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  1. Oh my gosh. I absolutely love this. I don't like things hanging off my shoulders and it doesn't look like a camera bag, at least from the photo. I had no idea such a thing existed. THANK YOU. I think this one might be made locally here in Western Australia as the brand seems to be linked to just one particular camera shop here and not anywhere else. However, there would be many other brands with very similar backpacks out there. I find my Lowepro backpack has the most comfortable harness/buckle system. I've jammed it full of stuff and it's had a huge amount of wear and it is
  2. Ah thanks, yes it certainly looks like a good earthquake-proof design.
  3. You should have brought that dog back home. He/she was a sole-mate. Allan Aww thank you Allan. I love dogs anyway but felt especially connected to this one. Animals are everywhere in Bhutan. Horses and yaks and cows often roam freely. One of the people I travelled with asked one of the guides how the owners of the yaks find them when they need them, and she said the yaks know their own name and respond to it when called. They often have bells as well so you can hear them. It was strange coming home to a place where animals are controlled behind fences a
  4. I love this photo Shergar. The scenery is beautiful on its own but having your dog Ben in there as well really makes it. A few years ago I went to Bhutan and there were many dogs wandering about who were friendly. I can remember watching a scene of the sun setting and cloud coming down from the mountains over a village and valley, and this lovely dog just came and watched the scene with me. Your photo reminds me of that memory.
  5. That's good news Michael! It will be nice that she can have a bit of a rest and break from work too.
  6. Hope it mends quickly and all is fine, Michael. My brother was stung in the eye by a jellyfish a few years ago while swimming. It left a bit of a scrape but no damage to his vision at all. Your daughter must be tough with the work she has been doing. Sending good wishes.
  7. Someone else I know really recommends the ThinkTank bags for security because they don't really look like camera bags. I actually turn my Lowepro sling bag round so the label is facing inwards, just so it is a bit less obvious it is carrying a camera. But the ThinkTank ones I've seen are definitely less like a camera bag and less conspicuous.
  8. Hi Kristin, I have ended up with 3 camera bags when I initially only intended to have one, which just kind of organically happened. I have a camera backpack that has its own waterproof cover that fits neatly under it with velcro and can be pulled out to cover the pack when necessary. The pack has clipped connectors (like buckles I guess) at the waist and chest which takes the weight off your shoulders so that it is less burdensome to carry around. It looks like this: https://www.leedervillecameras.com.au/products/cases-straps/cases/sol-/sol-case-model-no-8070 Howev
  9. No, I didn't even photograph the beehive 🙁 Terrible, I know. I've wondered before if it is built that way to withstand earthquakes. It seems to have undergone refurbishments to make it more earthquake proof, but still not sure if this was the intent in the original design. I've enjoyed seeing your Wellington and other NZ pics. Would love to go back. It will probably be the first overseas place Australians can visit once Covid-19 subsides. I experienced a couple of minor tremors while I was there that I thought I might even be imagining, but looked up Wellington Quake Live and found
  10. Yes me too Cal. I was in Wellington New Zealand 6 months prior to starting stock photography. All the time I was focussed on my favourite nature subjects. I'm kicking myself now because there were many opportunities to do much more than that. I was walking through the city with my camera gear on my way to a scenic lookout or a wildlife sanctuary, but not even thinking of taking urban scenes. I just got my camera out when I got to a nature destination involving birds or landscapes. But yes, now everything becomes interesting in terms of stock.
  11. The Weekend Australian Magazine July 25-26 2020, Pages 38-39 Gardens section Hellebore Anna's Red Contributor: Michael Russell / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: M92X02 Close up of flower detail of Helleborus Cinderella Ideal for borders and woodland gardens are evergreen and frost hardy Contributor: FlowerStock / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: 2B05DMF
  12. I love both of these Alan. I like how the puffin is in the landscape and the yellow flowers in the foreground. I love the gannet too. I've made some attempts at similar shots panning with birds in flight. I have one of an ibis I might upload here that I took a long time ago. I think yours works extremely well.
  13. I love this Betty. Fledglings do often seem to be much less afraid of us humans than adults birds - so trusting and innocent and often curious. We have a pair of galahs who seem to have a nest in the backyard now, so expecting to hear squawking sometime soon (as baby galahs are VERY LOUD, but loveable at the same time even if somewhat scrawny). Your little robin is incredibly cute and I love the speckled colours.
  14. Ah, there is wildlife in your neighbourhood after all Edo! He looks feisty. You did well to carefully back away and not get chomped!
  15. Around the time I started doing stock photography I read an article by a woman who said her best selling image was of a wart or some kind of skin infection she had (can't remember exactly what she said it was). So yes, the not so pretty things are sometimes the best sellers.
  16. Thanks Chris, I appreciate the info. Yes I do like the idea of an inconspicuous camera that is less likely to worry people in the way that DSLRs sometimes can. I'm quite sure I will be getting this camera at some point, and keeping my eye out for sales that might come up. And yes, an earlier version of it may do the job at a more friendly price 🙂 Cheers, Sally
  17. The colourful Ura Yakchoe, a festival held in the village of Ura in Bhutan:
  18. That's no good at all Edo. Perhaps you can find a new place that is also a great spot for doing photographic expeditions from. I hope things either settle where you are, or you find another place that is better to be in. Sometimes new opportunities come out of situations that aren't going so well. I do hope that if you decide to move that you find a really good spot in a convenient location without any future hassles.
  19. I would definitely like to visit there one day. Even though it was cold and grey down here in Perth today, those photos made me feel like going for a swim. I'm glad there were no encounters with mama pig!
  20. I love the light in these ones Regis. I love that time of day - absolutely beautiful with the steam and low angle of the sun. I like the rainbow colours in the water too.
  21. That's fantastic to see your setup Gen. It looks very comfortable and great you could park right near the termite mound. Having the motor home means you can bring your home to natural settings and just be in them and ready for photographic opportunities. You are so inspiring me to do something similar one day!
  22. This Black Kite photo is stunning Gen! He or she seems quite close to you and curious about you as well. I got to hold one of these on my arm once at a raptor centre called Eagles Heritage in Margaret River here in WA. I remember the woman there telling us they have to be successful in one out of every seven hunts in order to maintain their strength and keep alive. She also told us that they have phenomenal eyesight for spotting prey, many times greater than human eyesight.
  23. I love your blue-faced honeyeater Gen. After our various descriptions above about being bitten by mosquitoes and other insects while trying to photograph birds, your glass of wine in one hand and remote in the other sounds idyllic and much more relaxing! I think I will try that one day 🙂
  24. You're welcome Bella. Yes Duade does a really good job of getting a really nice shallow depth of field so that all the attention is on the bird without distractions. I am trying to practice getting down lower to attain this nice depth of field. Lying on the ground seems to produce the best effect for birds that are also on the ground or on water. I think I will be taking a blanket down to a local lake soon to try this out. I've taken quite a few shots sitting down but not lying down for birds. I was lucky to see a pink robin in Tasmania 6 years ago. I was actually doing landscape s
  25. That's funny! I was thinking she was drawn to the sunbeam, but it found her instead 😂 It's such a lovely photo. She looks so content.
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