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  1. Thanks Michael. That's good to know. Yes the SB-700 is probably better going forward. It is good to know it's good for someone like me who hasn't used a flash, at least with a DSLR. Many years ago I had one for my Pentax K1000 film camera but I can't remember anything about it now except that it was made by Hanimex.
  2. John, to me this seems like a legitimate use of highlights even if blown out. It is an intentional effect. I'm guessing Alamy have issues with large areas or blocks of white where nothing can be recovered that are distracting and reduce the quality of the overall image, but these kinds of highlights reflecting on the ocean create a desirable effect. I have had images pass of the setting sun and rising sun in which the pure white in the centre is unrecoverable with no information, but I expect that Alamy would discern this as normal as it is the bright centre of the sun. I do unders
  3. Yes Winston was like no other cat I have come across. The showing of the belly may have been the "I trust you to not rip me open" message, but he did seem to actually like it and it was so unusual for a cat that he approached strangers and did this behaviour. He was very tolerant of being picked up too. He was a visitor to my brother's house but my Mum was allergic to cats, so if she was coming over he was so easy to pick up and take outside and you could give him cuddles and he was ok with that too. I'm sometimes scared with cats they will scratch if you have to pick them up and I'm much more
  4. Thank you so much everyone for your input! That is all very helpful. What I am wanting to do is fairly simple, so a relatively simple flash gun I think would be all I need. I have come across the SB 400 and SB 800 advertised locally second-hand. I also have in mind that I may invest in the Nikon Z system in the future, and if I did some of the older flashes cannot be controlled from the Z camera menu system. According to one article I read, the SB 700 also has some compatibility issues but will work with the Z system. This article recommends the SB 500 or the SB 5000 as the best op
  5. Thanks Chuck. That's great to know the SB-800 has been reliable for over a decade. It is good to know about your exposure settings and the popup diffuser too, which sounds like what I would want to be using for photographing people.
  6. Thanks Ryan, that's good to know.
  7. Thanks Miz Brown! Yes I noticed a Godox flash being mentioned in a list of potential options for Nikon. It was the Godox Thinklite TTL TT685N Camera Flash High Speed 1/8000s GN60 Compatible for Nikon DSLR I-TTL II Autoflash. It does seem like a good, affordable option.
  8. I'm considering to take up a volunteer opportunity to photograph an event for a local charity. It will be at a function room held indoors. All my photography up till now has been either outdoors or still life images taken indoors using a tripod (using natural light and or inside light sources but not a flash). My knowledge about flash photography is limited, so I thought I would ask those who do use a flash what their recommendations for an affordable but reasonable quality flash might be? I've started to have a look at options and a mid-level option that seems like it could be goo
  9. NME 26 March 2021 https://www.nme.com/news/film/minari-child-star-alan-kim-joins-awkwafina-sitcom-nora-from-queens-2909040 ALAN S. KIM, MINARI, 2020, ©JOSH ETHAN JOHNSON/PLAN BA24 Contributor: APL Archive / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: 2F27TNC NME 26 March 2021 https://www.nme.com/news/tv/netflix-supports-uk-indie-more-than-british-broadcasters-survey-reveals-2909061 A man points a TV remote at the television which displays the logo for the Netflix on demand video streaming service (Editorial use only). Contributor: M4OS Photos / Alamy Stock P
  10. Eos 24 March 2021 https://eos.org/science-updates/slipping-and-locking-in-earths-earthquake-factories Damage from an earthquake. Anchorage, Alaska. March 27, 1964. Courtesy: CSU Archives/Everett Collection Contributor: Everett Collection Historical / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: CWAW7B
  11. Yes, it reminds me of being a kid, before the advent of all the digital devices we have now. We climbed trees, disappeared for hours exploring on our bikes, made and built things with our hands. It is a changed world and I think there is much to offer from detoxing and reconnecting with our surroundings and ourselves. In fact, as I type this, a boobook owl (the most common owl species around here) has just started the wind up noises before beginning his or her nightly 'boobook' call. The moonlight is beautiful outside, so I'm going to go out there and hang out with the owl and moon for a bit b
  12. Paulette, your comment reminds me of a story I read a while ago about a guy who chose to travel for 5 weeks on a cargo ship with only some books to read and leaving all his digital devices at home to experience a digital detox. I just refound the article from ABC news https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-11-14/digital-detox-at-sea-changes-robert-hassans-life/11685666 So instead of all the distractions of a typical holiday cruise, he just had himself and the wide ocean. No one else spoke English on the ship and he read his books quickly. He started discovering things in his memory he ha
  13. Ha ha! 🤣 I should have attached a speech bubble with "We shall fight on the beaches..." I once knew a cat who went by two names, either Winston or Churchill. He lived on my brother's street and was much more like a dog. He was a big fluffy thing who would go up to complete strangers and roll onto his back for a tummy rub. He was later run over by a car and lost a leg but it didn't dampen his spirits at all, and he still galumphed up to people on his three legs for tummy rubs.
  14. NME 5 March 2021 https://www.nme.com/news/music/festivals-2021-uk-covid-testing-vaccine-passports-line-up-chances-2894716 Contributor: David Jensen / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: 2EEGM5F Fine Music Sydney 3 March 2021 https://finemusicsydney.com/thomasadesat50/ Contributor: Bettina Strenske / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: EA03NJ
  15. Yes, I found access to the Alamy website stopped for a bit, but seems to be back now.
  16. Congrats on your win and great photo Andy! A man and boy watching the surf after leaving the water Men waiting to perform at a village festival in Bhutan Canadian circus artists Quatuor Stomp at the finale of a performance
  17. Great about the sale John! I'm guessing though you meant to post this in the Images Sold in March thread, as you've put it in the Alamy Images Found in March thread. Easy to get the two confused.
  18. Science News 9 March 2021 https://www.sciencenews.org/article/australia-wildfires-extinction-threat-species-one-year-later Velvet worm (Onychophora sp.) is a minor ecdysozoan phylum with 180 species Lamington N.P., Queensland, Australia Contributor: Krystyna Szulecka / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: A58MPR (Image is rotated to horizontal in article)
  19. New Scientist 10 March 2021 https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg24933252-800-how-to-make-fabulous-pizza-using-slow-science/ A man with his hands rolls out homemade pizza dough, lying on a dark baking tray and illuminated by light. Cooking at home. Contributor: Valeri Vatel / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: 2C15XM6 Power Technology 1 March 2021 https://www.power-technology.com/features/staff-picks-potential-energy-game-changers-for-2021/ A field of solar panels in La Rioja, Northern Spain Contributor: Tim Graham / Alamy Stock Photo Image I
  20. I think I may have gone a bit overboard with the saturation on the lighthouse and that some detail is lost in that. But I was wanting to create a bit of a dramatic effect of the red lighthouse against the blue dusk. The image is of the North Mole Lighthouse at Fremantle Harbour.
  21. Inside Story 2 March 2021 https://insidestory.org.au/vaccinating-the-world/ Health staff from hospitals like the Police Hospital and Clinica Colombia prepare and vaccinate their health staff as part of the first phase of vacci Contributor: Chepa Beltran / VWPics / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: 2EGDD1H
  22. That sounds a bit stressful Jill. I'm glad you were able to diffuse the situation. Sounds like you handled it well and calmed them down. Have fun with the new 100-400!
  23. You're welcome Lenny. All the best and hope sales will come your way soon.
  24. Hi Lenny, I think your primary issue is likely to be only having 122 images uploaded. You will need quite a few more and to keep uploading consistently over time. Your images are varied which is great. Several images are a little dark and could do with being brightened up a bit. They may need to be a bit punchier to capture the eye of a customer browsing. Also, a few look a tad soft to me such as the one of Bangour Village Hospital Church, 2C0Y02B. This one is not in the best light either, though I realise you can't always control that factor at the time you are there.
  25. Sydney Morning Herald 5 March 2021 https://www.smh.com.au/business/small-business/the-upside-of-being-interrupted-at-work-20210304-p577v8.html Businesswoman on stairs in a modern office Contributor: Andor Bujdoso / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: G1956J Australian Book Review March 2021 no. 429 https://www.australianbookreview.com.au/abr-online/current-issue/960-march-2021-no-429/7383-david-mason-reviews-dearly-by-margaret-atwood Margret Atwood, author of "The Handmaid's Tale", talks to Caroline Edwards about the scientific background to her writing.
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