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  1. Thank you for looking at AoA Joseph, I didn't even think to. I agree, some of the optional information seems quite significant to me and I always complete it.
  2. 33 sales for me so far this month, which is just 2 away from a BME. Revenue is pretty good although I have had a little higher in the past. There's still a few hours to go though so I won't count my chickens yet. It's also nice to see my account balance at dangerously close to the $1000 mark, but just a tad out of reach unless I get a decent $$ sale before the end of the day. Overall, it's looking good. Zooms are.....well, zooms are a real mess this month but I can't about sales.
  3. I do see quite often that searchers use the filters to choose images without people. I think that the majority of clients who want editorial content either want people or don't care either way, or if know they don't want any, they'll know to use the filters. Having said that though, using "nobody" as others suggest is unlikely to bring up many false positive. Maybe someone who uses that tag could say if they often see in Measures that people have used that word? If so, I might try adding it myself in future. Come to think of it, I HAVE used "nobody" on a video agency I "experimente
  4. I won't comment on the previous discussion, but just in case you aren't aware, your CTR is not dependant on sales but a calculation based on views and zooms. Of course a zoom may lead to a sale, so it may have relevance then, but there is not a direct connection.
  5. Thanks for that Wim. I have tried -alamy.* before, but from memory I think that may have either not worked or stopped working. I do generally find that the other domains Alamy use don't appear as much in searches as the .com domain, so I don't usually bother filtering those too. I guess it depends how many results you expect to find whether it's worth filtering them out or not.
  6. Hi Jansos. Print run of 2 million can be The Sun, yes. If it came through yesterday though, I THINK it might be the Daily Mail. They used to buy Alamy images lots, then stopped, but seem to be licensing again now. I'm unsure about your 750K print run sale though. The Sun and The Times are part of the same group, so their sales come in around the same time. So that's one way to help work out who bought what. My Sun/Times ones came through on the 25th this month.....I think. I haven't been keeping as tight a watch over who's using what as I used to.
  7. I'm a bit late to reply, but thought it worth adding something. When searching for my images online I'll do a Google image search with my name surrounded by quotes, then "Alamy", then -alamy.com (so it doesn't show results from Alamy's website). If it's a recent sale, then seeing as most publications don't credit with your name, I use the same search without my name as part of it, and restrict it to only look at the last 24 hours or week. Also on Google you can search for books, and I haven't noticed those results showing up for a standard search. I've found severa
  8. Hi Don. After you've added a caption and at least 5 tags, that's all you need to do before the images in the Image Manager show as "For Sale" (although they won't be, as said by others, until the database has updated). So it sounds like you haven't reached that point yet for some reason. Is the "License Type" set to Rights Managed or Royalty Free? I have a default set for that but it should default to Royalty Free unless you change it. Have you clicked the Save button at the bottom? If you select one of those images again now, and you see at least 5 tags and a caption but it still shows as "No
  9. That is a positive way of looking at it, and I agree it's a good thing in that respect. It is a hard pill to swallow though when they probably have a lot more spare cash than I do, will likely spend it in ways I never do and never did, yet they only pay a tiny amount for my images. I'm not too worried about it, but the fees from large businesses that aren't much higher concern me more. Alamy do well out of those bulk deals but each individual contributor sees very little of that money, and it also means that the same customer is unlikely to ever pay a higher fee in future.
  10. Thanks for posting this Rico. As others say, the select subject option has been there a while. I've never found it works too well to be honest, but maybe if what I'm selecting is very contrasted to the background, it works better. I usually find that using the quick mask selection tool does the best job and sometimes faster than using subject selection then correcting all the places where it isn't quite right. I'm not sure a new tool like this is going to be of much use when we have various ways of selecting already, but we'll wait and see. I notice that Adobe's video shows them us
  11. Your images look lovely, with quite unique and interesting lighting in many of them. Alamy is considered mainly an editorial agency, but just about anything can sell. There is no reason at all your images aren't perfectly fine for Alamy, but as others say, sales can take a while to show up. It's a slow process needing lots of patience. A few tips if that's ok.... 1) Be as artistic as you like, as long as they aren't over-processed. Your images stand out and that's what is needed to attract buyers. 2) You do have some similar images, so try to broaden yo
  12. Thanks for that. I noticed your previous comment when going through the thread earlier, and it does seem that it'll only get worse. I know not to look forward to DACs in future (I got myself a little too excited about the prospect of a decent payout this year!). I'm very happy with my sales numbers this year (if not the revenue) so that keeps me going.
  13. Thank for the reply, it's helpful to know that you've found similar with both Alamy's claim and your own direct sales claim. I do wonder why some in this thread with fairly low numbers in their ports have managed quite a decent payout, but maybe there are other factors involved. Like you say, it's nice to have something at least, especially with Christmas approaching.
  14. Agreed. My sales have improved this year by a fair amount, and I do have most exclusive to Alamy, but I could put those sales down to other factors that have also changed. It's really impossible for us to give an accurate answer to the OP.
  15. I let Alamy claim, and I received slightly less than last year, despite a large increase in eligible sales during 2018. Looking at how much some who claim directly received, I am a little concerned. I have written to DACs to ask if they can give any clues as to what, if anything, is not quite right. A breakdown from Alamy would certainly be a big help.
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