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  1. On another site (by the firm that does photoshop) they generate keywords by the image & it seems very accurate don't know how they do it but alamy needs something similar
  2. that's good about here because just about every other stock site makes you tick editorial or else they reject the image - as if you're supposed to know. And some sites don't accept images with intellectual property in which is also hard to judge.
  3. Lincoln is realy good & worth visiting, much bigger & the ppl. are better than boston which is pretty dead even before lockdown.
  4. eye of the tiger, Survivor. some lyrics It's the eye of the tiger, it's the thrill of the fight Risin' up to the challenge of our rival And the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night And he's watchin' us all with the eye of the tiger Face to face, out in the heat Hangin' tough, stayin' hungry They stack the odds 'til we take to the street For the kill with the skill to survive Now I remember the 70s TV series Survivors about a pandemic
  5. Yes they refunded me because of gov advice not to travel to manila phil. but rebooked us for November with another airline for little extra cost and certainly not £200 for each FLIGHT. We could have rebooked with the same airline for no extra up to June 30 but it's now too soon with the rapidly worsening conditions. When the gov advises against travel to a certain country travel insurance can become invalid so agencies have to either refund you or re-book
  6. If people continue to congregate in outside places & ignore advice. the government will bring in more stringent itailan style measures to combat the virus. But will you still be allowed outside to take photos on your own because it will drive me mad staying in all the time esspecialy with warmer weather coming..
  7. I bought a cheaper (but still good) sony alpha nex with a flip touch screen not as visible as a dslr. but eagle eyed guards still notice me.
  8. If you are in a public place I understand that they have no right to stop you at least in the UK But the other day I tried to take a picture on a (deserted) Pescod shopping centre in Boston uk and was told by someone with a pescod shirt logo that I couldn't take photos without permission. Turns out it's privately owned even though it's open air & the public are allowed to roam freely. How the hell do you know where to get permission from as I'm not a professional, I just enter photo competitions on the net ie gurushots. and sell a few stock photos (but none on alamy yet) My camera is a pr
  9. Can you get away with taking photos in shops? I once took a photo with an old nokia phone in a well known chain & they asked me to delete it.
  10. what I liked about film though is that you had to be realy selective in what subjects you shot so you didn't run out and had to take real care with focusing exposure etc. so you didn't waste film. With digital I still take the same amount of care (Had to to pass QC) but aslo because I deon't want too many photos to sort out & upload. Problem is you have to upload a lot to get any sales. The problem with digital as harry hinted on is how would anybody view digital photos in the far future. Hard drives don't last forever & memory cards break & ppl. don't print anymore. The cloud own
  11. Hello everyone this seems like a great forum - much better than SS' one I'm quite new on alamy & my brother Mark has been on here for many years. I have a question: relating to coronavirus. I know a lot of you may travel. I have flights booked for March 19 but the place My wife & I are traveling to (Manila, Philippines) has gone on lockdown. They have stopped UK citizens from traveling there unless they are a spouse of a ph citizen which I am. but if we went there, we'd have to go in quarantine which naturaly we don't want and I couldn't take photos . I luckily have t
  12. OH so as long as they have passed QC you then choose which ones would be editorial? because at the minute I cannot find an editorial ckick box on alamy
  13. some of your photos has a green colour cast so need correcting. and some subjects are too far away I only saw your 1st page though
  14. I had the same issue but you solve it if you add captions to each ifphoto. then they show up For sale straitaway which probably means are already for sale without the captions - a bit confusing
  15. I have the same problem but my last lot of approved photos says Not on sale Been like that for days & don't know how to change it. It's hard enouth to even find the photos for sale. I think its an over complex interface esspsialy for newcommers
  16. Was the above photo handheld & how do you choose for editorial on alamy? I bought a sony NEX cam last month (similar o yours I think) & uploaded 1 photo from it & alamy accepted it no probs. even though it was also handheld after sunset set at 1250 iso. The Sony's better on that iso than my old Olympus VG 130 pocket cam is at 100. There's another well known stock site that accepted photos even from the VG130 cam but they only pay a min of 25c.I sold I photo so far.
  17. Yes I started with 35mm on my very first camera in the 80's & they even accept film photograph scans on here which is great. (the only stock site that has so far) I have many film slides where you used a proejctor to view or small 35mm slide viewer. You need good quality scans though (not from those realy cheap scanners) But you can send them somewhere at reasonable cost to get scanned, negatives about £1 a strip slides are more. I do my own slide scans on an old Nikon scanner from 2003 which alamy accepted with no trouble as long as you crop the edges of the photo on a paint program. A go
  18. its fine now. Alamy accepted the photo I mentioned (along with my others) even though I had painted out shop signs & logos am realy pleased. They are not on sale yet but I believe a the search engine puts them up. Is that correct?
  19. great shots hand held too. The sony cameras (have a NEX 5N which I just bought) does realy well on higher iso's. I just had a photo of the town at dusk accepted on alamy which was also handheld. Question is how slow a shutter speed can you use on the NEX with the OSS lens?
  20. this QC thing is realy hard for me because my eyesight is not so good. Still I'm getting realy good votes on photos on a competition site starting with 'Gu & people (other photographers) like my photos on another website (500) but their QC is very tough (they lisense with getty images) & have hardly accepted any of my photos including one I just submitted here which I spent time painting out logos on a street picture. (I used to work in design many yrs ago) but had o learn digital design on my own. The amazing thing is though Alamy is the Only site that has accepted any of
  21. I shot a photo just after sundown handheld of my town centre & even painted out all logos etc. It was at a higher ISO but still looks very good at 100%. I.Couldn't use a tripod because there were some moving cars in the schene. Do alamy accept higher ISO shots if there's little noise / grain in the photo?
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