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  1. The loss of editing functionality if I was to stop paying the subscription is what bothers me the most. It is the feeling of being locked into one particular system on a long term basis. About 7 years ago I bought Aperture outright for $89. That is all I have paid in about 7 years and it has been a really reliable, decent editor. The equivalent cost for 7 years for the Adobe package is about $1176, and should I decide to leave the subscription because I have decided there is another work system I want to set up, I can longer edit the images. I would like to think i still have a wor
  2. P.S. Sorry I just called you Mark instead of Michael! i think my brain has gone to mush reading about raw editors. My apologies!
  3. Thanks Mark and everyone else above for the further info. For its all round capability the Adobe package will meet all my needs. I have to say, though, that the Capture One rendering of the Raw file is extremely good. No noise to speak of, handles CA competently and the colour of the default Raw is so good it looks like it has already been edited. If it wasn't for the bad experiences Thomas described in this thread I would be very drawn to going down this path. It may also be that I'm using the version of Capture One that is especially made for Sony, so that may be why it is handling the littl
  4. It took me three and a half months to get my first sale Pawel, and then it was another seven months before I got two more sales. From what everyone reports here it is normal to take a while with Alamy, so hang in there and just keep uploading a variety of images. Your images look very good in terms of quality. All the best!
  5. I've just purchased the Sony RX100 VA and can say I'm quite happy with it so far. The Raw files as rendered by Capture One Express came out nicely in terms of quality and sharpness. There was some corner softness but it wasn't too bad. I've taken it on just two photo walks so far and it works really well as a street photography camera. It's customisable in various ways. I was shooting in Aperture priority. Next time I will do the same but also set a minimum shutter speed and the auto ISO will adjust accordingly. I will see how that goes. The VA has a fast f1.8 lens, but if you need extra reach
  6. I'm so sorry to hear about this Colin. Wishing you strength in getting through this. I haven't got to looking for images for the challenge yet, but just wanted to send best wishes for support. Photography has been a great healer in my life, so perhaps immersing yourself in the creativity of photography might help. Take care.
  7. I think you are right Michael. The Adobe package may in fact be the only option that really meets all my needs and does the best job overall. On1 do say that their product is a pixel editor, which I read in regard to their 2019 version https://www.on1.com/blog/on1-photo-raw-2019-an-all-new-photo-editing-experience-now-available/ However, given the frustrations I'm having with what seems to be inadequate profiles for my little Sony RX100, I'm thinking On1 is not going to be so good after all. I may have to just accept paying the ongoing Adobe subscription. I'm very impressed with t
  8. Thanks very much John. I think I will give PT lens a go, just while I am still playing with Capture One Express. It is the one issue I cannot correct at the moment in CO Express, so I think this will be a quick fix for this while I contemplate whether I go down the LR/PS route. I took quite a number of building images in the city with my RX100 the other day, and as expected when close to tall buildings in a city environment, they have major perspective distortion. I uploaded a couple to Alamy yesterday where I thought the distortion wasn't so bad, but most will need correction. I'm pretty happ
  9. Thanks so much for this feedback Mark. Your problem with the Canon G15 profiles sounds exactly like what I am experiencing. I would also be very unhappy with no CA correction. By comparison, Capture One handled CA perfectly, and also rendered the RAW files noticeably better. I might keep playing with Capture One Express a bit longer, but PS/LR may be the best option for me overall, especially as there seems to be some issues with keystone correction in CO, and I really want to be able to do these corrections.
  10. Thanks Mark. What would you say were the drawbacks in getting the results you were after with On1? I'm frustrated with it today because I set it to correct lens distortion on import, but it has not applied this to my Sony RX100 VA files even though it is meant to be a supported camera model. It's options in the Edit module do not provide correction for the RX100 VA specifically either, and it is frustrating to be correcting this manually. I've contacted their technical support for assistance. The files imported with the crazy distortion that your post with the RX100 image showed. The 2020 vers
  11. This is a really powerful image Michael. It really conveys a vulnerability that reminds us of the human beings putting themselves on the line to help and care for others in this time of Covid-19. There's a real connect through the eyes. It's a really empathic image. Almost made me cry.
  12. No problem Gillian. Your photo of the pigeon not being deterred by the owl or spikes reminded me of it.
  13. Landscope - WA's Parks, Wildlife and Conservation Magazine, Spring 2020 P. 44 Australian Snubfin Dolphins (Orcaella heinsohni) Contributor: Patty Tse / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: JHJKD1 And another one in the same magazine was interesting on P. 54. There is an illustration that is not itself from Alamy, but an Alamy photo is acknowledged as the reference photo that was used for an illustration of a Scarlet Banksia flower with a honey possum on it. The reference photo is acknowledged as by Minden Pictures/Alamy. It's nice they acknowledged the source photo
  14. Your image reminds me of a story last year about a pigeon nesting at the Australian War Memorial. She nested on top of the spikes like those in your image used to deter birds from nesting, on the sill of a stained-glass window. She made her nest out of the red poppies used symbolically to remember soldiers on Remembrance Day, taking the poppies from the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier to build the nest. It was a really nice story about life and death in a way, and also evidence that pigeons are not easily deterred! This is the story if it's of interest: https://www.awm.gov.au/articles/blog/pi
  15. Thanks Michael. I have read that DxO PhotoLab is an excellent raw converter, and particularly good at handling noise. I downloaded the trial version of On1 Photo Raw today. It is a pixel editor as well as a raw processor and it also does layers, stacking and stitching. It is like a blend of both Lightroom and Photoshop. I've done some tutorials on it and already really like it. I know it won't be up there with DxO for raw conversion, but it has apparently improved in this area and I think is going to be good enough for my purposes. It appeals to me that it is an all-in-one package.
  16. Thanks for sharing the above info! I most definitely wanted to be able to do keystone corrections, so thanks for this input as it doesn't look like the right software for me in this regard. I'll still keep the express version of CO for now for anything it is useful for, but will be looking elsewhere for images I want to apply keystone corrections to. I may end up getting On1 Photo RAW which I have been considering for some time, and its keystone tool from a tutorial I just watched looks fairly straight forward. I'm keen to get a stand alone license rather than a subscription one, so On1 is app
  17. That's very interesting Mark. I had no idea that amount of distortion correction was being applied. I think that may explain some of the corner softness I'm seeing. Thanks very much for everyone's input on this topic. I'm learning a lot!
  18. Thanks MDM. That's interesting to know, that sharpness is being prioritised over geometry. Feel like I've got a bit to learn in this area!
  19. Thanks for the input Steve. The Sony RX100 VA has been around for a bit now, so theoretically it should be applying lens correction, but it is possible something is amiss there. I'll keep looking into it.
  20. Thanks Thomas. Some of the things you described sounded pretty frustrating. I will see how I go with this free version and whether I get used to it, but I think I might trial some other software too.
  21. Thanks Bionic for replying in between your work jobs! It showed as manufacturer profile, so I think it must be as you suggest, that it is applying the correction. I thought I had to go in and select a specific profile for my camera.
  22. Right, ok, thanks MDM. I've actually been using old software up till now that doesn't even do lens distortion correction, so I'm new to figuring out how it all works.
  23. Thanks Thomas. Yes that was what I meant. It looks like it doesn't list the Sony RX100 VA in either version. I was interested to read your post about Capture One. I've only been using it a few hours so difficult to make an assessment at this stage. Some things feel intuitive and others not. I can't say I've bonded with it yet.
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