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  1. Sorry to hear this Gen. Maybe somehow some interesting stock photos will come out of it, even if it is of your motor home being rescued (naughty Hughie). Happy Birthday for tomorrow and hope you can celebrate at some point, maybe a nice dinner in the town you are heading to. Take care.
  2. Many thanks for including one of mine Colin. Hope you are feeling better too.
  3. That looks like an excellent choice! The Sony RX100 is excellent for a compact, but if it is the only camera you have it has certain limitations that could be a bit frustrating, especially if you are used to a DSLR. I am using mine as a complementary camera to my DSLR, but would miss my DSLR hugely if I didn't have it. The Nikon Z50 looks still reasonably compact and high quality! Enjoy taking pictures again!
  4. Guardian Australia 26 September 2020 One Nation paid $500,000 to company behind billion-dollar development in Queensland https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2020/sep/26/one-nation-paid-500000-to-company-behind-billion-dollar-development-in-queensland Contributor: blickwinkel / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: CNYGTY Photographer: blickwinkel/Wothe Guardian Australia 26 September 2020 Victoria records one death and 12 new cases as Covid-19 numbers continue to drop https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/sep/26/victoria-records-one-deat
  5. The rusty remains of the tugboat SS Wyola at CY O'Connor Beach in Perth, Western Australia. Adding to the broken theme is the sculpture of CY O'Connor out to sea in the background. He was an engineer who designed several major works here in Western Australia in the late 19th century, including Fremantle Harbour and the Perth to Kalgoorlie pipeline. He received a lot of criticism from the press and politicians about his projects, so much so that he eventually rode his horse into the ocean and committed suicide. So that is what the sculpture sadly depicts. Old rust
  6. My favourite from a recent short trip - sunrise at the jetty at Jurien Bay, a coastal town in Western Australia
  7. That's also a lovely evening image Mark! It really is the very best time of day for photography light, along with dawn/sunrise.
  8. I'm getting used to my RX100 too Bryan. It certainly can't match my DSLR in a number of ways, but I'm finding it really handy and I'm getting at least some images I'm pretty happy with, and hope to do more so as I learn more about the camera. On a recent short trip it doubled really well with my DSLR as an extra camera. I only took my 11-16mm and and 90mm macro with me for the DSLR when I would normally take about two more lenses. The RX100 filled in the role of my 17-50mm lens which I left at home, and it meant less lens changing overall, which was convenient. I've been using f4 t
  9. I don't have any experience with the RX100. However, I use Capture One Express with my other Sony cameras and can report that its automatic noise reduction does a very good job. I've yet to have to fiddle with the noise reduction sliders. I'm quite happy with Capture 1 Express so far. The catalogue is a bit confusing; however, I haven't really explored how to set it up properly as I have my own weird way of storing images. Thanks John, Yes I've been using Capture One Express for Sony with my RX100 for a few weeks now. I'm really impressed with the rendering of the
  10. Nice to have a beautiful passenger with you. Sensible to not cycle and do photography at the same time! Almost crashed once on a bike when I kept glancing at a falcon flying to one side of me. Won't do that again.
  11. That's sad Betty. Such a tough time for so many right now. My Dad died 4 years ago and I thought of him when the butterfly landed on me. There's also been a tame wattlebird landing near me in the garden lately. My Dad liked those birds and I get it when people say they feel like they see the spirit of their loved one in an animal. On a positive note a baby galah has hatched in a tree in a neighbour's yard and is squarking loudly and being fed by doting parents.
  12. This evening I was picking up a takeaway meal to eat with my Mum for dinner. I managed to lock not only my keys in the car, but my phone and the just purchased food as well. The kind people in the shop let me borrow their phone. A kind neighbour was able to pick up a spare key and drop it off to me. So a bad thing but then a good thing in the end. I did have a nice butterfly encounter today which I posted in the 'good things' thread.
  13. That sounds lovely Betty. It is spring here and I saw my first two butterflies today. They are orange and black with some white spots. Not the monarchs (which we do also get here) but a local species that is similar and slightly smaller but I don't know the name. I was standing in the backyard and one landed on my right foot. Then it fluttered off again and came back and landed on my left foot. If only I had my camera I could have got a 'butterfly on a foot' photo. Anyway, my good thing today was having a butterfly land on me and hangout on my foot for a while, perhaps thinking I was a tree.
  14. Amazing images Kristin. It must be incredibly surreal right now. It looks just like the images from eastern Australia from late last year and early this year. People will be wearing masks for more than one reason now. I have a cousin in Portland, Oregon so hoping he is doing ok. Keep safe and take care.
  15. Just got to looking at these. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for posting Martin.
  16. New Zealand Fur Seals like to hang out at the western end of Rottnest Island here in Western Australia. They loll about upside down with one flipper in the air. It seems to be very relaxing for them...
  17. Thanks Mark. That interests me very much. Definitely worth watching its development, and cheap at $39. I think I might give it a go given I don't feel I have much to lose. I can see its layout/interface is very similar to Aperture and I think I would feel right at home in it. I'm not a fan of the Apple Photos App, but looks like you can use it independently. They made Aperture and iPhoto in a way that they could integrate, so I guess they are doing the same thing again. If I want more Photoshop-type options I will consider Affinity Photo I think. The two together would be $120 (Aus
  18. The loss of editing functionality if I was to stop paying the subscription is what bothers me the most. It is the feeling of being locked into one particular system on a long term basis. About 7 years ago I bought Aperture outright for $89. That is all I have paid in about 7 years and it has been a really reliable, decent editor. The equivalent cost for 7 years for the Adobe package is about $1176, and should I decide to leave the subscription because I have decided there is another work system I want to set up, I can longer edit the images. I would like to think i still have a wor
  19. P.S. Sorry I just called you Mark instead of Michael! i think my brain has gone to mush reading about raw editors. My apologies!
  20. Thanks Mark and everyone else above for the further info. For its all round capability the Adobe package will meet all my needs. I have to say, though, that the Capture One rendering of the Raw file is extremely good. No noise to speak of, handles CA competently and the colour of the default Raw is so good it looks like it has already been edited. If it wasn't for the bad experiences Thomas described in this thread I would be very drawn to going down this path. It may also be that I'm using the version of Capture One that is especially made for Sony, so that may be why it is handling the littl
  21. It took me three and a half months to get my first sale Pawel, and then it was another seven months before I got two more sales. From what everyone reports here it is normal to take a while with Alamy, so hang in there and just keep uploading a variety of images. Your images look very good in terms of quality. All the best!
  22. I've just purchased the Sony RX100 VA and can say I'm quite happy with it so far. The Raw files as rendered by Capture One Express came out nicely in terms of quality and sharpness. There was some corner softness but it wasn't too bad. I've taken it on just two photo walks so far and it works really well as a street photography camera. It's customisable in various ways. I was shooting in Aperture priority. Next time I will do the same but also set a minimum shutter speed and the auto ISO will adjust accordingly. I will see how that goes. The VA has a fast f1.8 lens, but if you need extra reach
  23. I'm so sorry to hear about this Colin. Wishing you strength in getting through this. I haven't got to looking for images for the challenge yet, but just wanted to send best wishes for support. Photography has been a great healer in my life, so perhaps immersing yourself in the creativity of photography might help. Take care.
  24. I think you are right Michael. The Adobe package may in fact be the only option that really meets all my needs and does the best job overall. On1 do say that their product is a pixel editor, which I read in regard to their 2019 version https://www.on1.com/blog/on1-photo-raw-2019-an-all-new-photo-editing-experience-now-available/ However, given the frustrations I'm having with what seems to be inadequate profiles for my little Sony RX100, I'm thinking On1 is not going to be so good after all. I may have to just accept paying the ongoing Adobe subscription. I'm very impressed with t
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