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  1. Dear Betty, Great wisdom learned the 'hard way.' We thank you. Cheers, Flo and Paul
  2. Hi Mark, We agree. Until we have the opportunity to actually 'run' some of our slides using a PHOTOSHOP, we won't know if we have success or not. We joined a PHOENIX CAMERA CLUB and hope to have a better insight on PHOTOSHOP face to face with other members...next meeting Nov. 16th. Again, our thanks. We've noted that much info has been passed between other ALAMY CONTRIBUTORS on the topic who have worked PHOTOSHOP. That is good. Cheers, Flo and Paul
  3. Hi Mark, We have opened and began to get 'acquainted' with PHOTOSHOP. Your note that you 'just tried it and it can do the TIFF to JPEG conversion' is great news. We have to 'work' through things you have already mastered. I applied for a Phoenix Camera Club and will attend such. Perhaps someone with infinite skills in this arena will take pity upon this codger and provide some serious 'hand-holding' to get Flo and I to get us up and running. We still won't know if any of the recommended tools will convert our very large TIFF to JPEG and do so with sufficient quality to get ALAMY to accept. Again, our thanks. Cheers Flo and Paul P.S. Back up plan: Win the big POWERBALL.
  4. Dear Brian, We thank you for your time and efforts in helping us with our goals. cheers, Flo and Paul
  5. Hi Harry, Sadly...Flo and I are it. Our family members use their super-duper telephones. None have any digital cameras beyond simple point and shoot (we have 2-of the Nikon's simple cigarette-sized camera's as emergency cameras) and I don't remember any family member's cameras having changeable lens. It didn't occur to us to investigate local camera club/college campus environment including TEMPE CAMERA. Flo and I agree we can use some serious hand-holding from digital photographers who walked this 'conversion' from TIFF to JPEG AND appreciate that they, too, were beginners. Great recommendation. cheers, Flo and Paul
  6. Hi Harry, No. When we retired from the workforce, none of our family members or friends worked in the computer field must less technical support in any industry or photography. Our work computer usage focused on our specific job requirement...no PHOTOSHOP. Cheers Flo and Paul
  7. Hi Brian, Flo and I swim just fine...just not in this pool! We are not stupid, just ignorant of the topic. Flo and I completed COMMAND AND GENERAL STAFF COLLEGE (CGS&C) and I taught COMMAND AND GENERAL STAFF COLLEGE for several years to men and women all of whom had degrees and advanced degrees ((doctors and lawyers) and were commissioned in the various Army disciplines, the subject of leadership through the rank of Colonel. First 'teaching skills' Instructors learned as Lieutenant Colonels was our student body-Captains and Majors-did not have the same level of understanding of a specific topic...trade terms for Armored Tank Commanders was not the same trade terms for the Signal Corps officer and vice versa. Second, Instructors learned very quickly not to 'talk over the heads of their students' on an on-going basis. Fortunately, the vast majority of Field Manual (FMs) had glossaries. This reply brings Flo and I back to our original goal of getting help from other ALAMY CONTRIBUTORS who have walked this path, had many 'lessons-learned' and can recommend solutions as many of you have. Cheers, Flo and Paul
  8. Hi Marianne, Yesterday, we took a bold step and GOOGLE'd PHOTOSHOP. Slow going for us. We found the portion of PHOTOSHOP that addressed 'conversion' from TIFF to JPEG and things got slower as we had to GOOGLE trade-terms we did not know. We will probably email PHOTOSHOP's CUSTOMER SERVICE and quirey them about what we have and what we need in this 'conversion' process. On-line text from PHOTOSHOP tends to 'talk over our heads' which adds to our frustration. We haven't looked at books yet. Home for us is Phoenix, AZ. When we bought the ENVY, we opted for the maximum Terabyte of 3 available at that time. We gobbled that up in 3-years with images. We added an additional 4-terabyte with the option of one more addition. We rely on NIKON CUSTOMER SUPPORT for many of our lens needs...the Katmai National Park recommended 80-400mm zoom lens came from NIKON and TEMPE CAMERA had the lens for rent. Again, Marianne, we thank you. cheers, Flo and Paul
  9. Hi Mark, We thank you again. Our computer is: ENVY; BANG & OLUFSON Operating system: WINDOWS 10 Yes. The ENVY has the ability to 'read' our dual layer DVDs at it created them. At present, we are reading and replying to folks who have taken time to recommend software and or operating systems to work out issues of 'converting' huge TIFF to JEPG file in our ENVY hard drive. We started by looking at PHOTOSHOP on-line and we are still muddling through that source...very slow for us as we often have to ask GOOGLE what the trade-term means when the HOW-TO on PHOTOSHOP using 'trade-terms' we don't understand. We have also noticed a sizable number of ALAMY CONTRIBUTORS are chatting with others on related topics...that is great. Cheers, Flo and Paul
  10. Dear Chuck, Apology accepted. We are painfully aware of our shortcomings. And, using 20-20 hindsight of some 10-year ago, knowing what we know now, things hopefully would have been different. If you have mulled over 'converting' your large collection of Kodachromes to make them useful in today's high-speed, constantly changing digital world, and knowing your computer, where would you begin? PHOTOSHOP is an ALAMY CONTRIBUTOR frequent recommendation and while we know-of the software, neither of us have actually seen it work and whether the software is readily learned by us. Our worst fears are 'jumping' into some software, making great headway in the wrong direction...again...and in the end, doesn' help us to successfully 'convert' TIFF to JPEG and do so without going broke. We won't know how well whatever we finally select will make the 'conversion' and still pass quality control at ALAMY or any of the other stock photo companies. We dread 're-doing' 1000s of slides...a dilemma folks with slide boxes just gathering dust are facing. On a more lite topic, congratulations on your Kodak activities. Not every ALAMY CONTRIBUTOR can relate to film photography of yesterday in such a personal manner. And, one of your perks was perhaps being supplied with Kodachrome 25 and 64 by the case, plus processing. That tends to 'reduce' costs in a huge way. Cheers, Flo and Paul
  11. Hi Mark, We agree with your recommendation to "... find a friend or someone to do it for you." From all of the recommendations from ALAMY CONTRIBUTORS to 'remedy' our TIFF to JPEG issues, we are overwhelmed. 'Trade-terms' in this arena are 'new' to us so we have to 'read-up' on what is being recommended. Use of PHOTOSHOP is frequently recommended as a very useful tool...so, we will GOOGLE PHOTOSHOP and read the details...we can also quirey PHOTOSHOP technical folks for their input. As for our participation with the ALAMY FORUM and uploading images, most of our efforts to-date are plain PLUCK! We also relied on CUSTOMER SERVICES patients to 'explain' our dilemmas which they helped us to first understand and then to implement solutions...but, then again, CUSTOMER SERVICE gets requests like ours frequently knowing that helping 'newbies' with ALAMY is not to 'talk over their head' when helping. Flo and I are not stupid...just ignorant of the topic at hand and costs involved...a circumstance frequently lost on folks making recommendation who have already mastered the techniques we are struggling to learn. Again, our thanks for helping us to understand where we are at in the maze of 'trade-terms' and solving our problem. cheers, Flo and Paul
  12. Dear Marianne, We thank you for taking time to reply to our original question. Your personal reflections on how you 'worked through' technical challenges is most encouraging. We are currently applying to ALAMY for the 'vintage/archival' program while we work through recommendations from ALAMY CONTRIBUTORS like yourself. Then, we consistently note from other ALAMY CONTRIBUTORS the use of PHOTOSHOP and similar software to 'convert' TIFF to JPEG and not go broke. There are more than 6-pages of replies to our original question...responses are overwhelming; some CONTRIBUTORS appreciate the question and our shortcomings and some don't. Some are plain mean-spirited. On a lighter note, we used a Nikon 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6G AF-S VR Lens to 'reach out' to bears which are everywhere including cubs; and, we opted to rent and not buy. Our June 2019 Katmai National Park trip was more than 14-months in the making via KATMAILAND. We were there 2-nights, great weather and plenty of photographers with cameras that were the top of the line and lens. One photographer had a Nikon AF-S Nikkor 600mm f/4E FL ED Vr lens on a Nikon D850. Again, Marianne, we thank you for taking the time to reply to our original question. And, for your appreciation of our lacking computer technical skill sets and how you overcame similar challenges. Our own frustrations of reviewing recommendations to determine what works for us is now the challenge. Cheers, Flo and Paul
  13. Dear Chuck, Your words are rude to say the least! We asked for assistance and explained our short comings...your post can best be summed up as CRAP! Considering you have nothing nice to say...stick it in your ear!
  14. Hi Mark, Okay. To answer your first question...the JPEG images on ALAMY came from the picture file in our computer hard drive that were transferred to ALAMY's upload. The JPEG images in our hard drive were downloaded from an SD/Compact flash card from the Nikon D810. The camera will store in JPEG as well as TIFF concurrently. We no longer set the camera to store images in TIFF. That is how we got 1,100+ images on ALAMY. That is not our problem noted in our original plea for help. We have 1000s of images scanned by a PACIFIC IMAGE system for TIFF. The image files are huge...150-250MB each. It is those TIFF images already on dual-layered disk we are struggling to get converted to JPEG and not go broke. I opened one of these high resolution TIFF images, opened the 'file' to see the description. There was a section called 'adjustments' that I opened. There is a section in that file that says 'save a copy' which I opened. In that file is another section 'save by type' with the only option is TIFF. If there is a tool in our present storage/file that will permit us to 're-file' the image under JPEG from TIFF, I do not see it. We do not recognize image editor in our computer. So, we are back to PHOTOSHOP and/or ALAMYs help. Again, we thank all who have offered recommendations. Cheers, Flo and Paul
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