image duplicates.. Of course I could prove that I submitted my portfolio much before this agency.. Do you think this is enough to let Alamy delete my images from the agency?.. If so, whey thy refused to help me when I told them this situation?
  6. Hello Robert, thank you for your comment and suggestion. I actually never tried to send them a letter with written request of portfolio cancelation, because I did it a few times by email, but they totally ignored me.
  7. Hi Wim, thank you for your reply. It's the second one you mentioned. I started having my images here on Alamy in 2006, although first years I had very little production. In 2014 I gave my portfolio to this Spanish stock agency, which without even telling me, put all my images on sale on Alamy, so since then I had double images displayed, one under my name and one under their name. But on the search engine 80% of the times my images show up under the agency name rather than mine, probably because they have many and higher ranking. But as I described in my post, they pretend they never sold even one of my images along five years and this is absolutely impossible since I sell several each month.
  8. Hello everyone, I'm a very old contributor, but this is my first time on the forum. I'm having a serious problem and although this is going ahead for already several years time, I finally decided to ask help here on the forum. To be honest, on last year I tried to explain this issue to the Alamy support, but they couldn't help me, so I hope to find some useful feedback here. As the most of you, I have my images on sale also on several other stock agencies. One of these agencies around five years ago put my whole portfolio on sale here on Alamy, without asking my permission. But much worse than this is the fact that this agency never paid me a single cent for all the sales they made with my images. When I discussed about this with them in the past, they pretended they didn't have any sales at all, but this is absolutely impossible, because the same images are also sold by myself here and I have several sales every given month for many years. Obviously after I realized about it, I immediately asked to let me cancel my subscription as contributor to them, but they refused to do it.. can you believe it? As they are a stock agency, even if not one of the big ones, but very often my images in the search engine here on Alamy, come first under this agency name, rather than under my own portfolio.., so this means that I'm loosing lots of money that this agency is getting in my place, without even share with me my part. It's a real fraudulent action. I'm totally sure that over five years, they stolen several thousands of dollars from me. I'm not saying the name of this agency, because I'm not sure that this is allowed, but I would need to know from you, what would you do in my place. Doing a legal action against this agency, would be very expensive, because I'm located in Italy, this agency is located in Spain and Alamy in the UK, this is why I've never done it, but I'm hoping that a sort of organization that protect artists/photographers from these kind of issues might exist... Any advise, suggestion, or useful comment will be much appreciated. Thank you very much.
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