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  1. Yes, I cannot see how the photographer could be held responsible, unless the original image itself was deemed offensive to start with. But then it all gets complicated. If you photograph something happening at a protest that offends someone, surely you can't be held responsible in that you are telling a story by capturing an event. I think in such a case it must surely come down to intent. So if there is no intention of harm or offence by the photographer, the onus should then be on the end user. Yes, we are the smaller, less powerful party here as individual photographers, so w
  2. Well I'm glad if 4.1.5 does not mean Alamy can override restrictions we place on images. As several posters in this thread were reporting recently being asked if restrictions could be removed along with that clause being separated off as a new clause in the contract, it was looking a bit ominous. So I feel better about that part. As to 4.1.6, for me personally it is not likely an issue as nothing I've uploaded nor would plan to upload falls into one of those potentially offensive categories. But it does seem, if there is a grey area, that the liability could fall onto the contribut
  3. Well almost midnight here in the Land of Oz so I'm going to sleep. But good luck Alamy comrades for a hopefully positive and clear response to our concerns.
  4. I remember this from not all that long ago. I joined Alamy in September 2019. Shortly after they posted on the forum about charities they were supporting. From memory there was something like a pie graph showing how their profits were divided up. I remember thinking how nice that was and feeling good about having joined an agency that seemed to have a caring ethos. Feeling a bit more ambivalent now as not quite sure what we are dealing with. I guess it is a shift from a smaller to bigger company and a change of culture.
  5. Hi Michael. It may be, as you and RyanU have been pointing out, that what appear new clauses are parts shuffled from elsewhere in the previous contract. Following reports by others in this thread about Alamy recently contacting them requesting them to lift the restrictions they had stipulated on images for clients, combined with 4.1.5 which is stipulated as a new clause in the new contract, it concerned me that we would be losing our ability to restrict images in ways that protect us. But perhaps this is not the case? I do not understand or know how to interpret 4.1.6.
  6. Thanks Sue. I'll be so sad if I feel the only option is to leave. There isn't anything else out there quite like Alamy. I just hope they keep what is special about them and that we can feel safe as contributors to stay on. I hope they listen to everyone's feedback. But yes, I'm not staying around if it puts me at risk!
  7. Tired now here is West Oz so off to bed shortly. But just wanted to say, I think the great positive of Alamy has been the diversity of it's collection. Some stock agencies work at being really hip, especially the highly curated ones, with stylised lifestyle imagery. There is a lot of stereotypical repetition across the industry. Then there are vast quantities of images across microstock geared towards commercial uses but with some editorial. But Alamy is hard to pigeon-hole, and that is a good thing. While Alamy may be looking more and more towards big agency contributo
  8. I just saw this on the Alamy Blog, posted on 10 May https://www.alamy.com/blog/alamy-secures-exclusive-distribution-rights-for-the-independents-collection
  9. Take care Allan! Look out for buses! Your Alamy friends do not want you run over! There is such a great bunch of people here and it is a real community of photographers who have supported one another, provided advice and contributed to a real sense of camaraderie. I do hope it can continue as such, but if all goes pear-shaped there might be a nice way to continue an ex-Alamy group of some sort to discuss photography-related stuff. I have not jumped ship yet. I am waiting to see how Alamy responds to our concerns. I have just readied myself with the knowledge of what to
  10. Yes, the joys of travelling and eating along the way. I hope you can soon roam again Emu!
  11. If I decide to terminate my contract, my understanding is I give Alamy 45 days notice. They in turn state they will do the following: On termination Alamy will: delete from the Alamy Websites any Content provided by you under this Contract; continue to report to you in respect of Licences granted prior to the date of termination of this Contract or Licences granted after the date of termination of this Contract as permitted herein; not return to you any data, of whatever kind, relating to any Content or the Content itself. However, it has also has
  12. This is my biggest concern Michael. If this is actually the case, I will almost certainly pull my images from Alamy and leave. I can then put my time and energy into other channels with photography.
  13. I'm not sure yet John. I'm going to wait and see how Alamy responds to our concerns on the topic of the conditions of how our images might be licensed and what levels of protection we have (or don't have). I am RM too, but happy to also additionally mark more images than I have already as editorial if it seems wise. Already I have all artworks editorial and images of objects with logos. I haven't done so with shopfronts though.
  14. Yes, it doesn't make sense on the face of it. But this is why I'm starting to suspect an ulterior motive. They would know full well that making Platinum 50% commission unattainable will lead to many contributors choosing to no longer being exclusive. As people submit their images elsewhere in droves, which will substantially be to microstock, Alamy can then justify reducing license fees further because their contributors' images can be licensed much cheaper elsewhere. Before long, microstock prices may be the norm on Alamy. We might even find we get more sales but for much less per image, just
  15. What a wonderful archival photo with your family history in it Michael. It's a great image. You must have inherited your grandfather's photography genes!
  16. I'm wondering if this is Alamy's ploy... Change the contract so that there is no apparent benefit anymore to be exclusive, so large numbers of contributors change from exclusive to uploading their images with other agencies, largely microstock as that is so much of the market now. Now with so many non-exclusive images replicated with other agencies Alamy can reduce licenses down to microstock prices as the norm, justifying it on the basis that the images on Alamy cannot compete otherwise. Hence, they have successfully turned into microstock paying peanuts wi
  17. Some recent birdies. They cheer me up. A Purple Swamp Hen. This one had been preening. I like how the feather in the beak and the spot where feathers were ruffled tell the story. An Australian Pelican gliding along in late afternoon light. An Australian Raven in a Eucalyptus tree.
  18. Yep. I basically meant the character of Alamy has changed, even though some of the same people are still on board in some capacity. I've experienced it in a workplace where new management came in, many lost their jobs while management grew top heavy like a mushroom. People at the coalface like myself were massively overworked as fewer frontline staff had to cope under increasing pressure. Change managers were brought in and the environment corporatised. I still remember the painful change management workshop we had to sit through. The woman running it asked us dramatically at the b
  19. Yes, you are right. $25,000 for Platinum is clearly unattainable for the vast majority. Even $10,000 would be more palatable, but as micro fees of a few cents increasingly come through it all looks increasingly ludicrous.
  20. Thanks Michael. I've just read a couple of the articles on Image Science and they are very informative. The local camera store I like to use, Camera Electronic, stock BenQ, but Image Science look very good so it is good to have some options, and they look like a very good resource.
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