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  1. It looks as if you need several 1000 images to make reasonable money. How can you get to upload so many images when alamy rejects all the photos if even one fails OR do they get more lenient the more photos you have accepted?
  2. The scan size) is likely too large for 35mm film at nearly 50Mpix. I scanned my old 35mm transparancies at 2900 DPI (the max resolution on my old Nikon scanner) which gave about 12.5 Mpix sized images & were accepted here they needed retouching though.. Curiously they failed on other well known stock websites so the standards are different so it seems to be a juggling act.
  3. yes but how can you judge noise or grain in a photo & we are not all experts on QC and I'm older but my eyesight has never been so good. Also what may be acceptable on another stock site may fail here and vice versa. Even if you do separate submissions (within a certain period) they still reject the lot if just 1 photo fails out of those submissions. Question is how long is that period to wait so you you can upload the good images without rejection? At least alamy accepts my old 35mm film scans which no other stock site (so far) has accepted because of the dreaded noise/gra
  4. I did that too. uploaded two images that were already approved by mistake. Now I cannot cancel them.
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