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  1. Glad it is up and running for you again Ed 👍 You probably won't have a need for Affinity now you have Photoshop back. Hope things keep improving, not just with computers, but with fire alarms and living arrangements!
  2. Hi Allan. I can report back that the keywords I added in Capture One populated in AIM. What did not populate, however, was the title/caption. I think this is because I have used the wrong field in the metadata tab in Capture One. I put it in "Title" under IPTC -Status. Possibly it was meant to be in "Headline" under IPTC - Content. To make things more confusing there is also an IPTC - Getty Images category, suggesting some type of integration with that??? Not sure if this would integrate with other stock agencies or how it is meant to work. However, there are no field o
  3. When I was in Bhutan we went to a small festival at a remote village. I was sitting next to an elderly man who could not speak English and I could not speak any of the languages spoken in Bhutan. Nonetheless, we had the best conversation talking to each other in our own languages while laughing because we knew we couldn't understand each other's words but we understood the gestures and good will. He was so warm and friendly and it was so entertaining we were rollicking in semi-hysterics. The younger people in Bhutan speak in English, but the older ones in the more remote areas not necessarily.
  4. The entrance through the two halves of the Chancellery Building at the Joondalup campus of Edith Cowan University. The masts in the architecture are made from jarrah, a local hardwood tree.
  5. Hi Allan, just letting you know I just uploaded some images and I put the keywords and a title on one of them in Capture One beforehand. While they are in QC I can't click on that photo to see if the caption and keywords are populated in AIM. But they usually take about 24 hours to pass, so will let you know after that. Will probably be Friday morning Perth, Australia time now as they'll probably pass while I'm asleep Thursday night. Will let you know probably on what will be Thursday evening your time (I think!). Yes, people do say "no worries" here all the time, including myself.
  6. I love all of these Gen! I particularly love the baby crocodiles and the colour and clarity in the water dragon. It is funny how crocodiles start off cute when very small and then gradually become more scary as they get bigger.
  7. Your images look so unique and interesting with the Q it made me think it leads to taking a different kind of image, but that must just be your originality and good photographic eye! The fast fixed lens must be very nice to work with and nice to have a camera that makes you less conspicuous in public spaces. I like my little Sony RX100 for that reason too.
  8. The Australian 15 April 2021 https://www.theaustralian.com.au/travel/what-qantas-news-means-for-your-travel-plans-in-2021/news-story/b70e476e0ae4f785475728475bf4d7c5 2 young boys with bananas at The Big Banana, Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia Contributor: Terra incognita / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: RRP594
  9. No worries Allan. I think from John's comments above he is saying that the keywords do translate over to AIM. I probably won't upload again until Wednesday but can check for sure then. P.S. I can see you've just asked him that question now.
  10. I especially love the clarity and dynamic range in the monochrome images Alan. I feel like I am in that last one walking behind the guy on the railway platform. I would love a Q. I'm sure it makes you think differently and creatively too when out taking photos.
  11. Hi Ed, with regard to Affinity, John posted a link to this fellow's course in an earlier thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8yZhop9f3c&list=PL0YyTWKOid7E2F02P-sDLvTs3YyE5iAb1&index=3 He speaks slowly and goes through things gradually. Affinity has many functions and tools and I have found I have to work step by step on learning one task at a time. I have also found YouTube tutorials from Affinity themselves quite helpful. For example, I used this one to learn about how to use their haze removal filter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbh9h-JxcHY
  12. Yes, they did. These articles have some info on bush medicines used by Aboriginal people: https://www.sbs.com.au/nitv/article/2017/05/25/10-bush-medicines-have-been-curing-people-generations http://www.arrawarraculture.com.au/fact_sheets/pdfs/15_Medicine.pdf And some more on food and bush medicines from south-west Western Australia, the zone where I live, including mentioning that the resin from the local Marri tree can be used for white-tailed spider bites: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-10-22/searching-for-native-bush-food-kalgan-
  13. Hi Allan. You can add keywords and a title in the metadata panel in Capture One Express. This panel is under the "i" info button. I am probably an oddball in that I have been doing all my keywording and captioning in Alamy Image Manager, I think because I'm just contributing to the one stock library and it hasn't seemed really necessary to keyword beforehand. But actually, it probably makes sense to do so and saves time later. It's almost midnight here so I won't try it now, but I will add a title and keywords in Capture One with my next upload and can confirm for you that they pop
  14. I'm glad it was my hand and not my bum! 🤣 Thanks Gen. It's continuously improving and almost back to normal. The doctor I saw told me her sister was recently bitten by a snake, and she hardly felt it so didn't realise a snake had bitten her at first. These sneaky beasties have ways of getting their fangs into us without us even knowing!
  15. Two days ago I was bitten by a suspected redback spider, suspected because I did not feel the initial bite but the symptoms that followed matched redback spider bite symptoms. I was on grass near a lake. I went to get up and put my left hand on the ground as I did so. About one minute later after I'd walked down to the edge of the lake I felt searing pain developing in the palm of that hand. Once home I found ice was the one thing that helped the pain, but once I removed the ice pack the pain was severe again within minutes. After several hours of this I called the health direct info line who
  16. It appears Capture One changed their activation rules in November 2020, just after I installed Capture One Express for Sony on my computer. I'm pretty sure at that time there was the option of installing it on two computers, but the current info indicates only one activation for the Express version which I just read here: https://support.captureone.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002734558-How-many-computers-can-I-install-Capture-One-on- Sorry I didn't realise this before Ed. You could do everything in Affinity, but the RAW processing from what I've read is not as good as Captur
  17. I was using On 1 in September/October last year. As Capture One Express for Sony is free you certainly have nothing to lose by trying it. Affinity still have a 50% special on at the moment but I don't know for how much longer. I managed to get mine on the special for $38.99 Australian dollars. Capture One I've picked up fairly easily and have been able to learn by playing with it to see what happens, only occasionally having to google to find out how to do something. The full pro version is more powerful with more features and so would involve a bit more learning. Affin
  18. Hi Ed, I trialled On1 Photo Raw last year. It looked promising as an all-in-one package, but I ended up not being able to achieve what I wanted. Specifically, although On1 said they have a profile for the Sony RX100 VA (that I use), this did not in reality work. Thus, despite selecting that I wanted the profile applied, the RX100 files came out extremely distorted and extremely fiddly and difficult to do anything about. I emailed On1's technical support about this and never received a reply. In addition, chromatic aberration was not automatically corrected as I expected
  19. Hakai Magazine 21 April 2021 https://www.hakaimagazine.com/news/the-sunken-dinosaurs-of-alberta/ Palaeozoology - Cretaceous period - Dinosaurs - Centrosaurus - Art work by Graham Berry Contributor: Universal Images Group North America LLC / DeAgostini / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: F02BH4 Photographer: De Agostini Picture Library Sydney Morning Herald 15 April 2021 https://www.smh.com.au/national/anthony-fauci-s-words-of-covid-warning-for-australia-20210414-p57j8p.html President Joe Biden, joined by Counselor to the President and White House C
  20. I like emus very much. The stripey chicks are very cute. I sometimes see them on day trips to the Perth Hills. I agree, birds and nature generally are very good for well-being!
  21. One of my favourite photographers is Estonian Sven Zacek. His work has made me want to visit Estonia. He has some great aerial images of Tallinn: https://www.zacekfoto.ee/en/?s=tallinn
  22. Thanks Jill and Jean-François. It was a bit of a fluke finding it as I didn't know it was a sparrow, but googled something like 'small birds, passerines, ontario, canada' and looked through the google images that came up. I would love to visit your part of the world. I've made up imaginary trips through Ontario and Quebec among other places in Canada. Of course no idea at this point if and when it will be possible to do such travelling, but it's fun to imagine what is possible to see and do, even if just in my imagination. I'd particularly love to see a snowy owl. They have to be o
  23. NME 20 April 2021 https://www.nme.com/news/music/morrissey-responds-to-the-simpsons-episode-which-sent-up-the-smiths-2923926 Leeds, UK. 6th Mar, 2020. Morrissey starts his latest UK & European tour at Leeds First Direct Arena, to coincide with the release of his latest album; I Am Not A Dog On A Chain Credit: Kenny Brown/Alamy Live News Contributor: Kenny Brown / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: 2B4J3CF Scientific American 7 April 2021 https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/long-awaited-muon-measurement-boosts-evidence-for-new-physics/ Muon g-2
  24. Fortunately there were some quiet spots away from the boardwalk too. The work will be finished on it soon making it quieter out there. Yes, it is absolutely my favourite time of the day too - the peace, the freshness of the air, the first bird calls of the day... This morning I was trying to decide between between landscape photography and bird photography, and decided the sky probably wasn't going to put on a spectacular sunrise so went for birds. I love your recent bird images Gen, having just had a look at your latest page of images 🙂
  25. Headed out at dawn to a lake with my bird lens. An injured tendon in my right arm is finally starting to heal so I feel I can carry and hold up this heavy lens again. Yet to download images to my computer so don't know if there are many keepers, but I so enjoyed being out on a still autumn morning. I saw many lovely birds including glossy ibis with shiny feathers. Just before heading home I saw a kookaburra in a tree with a small snake it had caught in its beak. Only got a couple of shots before it moved on. Doubtful they will be sharp enough to upload here, but will see. It was pr
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