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  1. dustydingo - thanks for the feedback. Could you highlight which image has areas of repetition so I can review this more clearly? Thank you. David
  2. Thanks for the feedback thus far. Hm, so maybe if i reduce the images by 40% or so, that might crush the artifacts? I still feel the concepts are valuable and if the only offending issue is noise, or blurry areas, then reducing the size could resolve this. Most of the images are around 8-10k so even at 4-6k in size, that could be useful. So what do i select when adding similar images? photography or illustration? dustydingo - i dont believe you have to register to download the file, it should open the page and the link is available. It's a paid account, so there shouldn't be any issues.
  3. The two that were rejected were: ruined city 005 and ruins 7k the others were not seen.
  4. Hi, Feel free to look over the files i'll submitted: Download link https://we.tl/t-1WwP348gH8 1 item images.zip 110 MB
  5. Hi, Apologies if this topic is a frequently discuss, currently new to Alamy and looking for a little further understanding. So far, I've had two rejection notices stating; noticeable retouching. These are digital illustrations; so i'm unsure how this applies, but I can accept the feedback for those images. The other illustrations are all rejected. So what do i do? The work I create are digital illustrations; not photography. I work in the film industry as a matte painter; creating photo realistic digital backgrounds for film and TV. So this is the kind of content i submit to Alamy. This type of content is usually more conceptually different; for example futuristic cityscapes, among others but done in with a photorealistic goal. You can see the kind of work here: https://artstation.com/everlite So far I've submitted maybe 10-20 images. That are all digital illustrations; not photography. None are specifically related to each other; all are different. I can understand someone who submits 100 photos of a fruit bowl and if one image is bad, then there's a high chance the rest might be too .. however in this case, every image i've submitted is diversely different in theme, techniques, content etc .. I feel that one bad image shouldn't be a cause to reject every other image without reviewing them; each image should be evaluated alone. Do I simply submit the other images again one at a time in hope they will get seen? Another question; the choice between photo and illustration. what would this fall under https://www.artstation.com/artwork/XBz4y this is a digital illustration with photographic elements. I'm sure there's a purpose why this policy exists of rejecting all images, but doesn't seem appropriate for illustration work. Thank you, David
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