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  1. Dear sb photos, We thank you for your reply. We are still wrestling with efforts to try to use our already digitalized images...but, we suspect the file is too large. Many ALAMY contributors have successfully submitted digitalized slides to ALAMY under Archival files. We are slowly coming to the conclusion we will need to select a group of our slides, re-calibrate our PACIFIC IMAGE scanner and see what happens with smaller digitalized files in the 20 to 30 megabits instead of 250-megabits, submit under archive and see what happens. We would be delighted to be able to benefit from 1000's of
  2. Dear David, Great suggestion...it hadn't occurred to us to request permission from ALAMY for an archival account. At the moment, we are still struggling with figuring out how to use the 1000's of digitalized images we already have...if it is possible at all...to send to AMAMY. If not, we are back to re-calibrating our PACIFIC IMAGE machine to a more manageable JPEG format and submit as Archival. Again, our thanks. Flo and Paul
  3. Sad to hear no one 'wanted to dance' with your images. Cheers, Flo and Paul
  4. Dear Harry, Flo and I thank you for taking the time to reply to our question. We asked ALAMY regarding submission of digitalized slides but no reply. One alternative is to re-calibrate our PACIFIC scanner to a JPEG setting and select images we hope would digitalize to a more manageable pixel rating somewhere between 20 and 30 megabits. Submit and see what happens. Cheers, Flo and Paul
  5. Dear Kimba, We thank you for taking the time to reply to our question. Cheers, Flo and Paul
  6. Dear Chuck, Thank you for taking the time to reply. Your skills far exceed my own. My PACIFIC IMAGE scanner is at least 5-years old. I am assuming your CanoScan FS 4000's and VueScan are more recent technology than My PACIFIC IMAGE scanner. Nikon had one for $8k which was too much for my budget. I agree not to send my slides to an outside vendor. Again, our thanks Flo and Paul
  7. Dear Geogphotos, thank you for taking the time to reply to my post. Your submitting your images under the header of 'ARCHIVE' may be the only way we can submit our slides...we were not aware of the 'category' under ALAMY. Cheers, Flo and Paul
  8. Dear Wiskerke, We thank you for your prompt reply...We will take a look. cheers, Flo and Paul Jones
  9. Dear ALAMY CONTRIBUTORS, I have 1000s of Kodachrome 25 & 64 & Ektachrome 100 slides I have digitized using a PACIFIC IMAGE ELECTORNICS POWER SLIDE 5000 set at optimum pixel, color, etc format. Resulting digitized images are 200+ megapixel high resolution images I downloaded to a dual layer disk holding 8.4 gigabit formatted to 7.8 gigabit. My question for ALAMY FORUM Contributors, has anyone digitized their 35mm slides and submitted to ALAMY? If so, what happened? For any contributor who has digitized Kodachrome slides knows there is a lost of fidelity from the original slide
  10. Dear Betty, Great wisdom learned the 'hard way.' We thank you. Cheers, Flo and Paul
  11. Hi Mark, We agree. Until we have the opportunity to actually 'run' some of our slides using a PHOTOSHOP, we won't know if we have success or not. We joined a PHOENIX CAMERA CLUB and hope to have a better insight on PHOTOSHOP face to face with other members...next meeting Nov. 16th. Again, our thanks. We've noted that much info has been passed between other ALAMY CONTRIBUTORS on the topic who have worked PHOTOSHOP. That is good. Cheers, Flo and Paul
  12. Hi Mark, We have opened and began to get 'acquainted' with PHOTOSHOP. Your note that you 'just tried it and it can do the TIFF to JPEG conversion' is great news. We have to 'work' through things you have already mastered. I applied for a Phoenix Camera Club and will attend such. Perhaps someone with infinite skills in this arena will take pity upon this codger and provide some serious 'hand-holding' to get Flo and I to get us up and running. We still won't know if any of the recommended tools will convert our very large TIFF to JPEG and do so with sufficient quality to get ALAMY to
  13. Dear Brian, We thank you for your time and efforts in helping us with our goals. cheers, Flo and Paul
  14. Hi Harry, Sadly...Flo and I are it. Our family members use their super-duper telephones. None have any digital cameras beyond simple point and shoot (we have 2-of the Nikon's simple cigarette-sized camera's as emergency cameras) and I don't remember any family member's cameras having changeable lens. It didn't occur to us to investigate local camera club/college campus environment including TEMPE CAMERA. Flo and I agree we can use some serious hand-holding from digital photographers who walked this 'conversion' from TIFF to JPEG AND appreciate that they, too, were beginners. Great r
  15. Hi Harry, No. When we retired from the workforce, none of our family members or friends worked in the computer field must less technical support in any industry or photography. Our work computer usage focused on our specific job requirement...no PHOTOSHOP. Cheers Flo and Paul
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