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  1. I haven't got to testing it yet but yes, looking at different focal lengths and f stops would be interesting. I can use a couple of my images here on Alamy to illustrate how the diagonal bands appear at one focal length but not another. Both are taken with the Sigma 150-500 with a Kenko filter on a Nikon D5200. In the first image below the banding is obvious. I have also cropped this image quite a bit. This image is taken at 500mm at f8. In the second image there is no banding at all and the background is nicely smooth. This one was only marginally cropped. It is taken
  2. Really glad the problem is solved Gen! This is an interesting thread for me to read as I have had some similar effects appear in some (but not all) images taken with my Sigma 150-500mm lens. I have always used a filter with this lens and it is also a Kenko, so interesting to here MDM's comments about some Kenko filters. At the time I remember it not being cheap and thinking I was buying a decent filter, but it could well be that the filter is the culprit. I always thought it was some kind of user error on my part, that there was something not quite working possibly in relation to t
  3. That sounds like a lot of fun Bryan, and it's really nice when workplaces do things like that that bring people together. There is something about hapless people in canoes splashing about that is very funny. Also, apologies for spelling your name wrong before which I just realised I did!
  4. Some years ago, I drove something like 12 hours to go on a Boundary waters fishing trip with 7 other women, in Minnesota, bordering on Canada. I only knew one woman, who I used to work with before she moved back to Wisconsin from Oklahoma. Neither Shelley or I had ever paddled a canoe. There we were, paddling and portaging down a stream to reach a large lake and eventually to camp on one of the small islands on the lake. Neither of us knew who should guide the canoe, or how to paddle without cancelling each other out. So we bounced from bank to bank, running into overhanging branches,
  5. Sydney Morning Herald Aug 4, 2020 Big W to close 22 stores in Victoria https://www.smh.com.au/national/coronavirus-updates-live-victorian-businesses-subject-to-tough-covid-19-restrictions-amid-stage-four-lockdown-australian-death-toll-stands-at-221-20200803-p55i5c.html People shop at BIG W store in Melbourne Australia. BIG W is a chain of discount stores in Australia and is the leading Australian department store cha Contributor: Takatoshi Kurikawa / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: R8EWY3 The Guardian Australia 5 Aug 2020 Jobkeeper crackdown cuts 9,00
  6. Great image Michael. They are clearly loving soaking up the sun. When I was a kid I saw a TV documentary on buskers in New York City. It was amazing! The buskers alone would provide countless street photography opportunities.
  7. The Mount Henry Bridge over the Canning River at dusk in Perth, Western Australia
  8. Thanks so much John for including one of mine. I feel lucky to be included amongst these images. Yes this is seriously lava-like, and what I think I'd interpret it as if I had no other info to go on. Amazing!
  9. Sally, dear: It's not strange or odd for any of us to feel bad during these scary, bad days. Feel better! That's an order! Well, more a suggestion and a hope. πŸ™‚ Edo Thank you Edo πŸ‘πŸ˜Š Yes I am starting to cheer up πŸ™‚
  10. Strange thing. I thought I’d coped with the Covid thing pretty well. I’ve kept myself busy. Doing my Alamy work, painting watercolor, lots of reading, tending my tomatoes. Last week was my oldest daughter’s birthday and I asked her to come up for the day to celebrate. I made her an apple pie at her request rather than cake. She lives about 2 1/2 hours away. My other daughter came over, too. We picked up take away salads for lunch, had pie, laughed and visited. The two ended up cutting some watercolor board to painting sizes for me. More laughing at their mistakes!
  11. Chin up Sally. Tomorrow is a brand new day. Stick to what makes you happy. Thanks Gen!! Yes each day is a new one and things always get better 😊
  12. Yes he is brilliant! How amazing to have been in Ravi Shankar's backyard listening to him play!
  13. Had a really down, demoralising day 😒 Too much to explain. Drank cider. Feel slightly better 😐 Will go out and do some photography tomorrow. That always helps πŸ™‚
  14. Wow, he looks so young! I saw him perform in 1994 and have one of his CDs. It was so absorbing and meditative that I was in a really peaceful trance afterwards. That's a really nice portrait.
  15. Oh my gosh. I absolutely love this. I don't like things hanging off my shoulders and it doesn't look like a camera bag, at least from the photo. I had no idea such a thing existed. THANK YOU. I think this one might be made locally here in Western Australia as the brand seems to be linked to just one particular camera shop here and not anywhere else. However, there would be many other brands with very similar backpacks out there. I find my Lowepro backpack has the most comfortable harness/buckle system. I've jammed it full of stuff and it's had a huge amount of wear and it is
  16. Ah thanks, yes it certainly looks like a good earthquake-proof design.
  17. You should have brought that dog back home. He/she was a sole-mate. Allan Aww thank you Allan. I love dogs anyway but felt especially connected to this one. Animals are everywhere in Bhutan. Horses and yaks and cows often roam freely. One of the people I travelled with asked one of the guides how the owners of the yaks find them when they need them, and she said the yaks know their own name and respond to it when called. They often have bells as well so you can hear them. It was strange coming home to a place where animals are controlled behind fences a
  18. I love this photo Shergar. The scenery is beautiful on its own but having your dog Ben in there as well really makes it. A few years ago I went to Bhutan and there were many dogs wandering about who were friendly. I can remember watching a scene of the sun setting and cloud coming down from the mountains over a village and valley, and this lovely dog just came and watched the scene with me. Your photo reminds me of that memory.
  19. That's good news Michael! It will be nice that she can have a bit of a rest and break from work too.
  20. Hope it mends quickly and all is fine, Michael. My brother was stung in the eye by a jellyfish a few years ago while swimming. It left a bit of a scrape but no damage to his vision at all. Your daughter must be tough with the work she has been doing. Sending good wishes.
  21. Someone else I know really recommends the ThinkTank bags for security because they don't really look like camera bags. I actually turn my Lowepro sling bag round so the label is facing inwards, just so it is a bit less obvious it is carrying a camera. But the ThinkTank ones I've seen are definitely less like a camera bag and less conspicuous.
  22. Hi Kristin, I have ended up with 3 camera bags when I initially only intended to have one, which just kind of organically happened. I have a camera backpack that has its own waterproof cover that fits neatly under it with velcro and can be pulled out to cover the pack when necessary. The pack has clipped connectors (like buckles I guess) at the waist and chest which takes the weight off your shoulders so that it is less burdensome to carry around. It looks like this: https://www.leedervillecameras.com.au/products/cases-straps/cases/sol-/sol-case-model-no-8070 Howev
  23. No, I didn't even photograph the beehive πŸ™ Terrible, I know. I've wondered before if it is built that way to withstand earthquakes. It seems to have undergone refurbishments to make it more earthquake proof, but still not sure if this was the intent in the original design. I've enjoyed seeing your Wellington and other NZ pics. Would love to go back. It will probably be the first overseas place Australians can visit once Covid-19 subsides. I experienced a couple of minor tremors while I was there that I thought I might even be imagining, but looked up Wellington Quake Live and found
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