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  1. The biggest problem with microstock sites now ar the large number of images buyers get on subs which is the main way that they get images cheaply. and if they don't use all their images in the plan (certain sites like one beginning with 'S and Adobe I think) keeps the money so contributors often only get a few cents per DL many times in a row. Contributors have been complaining on the forums and leaving in droves.. Sadly even if everyone left 'S' there's many other similar sites to take their place. 

  2. On 03/05/2018 at 13:00, spacecadet said:

    GIS suggests that you have the same images on sale here and at MS sites. If you have, why would a buyer pay pounds here when they could pay pennies there? You do yourself (and, more indirectly, us) no favours.

    But buyers on microstock sites pay quite a lot for subscriptions. (and can be hard to get out of see trustpilot but they get many images for the price that's why people often only get a few cents per DL. If they want a single image they still have to pay a few £s  on microstock - not much cheaper than Alamy. 

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  3. On 04/01/2021 at 22:28, Studio37 said:


    It's something I don't understand here about the Commission/charges. I have total sales of $764. But the total payments for me were $122.

    This means commission / charges: -627.71 USD! Because no one at Alamy answers this question/perplexity, I ask you what do you think about this?

    Anyway, that means over 80% REAL commission/charges here! Why?


    Yes  it looks like a lot of your total amount is not yet cleared / been paid to Alamy yet. By the way $764. is an amazing amount for a port of only 184 images. 

  4. 14 hours ago, John Mitchell said:

    The only Boston I know is the one famous for tea parties and baked beans. Haven't been there for years, though.

    You've never heard of boston uk? Amazing. but just realised you're from Canada. Some great photos can be taken there if you're not local. I took some in lockdown when there was no people about which was bliss.

  5. Whatever you think of Boston and it’s natives, I think you need to be careful classifying people in that way on a public forum especially with reference to their place of abode and implicitly their social background.


    Its true though so why stick up for them? I was born in Boston and have been around for longer than them but they go around thinking they own the place ie the park which they have no right to do. I try to avoid them like the plague - excuse the pun. These types of ppl. have been prejudiced against ME all my life. I trained in G design but couldn't get a job in that so had to work in places where they worked years ago & they caused me nothing but trouble & were always from C estates.. Even in a queue the other week a similar type of person pushed past me in the PO  & all I said was ay steady on or something & got nothing but abuse. Of course I got very angry because of the social distancing which they don't seem to have heard of. I complained to the shop supervisor & they said we cannot tell ppl. to social distance. 

    There was only one person who came up to me & I tried to walk away but the idiot persisted so I got mad and I think I frightened him. They will never attack because they're cowards on their own I know what these ppl are like..

    Sadly I've suffered with prejudice all my life because I went away to school due to bad eyesight  (can still take photos though) so had to fight sometimes against these types of ppl. I'm pretty strong like Sampson in the bible Blind but incredible strong.  I wish the idiot had called the police because he'd have ended up with egg on his face. Sadly people like that NEVER say sorry even when they're proved wrong. There ought to be some sort of union for designers & photographers to help deal with these types of ppl. Luckily I know some good people in Boston. Someone even bought a similar camera to mine/


  6. 1 hour ago, John Mitchell said:


    Sorry to change the subject. But I guess you know that on Alamy you need model and property releases for images with people and/or property (e.g. buildings and stores) in them if you want to offer your images as RF. If you don't have releases, you have to mark the images RM or choose RF and then check the "sell for editorial only" box in the image manager. Good luck.

    I know but I don't want to photograph people anyway. I'm no good at dealing with or approaching strangers and even if I was, most wouldn't understand a model release form unless they were actually models who I couldn't afford to pay. I took a photo of myself wearing a mask but even had to fill out a model release for myself on another site.

  7. On 22/07/2020 at 18:38, Steve F said:


    You would hope there would be such buyers. But the ubiquity of (steadily improving) camera phones means everyone now has a high megapixel camera with them wherever they go. So free photos for the masses and a lot of people wouldn't be able to tell the difference, or believe there is not so much difference, between a camera phone photo and a photo professionally taken with 'proper gear'. This all conspires to devalue the work of professional photographers. Plus the market is saturated because it's so easy to meet the entry requirements for stock now compared to years ago. It's a buyer's market unfortunately.

    The good news is that most of the photos I see on ebay & facebook posts for instance are terrible. bad lighting, overexposed or even blurred or foggy people had greasy fingers on the smartphone lens i think. NOTE: I qualified in design back in the 80's & see that the DSLR photos are better than they've ever been (even compared to film but smartphone pictures unless in the right hands have been terrible. However I've seen some realy terrible photos from Getty mainly on news sites how they even get accepted I don't know. Also my brother's on Alamy aka spacecadet. 

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  8. On 09/08/2020 at 09:53, Tony ALS said:

    Thank you Bella. So nice to be on a forum without the bickering and insults you see with SS which has descended to lows which are sad. I'll disable my port on SS at the end of this year and I will be exclusive on Alamy, all new content is already exclusive here. Great to hear from good people with talented work.

    Yes Tony you are from SS i believe. My Brother is on here who's done pro photography for may years so you're in good company. SS is a sinking ship. It reminds me of Ebay some years ago when they put fees on shipping & many sellers staged a revolt (similar to what's happening on SS now} and guess what. ebay are more or less  begging people to sell on there offering free selling. £1 max selling fees etc. facebook is now a big alternative to ebay for selling stuff especially locally.

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  9. I just had some trouble today in the park which is a public place. Some young boston idiot with fake designer sunglasses (Mark my brother knows the type) came up to me and asked what I was photographing I said the wildlife etc. in the park. He tried to accuse me of photographing kids in the playground or even them as if I'd want to. I asked who are you the police or someone official? If not you have no right to ask me. Of course he was no one special. They should have shut up at that point but the idiot kept going on and on. He was gonna call the police. I said go on then but you're wasting your time because I'm not breaking any laws.  I even showed them the camera & the last photo I took was yesterday. Even then these Boston loud mouth cows shouted at me saying: you were pointing the camera at us. I said why would I want to photograph you miserable lot?  I actually said words to that affect. I'm used to these kind of people because or various jobs I did locally but I like to stand up for myself. I was in the park before but it was all foreigners there and they are no trouble. 

  10. On 24/01/2020 at 22:10, FrenchMarket said:

    Hi Everyone,


    I am complete newbie here, so please be nice. :) I travel a lot for work and have always thought (and other too) that I have a pretty good eye for composition.  But I'm not great (good, but not great) with the technical aspects.  I thought I could possibly post a few things on Alamy.  I submitted by three photographs and they all came back with "soft or lacking definition; noise"


    I'm using the Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II and have seen that some people do use that camera, so I know it isn't impossible to get my photos up to standards.  I already have it set to the highest image quality.  Anyone have any suggestions on how my might take less soft and noisy photographs? :)




    Yours is one of the more expensive powershots. It should be good enough with the correct settings because I Had photos accepted on Alamy even when I started on here with my powershot sx540. Mine is lower in the range & has image stablisation which helps but I will usually downsize the image in an editor so it's sharper at 100%. You can also smooth out noise/grain there's a lot of settings in a photo editor but I just use the one that works the best if needed. If you're not sure what this means just ask someone on the forum. The problem with DSLR's or even super zooms like mine is that it can attract unwanted attention. 

  11. On 23/08/2017 at 13:46, Robert M Estall said:

    Why would anyone buy your images from Alamy if they can get the very same shots from microstock for peanuts?  ( as Jill also said)


    That's before you start looking at the inappropriate captions. I'm not even going to peek at the keywords


    Don't underestimate the savvy of the buyers.


    In any case, 7 months isn't much time in this business.

    The buyers have to sign up for monthly subs on micro stock for quite a few pounds and they've complained when they cancel their subscriptions they get charged a whole lot more .  If they just downloaded a single image it wouldn't cost much less than alamy's  cheapest images but contributors get pennies ,sometimes a pound or two, certainly on a site called Sh______ &  people have been leaving there in droves recently. It's the greedy owners of these sites who are to blame as they must be either wasting a lot on marketing or keeping the extra money themselves. Surely there a more ethical buyers who want contributors to be decently paid for their work. 

  12. On 24/08/2017 at 17:01, hdh said:

    I uploaded this picture for fun only ... didn't think it will get sold ... but it was, after more than a year



    now waiting for this one to sell :)


    Someone on one of the micro sites took loads of pics of various garbage or rubbish & was on editorial due to labels brands on the items but they still sold.

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