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  1. Thanks Johnnie, that's really kind 😊 I don't think mine will be selling for $4.3 million. I would be set for life if it did!
  2. Yes I think this is true. It is like the saying that for every action there is an opposite reaction. If things get increasingly out of balance there has to be a consequence at some point. I feel like nature is fighting back and is being revitalised now it has a chance. People in Delhi in India are seeing the view to the Himalayas for the first time from their homes, when normally pollution prevents this. For some people this is the first time in their life it has been possible. I love your two other photos posted there, especially the moonshine long exposure. It would have been a m
  3. Thank you Betty. It's almost a bit of a confusing image in a way, as there is a wave that has already broken and the white water is coming towards me, and then another wave that is the greenish colour about to break. The exposure time was 2.5 seconds, so that creates the painterly effect. I know what you mean about things looking like they are floating in the air. There is an island off the coast here called Rottnest Island, and sometimes it definitely appears to be floating above the water. I think it is to do with something called a temperature inversion that creates the mirage-like effect.
  4. Thanks Gen. I love your image of the early morning swimmer diving in too. That was a nice way to connect with the swimmer by sharing the image. The rock pool looks a good, safe place to swim too. I haven't been to NSW, but a few years ago was reading about coastal towns such as Kiama, Narooma and Eden. They all sound lovely and would love to visit them one day.
  5. What amazing places to be able to cycle and hike to - beautiful images! So wonderful to have the opportunity to have those places to yourself too. I would love to visit Canada one day, but know many of the places I'd like to go are very popular. I was reading about Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario and the queues of traffic as people head there to see the colours in the autumn. I imagine the locals there too right now may be enjoying their beautiful places when they are quieter than usual. It does give nature some space too. I was reading about beaches in Thailand at the moment where many m
  6. I thought I would share a photo I took in winter last year. I like the winter for photography because I don't have to get up so early to capture the sunrise 🙂 The beach is one of the places I like to go, and as the ocean is west here, I tend to head to the beach if the eastern sky is not showing promising sunrise clouds. Often when I'm there all rugged up setting up my tripod, someone comes along in their bathers and dives straight in, and I feel like a wimp with all my warm clothes. I'm sure there's something health giving about diving into the ocean on a winter morning, as the usually 60 plu
  7. Congratulations John! That is a great effort and major milestone to meet. Documenting the lockdown in your area sounds like a good thing to do at this point in time. Some of those images may well be historically significant in the future and used to document how things were, and also potentially relevant to news outlets in the present telling lockdown stories. All the best!
  8. Hi Betty, yes I think it helped. From memory I googled something like 'native wasp banksia'. I first thought it was a wasp rather than a bee. Then I chose to look at google images specifically as I find I need a picture to match things up. I found an insect that looked exactly the same, did several more searches on that species, and then was able to confirm it is a Banksia Bee. I find I learn a lot from needing to tag the images in AIM, so I find keywording quite interesting and kind of fun as it's like a bit of a detective mission.
  9. Thank you. I think the last new battery was about 4 years ago (will check), though I'm sure the lack of driving hasn't helped. We have just had some restrictions lifted here, though still cannot travel too far afield I think. Look forward to being able to get in the car and go on some photographically-based car journeys out of town when it is allowed and safe.
  10. Oh no! I hope she's been able to put it up for a bit with some ice. Hopefully it is not a bad twist. I hope you get some good shots tomorrow.
  11. I recently photographed this insect on an Acorn Banksia, a native West Australian flower. I was not expecting to be able to easily identify the insect anytime soon, given the millions out there. But much to my surprise it didn't take long at all after a bit of google searching. I learned that it is a Banksia Bee (Hylaeus alcyoneus) and that they are very important native bees for pollinating banksias. I find going out with my macro lens leads to all kinds of discoveries about things I've never seen or noticed before. It reminds of me of the Dr Zeus book Horton Hears a Who, where Horton the ele
  12. Very true! I recently discovered my car battery is now dead because it has been sitting neglected in the same spot for a few weeks. I must also check it for any possible animal inhabitants too. The upside is I've been walking a lot and reducing carbon emissions. A nice thing on my walk this morning was discovering new things in my neighbourhood. We live about 15 minutes from a school with a bushwalking track behind it. As I went along I discovered 3 goats in a small paddock in part of the school that I'd never seen before. It is so nice meeting unexpected farm animals in suburbia!
  13. Just in case it is of help to anyone wondering about the same things, I have had a helpful response from Alamy about the questions I had above. With regard to magazine covers, both the layout and images could be subject to copyright protection. A direct copy of a cover, if subject to protection, is likely to be more problematic than an image with context such as someone reading it. However, as the rules are not definitive about what constitutes enough context, the issue would come down to what the copyright holder is arguing in a particular case. If I did upload such magazine cover
  14. Hi and welcome Kiki! I had my first visit to NZ in 2018 and was in Wellington and on Stewart Island. The most exciting thing was seeing a kiwi in the wild. I really loved it and would love to go back and see the whole of NZ. It is definitely a great place for photography!
  15. It would be just amazing to camp out there (even if a bit wild with the storm). We were only there for about an hour on our way to Leonora, not nearly long enough. It is a shame about the statue. I saw a documentary about the making of them and how Antony Gormley used the bodies of locals to construct the sculptures. We were there on a clear sunny day, so the deep blue sky and red earth made a great contrast. I have some images though not sure if they're good enough to upload to Alamy, but will have another look at them.
  16. Sorry, Avpics, was just trying to write another message and it put your quote in again. Anyway, thanks for the above comments. You have convinced me further to avoid magazines all together. I think I was mistaken in thinking that if something is used editorially and not commercially, that this would make it not a breach of copyright. I am still confused about the vast number of branded images on Alamy and elsewhere, and thought my photos of vegetable seed packets would be ok if editorial (e.g. could be used for an article on home gardening), and there are many of these on Alamy as
  17. Just in case it helps, remember to press the button that is a plus sign to the right of the space where you paste in the copied material. I didn't get this at first, and was trying to figure how I make them appear as tags and not just a long list of keywords with commas between them.
  18. Wow, those are absolutely beautiful Gen! What a wonderful thing to do, and would have been so much creative fun matching images to go together around themes for different pages. I recognise a few places I have been, such as what I think is Lake Dobson in Mt Field National Park in Tasmania. I remember being completely enchanted by the mountain plants there including the pandani and different types of berries. I'd not seen a landscape like that before. I liked seeing your Lake Ballard pictures too. We took my Dad up there in 2013 as he was born and grew up just north of there and we
  19. Thanks Avpics. I thought about doing something like this as I have guitars and guitar accessories. However, I think I'll leave the magazine issue for now until I'm clearer about what the parameters are. I've emailed Alamy about it, but with potential delays at present it might be a while before I get a response.
  20. Hi Gen, Having just mentioned Bill Bachman to you with regard to his photos taken travelling around Australia, I just found that he has images on Alamy, in case they are of interest... https://www.alamy.com/search/imageresults.aspx?pseudoid={36B520F6-2A87-49B0-AFCD-220A419ED6A9}&name=Bill%2bBachman&st=11&mode=0&comp=1
  21. That's a lovely story George. We are all struggling with different things in the current situation, and then someone comes along with an act of kindness and it makes it all better. It is those small things that make the world go round! And I don't blame you for eating the beetroot cake before getting the right light to photograph it. I would have done the same. Cake is a great answer to feeling a bit down 👍
  22. That sounds wonderful Gen. Perhaps you could do a book one day of your travels around Australia? Though uploading to Alamy is probably the best and easiest way to get your images out to the world right now. My parents have a book by a photographer called Bill Bachman that's called Local Colour: Travels in the Other Australia. It's from the 1990s so all film and the images are depicting people, life and landscapes away from the cities and in many of the places that people don't often see. I'm sure you also have many images capturing the localities and people you've visited that would make a gre
  23. We have a boobook owl calling all the way down here in Perth too Gen. He or she (not sure which) calls every night. It is the most comforting sound. One evening at dusk he or she was on the washing line and we saw each other through the window. We had fun imitating each others head movements my moving our heads in circles. Back in January when it was extremely hot I was working at the computer when I heard one calling about midday, which is obviously the opposite time than they are usually awake and calling. I could see her on a branch. She kept calling and then stopped. I wondered
  24. Many thanks for all of your answers. Yes it sounds that I would be in breach of copyright, which I definitely don't want to do. I had been thinking that if they were editorial, then someone writing a blog article about guitar players of the 90s, for example, may want to use such a picture, and I thought this might not be a copyright issue. But I do not know enough and want to do the right thing, so I think it is best I don't upload the images. I did notice many magazine covers on Alamy which was making me unclear about what is ok, but as you mention Space Cadet it may not be something Alamy wa
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