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  1. Sorry John, I have tried to update my profile on Alamy, but the images submitted in the last few days aren't unto date yet. Please check my Commercial page on the website here, all these images well 90% have been taken with the Mavic 2 Pro! 🙂 Hope this helps! https://www.jondawrant.com/commercialphotography.html
  2. Hi John, Absolutely I have taken some stunning images in the last few days and uploaded them funny enough! I will put them onto my portfolio page somewhere near the top! They are of a Solar Farm! 🙂 Go for it! Worst cases is you will have a load fo fun with it! 🙂 If you have any questions please feel free to ask! 🙂
  3. It is certainly possible that's for sure! More so if you're a free man or women who can go anywhere and do what they want when they want! That will certainly help with the variety aspect! The one thing I will say is the income aspect is still totally irregular and that's the hard part. Some months are excellent, some shocking but that's the stock it seems. I'm still totally new to Alamy and I won't really know what's going to happen with my port until this time next year I expect, but I hope to have sales from late Jan onwards. Your portfolio is nice I think yo
  4. Hi Michael, it seems there are many many factors that I need to be researching and understanding that's for sure, this will be another interesting one! 🙂 Thank you for that, but first I have nearly 5000 more images to Keyword etc 😞 😞
  5. This is exactly my point and why I think it's a bit of a myth all this talk. Not only the word "London" would be in there but probably at least 10-20 others all relating to just London that everyone would be using. In correct Keywords are what I think some have meant of course, which is obvious. 🙂
  6. Meh, I used to be in the Royal Marines I've had the absolute privilege to be deployed to virtually all the sh1tholes in the world and be shot at..... Sadly and I mean sadly I didn't know what a camera was back then! LMAO.... If ONLY.... I could have made a killing... pun intended 😉
  7. That's sound advice! 🙂 But I think the "few" people noticing the odd keyword that they wouldn't use is probably creating a scenario that 6500 out of the 7000 I now have are wrong that isn't the case at all. Once I've organised them into February and have them in location I will go through them in batches, categories etc etc and then as I've said have them all done by February! Until then I'm about 90% happy with all 7100 images currently on. There's always gonna be one or two....(hundred.... lol), but I also need to wait and work out what Keywords are "relevant" to Alamy.... because
  8. Oooh and bonus I've woken up to another sale! Yippppeeee, not for much but they all count! 🙂 I certainly wasn't expecting 2 in the first few weeks so ahead of schedule and very happy! 🙂
  9. It's an approach a lot more agencies should do frankly rather than treat us like idiots, but then I get the need for it more in the US, their cities are not like ours! They make ours look like hamlets! lol
  10. That's the thing about being in the UK I hate, we don't have protests, high rise sky scrapers and pretty much nothing bad ever happens unless it's in London..... LOL, So for news etc you aren't really onto a winner! & if you were are in London there would be thousands of journalists trying to get the same spot at the same time! I used to live in Essex, which is right by London and frankly it was horrific! I now live much nearer the country, or at least somewhere that has access to many different things but still there is very limited newsworthy stuff to capture! It's p
  11. I have this down to a T now Marianne, I have a little system in place that helps me get it just right (obviously not perfect as others have noticed I have made mistakes, but they are my mistakes not the system). Don't forget all of those commercial images have already been edited so there is no need for that. I also thankfully have 350mb + internet and roughly a 40-60mb upload, that makes a huge difference. It's just literally catching up.... & a lot of copy and pasting! Yesterday for example I edited through the 200 images I took in about 20-30 minutes (don't ne
  12. Apology accepted mate, we move on. Life's too short to bitch about meaningless crap ay, Right so I have a burning question, why don't you submit more of your work here? I too have done my fair share of studio stuff, but haven't seen it as, or that it would be of any use for Stock, is that your reasoning to Chuck?? Only asking out of curiosity, nothing more. It does seem in this game that numbers do matter. I know a guy who has 55,000 (yes that number is correct) VIDEO CLIPS and he makes a LOT of money per month and he swears that number is key in Stock a
  13. I understand completely what you are saying Kevin! lol Thank you, I hope so I'll be putting effort into getting things corrected and in proper order. I still don't expect sales till Jan at the earliest but it doesn't stop me checking daily! haha Thank you on the website too that has been frankly a pain in the arse but it was along ling time overdue. I'm currently doing metadata for pages and SEO..... zzzzzzzzzzz Take care mate
  14. I t is a bit strange in an adult world, but hey ho ay! I appreciate your upvote though so thank you that's kind of you! 🙂 Take care Paulette 🙂
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