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  1. Hi Gen, I'm wondering how you go with Australian images and distribution sales, or at least how those images went before you opted out of PU and the distro sales dried up? My images are mostly from Western Australia, a tiny amount from Tasmania and South Australia, several from Bhutan and 4 bird images from NZ. Basically I have imagined distro sales of Australian images would largely be to overseas countries interested in travel/tourism, which is obviously an area with not much happening for the foreseeable future, but I could be wrong in thinking that this is what distro sales are
  2. New Scientist 18 January 2021 https://www.newscientist.com/article/2265127-australian-lungfish-has-largest-genome-of-any-animal-sequenced-so-far/ Australian lungfish, Neoceratodus forsteri. Contributor: Paulo Oliveira / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: K937E4 Scientific American 1 January 2021 https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/towering-sequoias-are-even-bigger-than-thought-laser-scans-suggest/ Coast redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens), tree canopy, Muir Woods National Park, California, USA Contributor: imageBROKER / Alamy Stock Photo Ima
  3. I have several abstract backgrounds of things like light patterns on water, tree bark textures etc. None have licensed on Alamy (though have only been here since September 2019). Previously I was with a microstock agency and I had a number of sales of those kinds of images there. So I think it is definitely more likely to sell on microstock. I did sell one image on Alamy of lichen on tree bark, probably because someone was specifically looking for lichen, but no sales of just tree bark patterns on their own. In general it seems Alamy buyers are looking for a specific thing rather than an abstr
  4. Science News 13 January 2021 (2 images featured) https://www.sciencenews.org/article/earth-plate-tectonics-volcanoes-earthquakes-faults Red hot lava flow from Kimanura volcano eruption, Virunga NP, Dem Rep of Congo 1989 Africa Contributor: Nature Picture Library / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: E457CK Photographer: BRUCE DAVIDSON SAN ANDREAS FAULT, Aerial of fault in Carrizo Plain, Central California Contributor: Kevin Schafer / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: A7JC5F New Scientist 13 January 2021 https://www.newscientist
  5. Fine Music Sydney January 2021 https://finemusicsydney.com/gurrumul/ Australian Aboriginal blind singer and songwriter Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu warms up in an empty room at the Waldorf Astoria. Contributor: Trevor Collens / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: FDME03 Renaissance Tours - Adelaide Hills Art Trail 2021 https://renaissancetours.com.au/tours/art/adelaide-hills-art-trail-2021/ Australia, South Australia, Adelaide Hills, Hahndorf, The Cedars, former studio of landscape painter Hans Heysen, interior Contributor: mauritius images GmbH / Al
  6. I recently uploaded a photo of my Mum's 1972 Olympus Trip. I agree, they are pretty. I'm tempted to put some film in it and take it for a spin one day. The fact its light meter and exposure system are solar-powered adds to its charm. I also have two camera's of my Dad's from the 1950s in their original leather cases - an Agfa Ambi Silette and a Braun Nurnberg Gloria. I don't think I could part with these. He used the Agfa well into the 1980s until it started to fail.
  7. Take care Ed and sending you best wishes from here in the southern hemisphere to the UK.
  8. That creates a lovely picture Betty. Here in Western Australia it is 11:30pm at night with an easterly wind blowing which indicates a warm to hot day tomorrow. Amazing to think some of you are just waking now and I'm about to go to bed. My good thing is finding small, positive healing things. I've had an extremely rough couple of weeks (without going into specifics), and I appreciate small things more than ever that make life bearable - a nice cup of tea, talking to my kind aunty today on the phone etc. I'm thankful too for this thread about good things too and the friendly contrib
  9. This is an oldie I took in 2011 with my Nikon D3000 and the kit 55-200mm lens that I just rediscovered. And this is a recent one taken with my Sony RX100 of a hot summer's day at the beach. Even though they are small in the frame, I like seeing how the individual people are doing different activities. The turquoise to aquamarine colour in the water is my favourite colour.
  10. The cover of Nature Genetics Volume 35, Issue 1, January 2021 https://www.nature.com/ng/volumes/53/issues/1 Gemini constellation Contributor: Angelina Stoykova / Alamy Stock Vector Image ID: FX9W3W New Scientist 7 January 2021 https://www.newscientist.com/article/2264333-meteorites-may-have-brought-water-to-earth-in-the-recent-past/ Abstract ice meteorite in motion. Beautiful space concept background Contributor: Alexander Kovalev / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: 2AME7FX
  11. Australian Geographic 11 January 2021 https://www.australiangeographic.com.au/blogs/creatura-blog/2021/01/the-eastern-great-egret-looks-like-a-proper-christmas-angel/ Contributor: Alexander Trusler / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: R57JDF Contributor: Stephanie Jackson - Australian birds collection / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: EFF585 Contributor: Michael Lidski / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: DJ7HYK
  12. Fishing at sunset in Albany, Western Australia
  13. Science News 8 January 2021 https://www.sciencenews.org/article/light-ages-book-illuminates-science-medieval-dark-ages A replica of a medieval astrolabe which is a navigation instrument capable of 43 different astronomical calculations. Contributor: Brian Maudsley / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: BWJXME Eco-Business 8 January 2021 https://www.eco-business.com/news/how-to-fairly-share-emissions-from-goods-traded-around-the-world/ Container ship unloading at Napier docks, New Zealand Contributor: Paul Thompson Images / Alamy Stock Photo Image
  14. NME 6 January 2021 https://www.nme.com/en_au/news/music/john-butler-to-perform-at-special-film-screening-supporting-was-forests-2849768 Milan Italy. 28 October 2018. The Australian band JOHN BUTLER TRIO performs live on stage at Alcatraz durinh the "European Tour 2018/19" Credit: Rodolfo Sassano/Alamy Live News Contributor: Rodolfo Sassano / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: PYKKJC Sydney Morning Herald 31 December 2020 https://www.smh.com.au/culture/books/the-most-anticipated-books-of-2021-20201226-p56q8d.html Colson WHITEHEAD - writer - 22-10-2017 ©Ba
  15. Most of my uploads have been from my Nikon D5200. This is a 24 MP APS-C released in 2013 so around the same time as the Pentax K-50. I've only had one QC fail early on for softness in an image and that was a failure on my part of not inspecting closely enough at 100% to pick up softness in an area of the frame. I've also uploaded images from the entry level Nikon D3000 I had before this - a 10MP APS-C and they have all passed QC. More recently I have uploaded images from the Sony RX100 VA and they have all passed without problems. So I don't think there is anything wrong with the K
  16. A year or two ago I watched some Brian Cox programs (cannot remember which series), but what was amazing was his explanation of space-time. He went in a fighter jet that can exceed the speed of the earth's rotation. Before exceeding that speed he and the pilot saw the sun set. Then they sped up to go faster than the earth's rotation and therefore saw the same sun rise in front of them again, turning night back into day. As such, their physical bodies in space lost their relativity to earth time. That was a spin out and helped me understand space-time better. At times he does have a
  17. Hi Richard, I've been using the RX100 VA since early September. I've been very happy with it. At times I get a bit frustrated with corner sharpness on some images but I'm still learning to get the best out of it. Even where there are corner sharpness issues though the centre is very sharp and image quality high for a compact camera with a smaller sensor. At longer focal lengths the corner sharpness is less of an issue. The menu is quite dense and convoluted compared with my Nikon D5200 which is easy to follow by comparison. I'm mostly shooting in Aperture priority with the Sony bet
  18. Landscope: WA's Parks, Wildlife and Conservation Magazine Summer 2020-2021 P. 38-39 (double-page spread) Footpath with fresh plantings overlooking both a lake and the Indian Ocean seascape with remote beach at Rottnest Island in Western Australia. Contributor: Elizabeth Given / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: HR9NTD The Third Pole 1st January 2021 https://www.thethirdpole.net/2021/01/01/best-of-2020-could-the-himalayas-harbour-the-next-pandemic/ Disease and deforestation along the slopes and forests on monsoon morning in Himalayas near Tawang, Arunach
  19. Stay with it, Sally — you got the touch. This is a long game and very frustrating at the beginning. Thanks for the support Ed. Yes, realising it will take some time to build up sales, but I do enjoy it so that keeps me going.
  20. Keep going Sally, You will get the $'s as you upload more images. Everyone here will tell you its a numbers game. Stephen Many thanks for the encouragement Stephen. I really enjoy my photography and contributing to Alamy. Hoping to increase uploads as much as I can this year.
  21. At the end of my first full year at Alamy (joined 29 September 2019). For 2020 I have 6 sales for $142 gross.
  22. Guardian Australia edition 23 December 2020 WA coastline facing marine heatwave in early 2021, CSIRO predicts https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/dec/24/wa-coastline-facing-marine-heatwave-in-early-2021-csiro-predicts Contributor: Manfred Gottschalk / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: F1YYMF
  23. I hoped to see a Takahe when I was at Zealandia in Wellington, but they'd just had a chick so were understandably off limits to the public. I love them. They kind of remind me of a roundish football on legs 😀 They seem like an ancient dinosaur bird. Hope you get to meet one. It's lovely you can remember your Mum when you see the first crocuses of spring.
  24. Hi and welcome to Alamy. With tagging and keywords it is good to also have a descriptive title that includes the key elements of an image. If it is a plant or an animal it is good to include the scientific/latin name as well, as some customers will be searching by that. In AIM there is a discoverability bar that goes green after you get to 40+ tags. You do not need to get this bar to green to optimise discoverability, and in fact if you add more and more keywords that may not be directly relevant to get the bar green this can work against you. This is because non-releva
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