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  1. I had this exact thought today. We have grevillea plants at the front, side and back of the house. They have all started flowering at once and lots of white-cheeked honeyeaters have come to feed on the nectar. I can't help thinking how life goes on for them, and they have been so chirpy and happy all day. I feel like with us humans lying low at the moment, the other creatures have the world more to themselves.
  2. Sending good wishes to you and your daughter Betty. I hope Kim is able to rest up well and recover soon. All the best!
  3. Thanks Steve, beautiful and stunning images!
  4. Glad you stuck up for the birds Betty! I'm so enjoying the nature images. Here's one of an egret in flight: A young Sooty Oystercatcher: A White-capped Mollymawk in NZ (kind of albatross)
  5. Running to Stand Still by U2 - what happens when you run out of space to exercise in the living room. Once in a Lifetime by Talking Heads - this is meant to be a once in one hundred years events, so seems to fit (except for those of us with extraordinarily long life spans).
  6. Life on Mars - David Bowie - where we may have to go to escape Covid-19 Man on the Moon - REM - if the moon becomes a quarantine station for those with Covid-19 Don't Give Up - Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush
  7. Lovely idea! While a lot of Western Australia is very dry, we have some wetter areas with tall forest in the south-west. In this photo the tall trees are karri trees, and these forests are full of bird song high up in the canopy: In 2015 I travelled to Bhutan which is a beautiful country of mountains, valleys and forests. This scene is in western Bhutan: This is a quokka, a cute marsupial that lives on Rottnest Island off the coast of Perth:
  8. Baker in New Orleans making toilet paper cakes... https://www.bakemag.com/articles/13201-new-orleans-bakery-creates-toilet-paper-cakes
  9. That sounds like a very nice lens that as well as macro would work well as a walk around street photography lens, and I imagine would work well for portraits too. I like the idea of sometimes just having a prime lens. It kind of simplifies things and can help to think creatively when you don't have the convenience of a zoom. And yes, I think many of us are going to be photographing things at home for a while, but hopefully not too far in the future daily life will return to normal and we can capture some street life imagery again 🙂
  10. Some beautiful photos Lulia. I especially love the drone view of Maneciu Lake. I'm also wanting to practice street photography more. I have a Sigma 17-50mm f2.8 lens that is quite good, but I think having a bit extra focal length is a good idea too. The 70-200mm range seems to be good for more discrete street photography where you don't feel you are pointing the lens too close to people. I'm not sure what is available for Pentax, but I know Tamron and Sigma both have 70-200mm f2.8 lenses that seem to be pretty good from what I've read about them. I'm keen to purchase a lens in this
  11. Wow, I love his photos! I especially love the one on the road with the redwoods and the sunlight filtering through, but they're all great. Really great portraits of Ray Charles. I remember watching him and Dolly Parton singing Islands in the Stream on TV when I was little.
  12. Haven't posted in this section before, so not sure if I'm doing it right, but found an Alamy photo among these images of people on their balconies from around the world in the Guardian, 19th March: https://www.theguardian.com/world/gallery/2020/mar/19/balconies-sites-hope-coronavirus-in-pictures The image is the sixth one down and the details are: Las Palmas, Gran Canaria A woman pulls up a bag of groceries from her balcony as neighbours help out with shopping Photograph: Alan Dawson/Alamy Live News. Image ID: 2B7GNPT
  13. Brilliant! Thanks Colin. I just sent that link to my brother and his partner as they've just come back from Portugal and Spain to Australia. They went to Nazare in Portugal, a major surfing location, and I'm guessing the last one of those images might have been taken there.
  14. Unfortunately there's no way you can brighten the images already submitted. What you could do is just have a go at some of those images again and upload those. For example, with the one of the kettle you could use the natural light coming through the window to illuminate the kettle rather than shooting into the light through the window. I'm not sure if you have a tripod, but if the level of light makes it difficult to shoot handheld, this is a way of overcoming the difficulty of shooting still life images indoors at lower shutter speeds. If using a tripod just remember to switch off vibration
  15. Hello, you have some nice images with some nice colours. I love your cat too (assuming he/she is your cat!). I'm new to stock myself, so not necessarily the most well-placed person to give advice. But the main thing I noticed was that a few images appear a little too dark/underexposed. For example, the one of the work bench, WGJFPK, appears quite dark to me, and I think it would really lift this image if it was a bit brighter and easier to discern the items in it. Another thing I noticed is there are several images with a very bright background of sky that l
  16. I did wonder about this myself. I think it is good to have a glass half full approach. I imagine there will be many people working from home and possibly spending more time looking for images out there on the internet, whether for their line of work or other interests. People will be travelling less and thus quite possibly in front of their computer more. I am also imagining people in lockdown may be thinking now is the time to write that novel they've always been thinking about doing, and thus are looking for a cover photo for their book, or developing a blog that they will want images for, o
  17. Yes they are adorable as babies. I remember a worker at a wildlife park telling us that she was caring for several babies in her house and they followed her everywhere. She then had to go away for a couple of weeks and worried they'd have forgotten about her when she returned, but when she sat down they just all came up and jumped in her lap and went to sleep. I think the adults are quite formidable and independent though! There are many baby wombat videos on YouTube Ed, so should you not get to see one in the UK, you can at least see them there. If you ever visit Tasmani
  18. No worries and thanks DD 🙂 Yes the boatshed must be the most photographed thing in Perth! I recalled seeing one image that I thought was more original than many of the others, and I just did a search for it and found it. It is by Luke Austin and he took it during a storm at high tide in gale force winds. The long exposure created a misting effect over the jetty. He must of done a good job of keeping the tripod steady in gale force winds: https://lukeaustinphotography.com.au/gallery/product/persistence-crawley-boat-shed-perth-western-australia-113 I enjoy discovering new angles
  19. Sorry I just realised I forgot to quote you in response to your last post, in case it was confusing what I was answering above.
  20. Yes there were similar things on the TV news tonight, people saying how great it was they'd gotten through just before the the cut-off time, and yes it is good that we all be responsible (without panicking too). I hope you have some things you can do to keep occupied while in isolation. At least you can chat on the Alamy forum!
  21. I agree with you. My brother and his partner were going to self-isolate anyway, but I was just pointing out that it is mandatory now.
  22. Yes I feel kind of lucky being in Perth right now. I think we are one of the most isolated capital cities on Earth, which can help a bit when there's a pandemic. I hope the COVID-19 susceptible people you work with all do ok. All the best!
  23. I haven't followed all of this thread so not sure what the core issues are that are being debated, but as of midnight tonight anyone coming into Australia (where I am) has to self-isolate for 14 days. This includes my brother and his partner who had their flight delayed from Dubai, and so now will be affected by this. It is a good thing for the community as a whole as a precaution, just a bit limiting for them for 2 weeks, not being able to go to work etc. I'm in Western Australia and a state of emergency is being declared by the state government from midnight. The federal government is consid
  24. Ah got it, thank you. I do calibrate (with Spyder) though probably not as often as I should. Still a few months away from purchasing a new computer, but the BenQ is looking like a good option for a monitor at the moment. Cheers, Sally
  25. Thanks for providing this info MDM. I am hoping later this year to be able to buy a new computer (fearing the potential imminent demise of my 10 year old iMac). From the research I've done so far, the BenQ was standing out to me as a good, affordable option, so it is great hear your opinion on this. As I'm on a limited budget, I was thinking of going with a mac mini and hooking it up the the BenQ monitor. While mac retina displays look fantastic, I've read that they may not be the most optimal for photo editing. I was wondering what were the other functions the BenQ has that you would recommen
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