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  1. Ohh Alright this is a different explanation I think i can work on those details now that I'm clear about all of them. Thank you david.
  2. I keep learning Joseph have been really useful tips and answers I can't complain, thank you very much
  3. Thank you, I'm learning on the process, just don't comment as I knew it all, because I don't. Thank you for the comments.
  4. Hello, Actually it was a sort of "ideas" to add it, I'm working on the tags but I haven't had the time to fix them all. Thank you for your comment
  5. Gute nacht Steve, Thank you very much IT worked like a charm thank you
  6. The portfolio is listed on the main thread. There's some on alamy already
  7. Hello all I just wanted to introduce myyself to the community, I'm Jose Ortega I have 37 y/o, native from Venezuela, currently living on Mexico. I'm an IT Expert (https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Profile/j0rt3g4) working for Microsoft O365 and as a full time freelancer and photographer on free spots. After that little introduction, I'd like to know where can I get my Alamy's URL or how should I customize it ? https://www.alamy.com/contrib-browse.asp?cid={1EA86B31-435D-47B9-AFE9-5929B5729ED4}&name=Jose+Gabriel+Ortega+Castro It's way to deep for a single person
  8. Hello the portfolio is here: https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/j0rt Thank you in advance.
  9. I won't get rid of it. I would suggest to implement the Recaptcha V3 which doesn't block or stop the user's flows. https://developers.google.com/recaptcha/intro
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