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  1. 47 minutes ago, Ed Rooney said:

    Hey, don't accuse me of having a plan!


    You only need a little card reader. Put your memory card in and attach it to an adopter cord.




    Oh ok sorry Ed!! That's good to know. I was looking at a dock with additional USB ports which I thought might be useful, but that reader is better for just an SD.

  2. 3 hours ago, Pekka Liukkonen said:
    On 12/04/2021 at 14:27, Pekka Liukkonen said:

    Got a sale (low $$)  after a long while. Hope they knew what they bought.

    Vintage Computer Commodore 64 Stock Photo


    As I guessed, this was refunded and sold again to same buyer at lower price. Is this the new normal...?
    Not that I care, I have lost my interest to Alamy.... it´s their business and they do what they want.

    It's no consolation for the low price, but your photo did send me down memory lane of the first computer our family had. I loved playing International Karate Plus, Space Invaders and Bug Blaster. Computer games seem too complicated to me now. What I would hope with the smaller license fees coming through is that there are more of them to compensate, but time will tell. Just read David's comments above which suggests this is the direction its going in. The very low fees people are recently reporting are concerning. Alamy does seem to be in a transitional, recalibration phase with their licensing model. I just hope that some decent license fees remain or we see a significant increase in sales volume.

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  3. 3 hours ago, Betty LaRue said:

    Well, at 5’2”, my tiny mother stormed into the classroom holding my hand. She was red-faced and shaking all over with anger and the teacher saw it. Mom told her I was born left-handed and she (the teacher) from that day forward would never bother me over it again.  And she never did. My mother was very sweet, timid and mild-mannered. Not that day. Mom told her off in front of me so I wouldn’t have to be terrified anymore. I was also shy and timid. The mouse in the corner.

    Good on your Mum for sticking up for you Betty. Those early experiences of bullying by teachers can have a lasting effect, so having your Mom step in would have helped you to feel safe and supported and mitigate against future harm. I am only 5'1" and a quiet, gentle person. I was super quiet and shy in school. But if I see someone vulnerable being bullied or mistreated a kind of ferocity kicks in and I have a strong instinct to go in and defend/protect, and I imagine you are similar. I think sensitive people with strong nurturing instincts really care about the sanctity of life and so instinctively protect that. I've read about mother octopuses going to extraordinary lengths to protect their eggs and young, and male Emperor penguins protecting and incubating their eggs on their feet under their fur through extreme Antarctic winters. I haven't had my own kids but if I did I think I'd be like an octopus or Emperor penguin 🐙 🐧 😂

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  4. 8 hours ago, Betty LaRue said:

    Exciting news! Thanks for the video. On left-handedness...I hope your teachers didn’t put you through what my first grade teacher did to me. She hit my bent back hand with a ruler 4 or 5 times when she caught me using my left hand. That is...until my mother got hold of her! :lol: it went on for weeks. I didn’t tell my mother until she asked why my grades slipped. I thought I was a baaad girl at the age of 6. My grades shot up after the... ah-hum...straightening out of the teacher. Her stomach probably roiled with acid every time she saw me using my left hand after that. I was the only lefty in the class. There are many more of us now, probably because many were left alone in recent decades.


    What a horrible teacher, but I'm so glad your mother 'straightened her out'. Would love to know her methods 🤣  Luckily I wasn't given a hard time for left-handedness.


    On the topic of new Macs, you may be just fine with one of the latest Intel Macs. The OS on each model of Mac eventually becomes no longer upgradeable (after several years), but the recent Intel Macs should last you a while. If you wait about 6 more days you will at least have a sense of what the new M1 Macs are about, and then can make a decision from there. I'm just keen for M1 as I can see my photo processing needs stepping up in the future and thought it would provide the best performance going forward. I have interests in music too and wouldn't mind starting to do some video, so the extra processing power may be worth it.


    I've been tossing up 3 options:

    New M1 iMac

    M1 Mac mini plus external monitor of choice

    M1 Macbook which can also be used to run an external monitor of choice


    I have been leaning towards the new M1 iMac because it just seems the simpler option overall (though Mark Chapman in Edo's thread is half convincing me to do the Mac mini with external monitor option again, especially as it can work out cheaper). I've been wondering if the predicted 24 inch iMac monitor would be adequate as I only have a 21.5 inch now and I've been fine with that. It will be interesting to see the pricing and features of the new M1 Macs.




  5. 3 hours ago, Ed Rooney said:

    No, Betty, I'm going for an M1 MacBook Air. 


    That sounds like a good plan Ed. If you ever want a bigger screen in the future you can use the M1 MacBook Air with an external monitor. I have thought about doing this so I have the flexibility of a laptop but the option of also using it with an external monitor.


    The current M1 MacBook Airs don't have an SD card slot, but if that is your preferred method of transfer of photos between camera and computer you can buy a docking station or USB hub which is not expensive, and people at the Apple Store could advise you on that.


    There is quite a good review of the M1 MacBook Air by a travel and landscape photographer, in case it is helpful https://photographylife.com/reviews/apple-macbook-air-m1

  6. 30 minutes ago, Betty LaRue said:

    Glad you found that bit of news. I’ve been looking and never saw that. I’m picking up my computer from the shop this afternoon and will be back in business. I’ve felt like I left my left arm there. (I’m left handed)
    They cleaned out white feather dust! 😂 That was from the time the bird cages were closer to the computer which isn’t the case, now. Although I kept it covered, I was using it a lot when it was uncovered, of course.

    I did read that it seems there will be several options of the new iMac, with different price points. I hope the 27” Mac will be offered in April, but if not, I can wait. Hopefully.


    Betty, I just watched this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rc6Hxg5cj3w


    The guy presenting seems pretty confident both size iMacs will be announced on the 20th. He is predicting a 24 inch model for the smaller iMac and 30 or 32 inch for the larger one. Of course still not known for sure, but seems encouraging.


    Funny about the feather dust 😂  Glad your Mac will be back in business 👍  I'm left handed too.

  7. 3 images in this article from the New York Times 12 April 2021



    Fairy Circles, Twyfelfontein, Namibia, Africa

    Contributor: MJ Photography / Alamy Stock Photo

    Image ID: HR6G6W

    Fairy Circles, Twyfelfontein, Namibia, Africa Stock Photo


    Africa Namibia Sossusvlei. Aerial view of fairy circles dotting the landscape of the Namib-Rand Nature Reserve.

    Contributor: Danita Delimont Creative / Alamy Stock Photo

    Image ID: BMM1MB

    Photographer: Kymri Wilt / Danita Delimont

    Africa Namibia Sossusvlei. Aerial view of fairy circles dotting the landscape of the Namib-Rand Nature Reserve. Stock Photo


    Circular spinifex growing in the Outback near Alice Springs, Northern Territory, NT, Australia

    Contributor: Genevieve Vallee / Alamy Stock Photo

    Image ID: 2B2EABR

    Circular spinifex growing in the Outback near Alice Springs, Northern Territory, NT, Australia Stock Photo

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  8. 4 minutes ago, MDM said:

    Sally - I think you are right in that a fully colour-managed workflow is not really necessary unless you are printing your images yourself or sending them off to a pro lab for printing (not as necessary) or providing images to clients who expect properly colour-managed images. So a 5K iMac screen is fine and the P3 gamut is a lot bigger than sRGB. Also the problems with such high resolutions appear to have been resolved by Apple and Adobe (cue Mark Chapman’s entry to contradict that and my mind turning to mush). 


    However, I prefer a monitor with standard resolution for photography (so 2560x1440 at 27”). Also I like a matte screen and the ability to make all sorts of adjustments that are not possible on an iMac. 


    Thanks Michael! Yes I think the iMac screen will probably do the trick. I'll do a bit more research before making a definite decision but I'm thinking that's the way to go for me.

  9. 22 hours ago, Allan Bell said:

    Hello Sally, I was OK with spirits up till about late 40's when someone gave me a glass of red wine and 15 minutes later flashing lights were everywhere. I did continue with the spirits but they gradually started to have the same effect so stopped them too. My very first migraine was when I was about 17. It started at work with my eyesight disappearing down half of one side but could still see the other half. Went to the first aid room and the nurse there sent me home to go to bed and rest. That was a journey and a half as I used to cycle to work. Cycling home avoiding the traffic was a bit hectic. While I was in bed the doctor paid a house call to check on me. I was terrified that I was losing my site.

    While still in bed I got this almighty headache which the doc had prescribed some tablets. That is the only time I had the headache.

    I sympathise with your cousin and consider myself lucky not to have it so bad as to have to go to hospital.

    It does sound a bit like abdominal migraine Allan if you only had the headache initially but not after that. It must have been a bit scary the first migraine at 17 with the eyesight disappearing. I'm also affected on just one side but can't look out of one eye more from extreme light sensitivity and pain than from loss of eyesight. The weird thing is it sometimes transitions from one side to the other, and I can actually feel the pain creeping across my head. At least the tortured side gets a rest then! But getting them so much less now so life is much, much better!

  10. 15 hours ago, MDM said:

    That aside, if you can afford it, I would suggest spending a bit more than the £250 max and getting a really good monitor specially designed for photography to go with this lovely new Mac you are getting. BenQ have what looks like a good 24" IPS monitor for about £390 and there is an Eizo ColorEdge 24" for around £430.


    Hi Michael. Some time back I was planning to do what Ed is planning to - to get a Mac mini and buy a separate monitor. I was considering a BenQ. Now I am not so sure that opting for a wide gamut monitor is necessary in my case, and that the iMac screen might be sufficient. I rarely print anything and I imagine a significant benefit of calibrated wide gamut monitors is the ability to get accurate prints. If I do get into printing it may make more sense, but I'm not sure that's in my future. I do have a Spyder calibration tool so that my suffice going forward with my calibration needs. I just thought I'd see what your thoughts are on a wide gamut like the BenQ versus the iMac monitors (and obviously Apple's upcoming announcement is worth waiting for in this regard too, to see whether there is anything new about the forthcoming iMac monitors).


    17 hours ago, Ed Rooney said:

    I will soon be buying an M1 16MB Mac mini. Prices on monitors are all over the place. I want to spend no more than £250. John Lewis has a Dell 2421H for £129 but I would have to buy it online and I can't.


    Hi Edo, in case it is of help I came across this website on the best monitors for photo editing in 2021 https://www.digitalcameraworld.com/au/buying-guides/best-monitors-for-photographers  I can't offer any advice as I have no experience with these monitors, but thought would forward it in case it's helpful. They mention cheaper through to more expensive models, and mention some things to look for at the end.


    And a couple more similar articles on the best monitors for photo editing in 2021 (you might have looked at these already):


    https://www.techradar.com/au/news/best-monitor-for-photo-editing (the first BenQ listed is said to be 25.6kg! Think this must be a mistake and that they mean pounds).




    Edit: Sorry Ed, I realise now you were asking about a 24 inch monitor specifically so the above links may not be so helpful.

  11. On 10/04/2021 at 08:13, Betty LaRue said:

    Of course your right, Mick.

    I just wish they’d get on with the release. If I have to drive to my old city to an Apple store, so be it. About a 6 hour round trip drive, not accounting for time in the store. A long, long day, but not any longer than a normal work day.

    Except I’d need to shop at Macy’s since it’s in the same mall as the Apple store! :D We don’t have one in Wichita and I like their clothing line.

    Ah, Derick, don’t you just love these informative threads when you have a dog in the hunt? MDM is a gold mine when it comes to information like this. That makes at least 4 of us interested in buying a new Mac of one kind or another, maybe 5. I think Ed is going for a Mac mini.

    Good luck with your purchase-to-be. 


    Hi Betty, Apple will apparently have an event on 20th April, so you will at least be able to find out then if a new iMac is announced. It may, however, only be the smaller one if it does get announced. You may have to wait a couple more months to find out about the larger iMac. But hopefully, either way, it will be a bit clearer what the future holds for the latest generation iMacs.

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  12. 14 hours ago, Allan Bell said:

    Hi Sally I get the odd migraine but cannot put it down to any particular thing. Food, stress, whatever. It is not a headache though it manifests itself as loss of vision and flashing lights. Usually just closing my eyes and resting in a easy chair with my head back eases it within 30 minutes and I can carry on with whatever I am busy with. But Ido feel a bit woozy for a while. One of my doctors said he suspected it was an abdominal migraine.?????  I know alcohol particularly red wine and spirits can bring it on and that is why I do not drink alcohol now but still get the occasional migraine so must be stress.


    Red wine and spirits are triggers for me too Allan. My last red wine consumption was aged 20. I was on a camping trip with a group and on the last night we drank red wine. I had just half a cup. The most horrific migraine started within half an hour. Returning the following day in the van we were travelling in, the driver had to stop intermittently for me to throw up on the side of the road. That plus a bad vodka and orange induced migraine have kept me off red wine and spirits. I was therefore only a very occasional social drinker of milder things, and now with a recently diagnosed autoimmune condition that affects the liver not a drinker at all. I know that stress can be a factor for me too. I don't get the flashing lights, so I think I have the common migraine that Ed describes. My cousin gets the abdominal migraines quite badly and sometimes has to be hospitalised with them.

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  13. The Third Pole 8 April 2021


    Forest around Tiger's Nest, Paro, Bhutan.

    Contributor: Michal Sikorski / Alamy Stock Photo

    Image ID: F39ACJ

    Forest around Tiger's Nest, Paro, Bhutan. Stock Photo


    The Third Pole 7 April 2021


    Fergana Valley close to the border to Uzbekistan. Asia, central Asia, Kyrgyzstan

    Contributor: REDA &CO srl / Alamy Stock Photo

    Image ID: 2E2679M

    Photographer: Reda and Co

    Fergana Valley close to the border to Uzbekistan.  Asia, central Asia, Kyrgyzstan Stock Photo


    The Third Pole 6 April 2021


    Dawn at Tso Moriri Lake. Altitude 4600 m. View on Himalaya mountains landscape with Gya peak in snow, 6794 m. India, Ladakh

    Contributor: Perfect Lazybones / Alamy Stock Photo

    Image ID: 2B2D6WR

    Dawn at Tso Moriri Lake. Altitude 4600 m. View on Himalaya mountains landscape with Gya peak in snow, 6794 m. India, Ladakh Stock Photo


    The Third Pole 5 April 2021


    Indian or one-horned rhinoceros and tourists on elephant safari in Chitwan National Park, Nepal

    Contributor: Sergi Reboredo / Alamy Stock Photo

    Image ID: FY31A7

    Indian or one-horned rhinoceros and tourists on elephant safari in Chitwan National Park, Nepal Stock Photo


    The Third Pole 2 April 2021


    INDIA Tamil Nadu Kannyakumari Cape Comorin , construction site of Vestas RBB rotor blades for wind turbines

    Contributor: Joerg Boethling / Alamy Stock Photo

    Image ID: CW195M

    INDIA Tamil Nadu Kannyakumari Cape Comorin , construction site of Vestas RBB rotor blades for wind turbines Stock Photo

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  14. Here is a rhododendron I photographed in Bhutan. I was lucky to be there in spring and see the various pink, white, red ones etc. This one was photographed at a mountain pass during light rain. It was recently zoomed so I hope it may have licensed, but if it does license there is no way to know for sure if it is linked to the zoom.



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  15. 19 minutes ago, Ed Rooney said:

    Eleven years ago, I developed Diabetes 2 with a lot of additional problems. I talked to some people and did some research and decided to try intermittent fasting. I stopped eating dinner and also stopped eating bread and all simple carbohydrates. In the first year, I lost 30 kilograms and cured the diabetes and some other problems. 


    I'm 86 years old. I'm not a guru and I follow no online health guru. But I do have my own set of diet and health ideas. A long time ago, I saw an interview with Joe Frazier where he said in passing that he only ate one meal a day. Just one meal . . . for Joe Frazier? Wow. The 16-8 fasting thing works for me. I've only broken it a few times for social reasons. I not only save calories but I save money too. Am I hungry at night. No, I'm not. 


    That's great to know you have found a solution to the Type 2 Diabetes Ed. These things are not always a one way street and it's great to be able to turn things around. It's often a case of trial and error combined with research to find out what works.


    I have had chronic migraines since I was 13. In about September last year I went gluten free and I have gone from the regular migraines I've had all my life to almost none. The difference is dramatic. Instead of 2 or 3 a week I'm down to 1 or 2 a month. I've always had to worry about making sure I have pain killers with me when I go out in case I am struck down by one so I can nip it in the bud before I become incapacitated. But now I'm only rarely needing to medicate for them.

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  16. 25 minutes ago, Ilanphoto said:

    Alamy Licensed my RF Image yesterday for all of 0.15$ my net was 0.05$
    Five cents? That is lower the the lowest Shutterstock fees 
    I would like to be able to set a minimum license fee on my images please 


    I understand the frustration. I briefly joined the agency that rhymes with what you hit when playing badminton in 2019 when I knew very little about stock. After about 3 months I had joined Alamy and two months after that chose to leave the microstock agency, wanting to support an agency that remunerated contributors better and get away from micro prices. I respected the view that just a few cents for an image is not valuing photographers and also leads to the dragging down of the whole industry. I can only think that this is what Alamy believes they have to do to compete now. I have not received one of these tiny licences yet, but it will be very depressing if and when it happens, all the more so for images that I put a lot of effort into, both in terms of capture and post-processing. All I can say is thank goodness I love photography, otherwise there would be no point at all. We can only hope that Alamy maintains a decent amount of higher licence fees, but I can't help but have a sense of foreboding about it. I will try to remain hopeful though 😕 

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  17. 33 minutes ago, sb photos said:

    My heyday for using filters was when I used to regularly shoot with my Toyo 45A tripod mounted. I still have 4 tripods, all were suited to different purposes. Last time I dusted one off was to assist shooting some local HS2 workings with a long lens last year. My filters could get more use if I shot shot specifically for POD, but it would be very time consuming for potentially limited return.


    I had never heard of the Toyo 45A so I just googled it and it looks like a very interesting piece of camera equipment. I then came across this article https://www.alexburkephoto.com/blog/2018/2/13/choosing-a-4x5-camera-and-lenses which mentions a recent growth in interest in large format film cameras. It is like another whole craft in itself. The article has some nice sample images.


    I think because I learned photography on a film camera, that might be why I am still inclined towards using filters in-camera now. I agree that images with filters may be best oriented towards POD sites, though two of my images licensed so far with Alamy were taken with an ND grad. I enjoy doing it so will keep on it with it. I go into a kind of meditation with landscape photography where I just feel at one with what I'm doing, so I don't mind the extra set-up with filters as it is all kind of automatic for me now.





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  18. 28 minutes ago, David Pimborough said:

    I broke my favourite tea mug today I had it for 20 years :(


    It is always sad when a cherished item breaks 😢 . I hope you can find another tea mug to replace it. I have a favourite tea mug and it is funny how all the other mugs simply aren't the same. You will have to find one that you can bond with.


    Years ago I was telling my housemate how much I loved my mop bucket, that it was the favourite one I'd owned, had an ergonomic handle etc etc. He then said, "I can just see you and your mop bucket watching the sunset together" 😂  

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  19. 9 hours ago, sb photos said:

    I still use ND grads, soft and hard, does anyone else?


    I still use a soft ND grad filter and sometimes a circular polarising filter. I use the ND grad filter regularly with landscapes, mostly on a tripod in lower light conditions when I am both wanting to slow the exposure down (especially where water is involved) and to even out the exposure between sky and ground/foreground. A few years ago someone I know who is a professional wedding photographer said, "that is so old school" when she found out I was using in-camera filters. This had never occurred to me before, but perhaps it is much more common now for people to do this in LR or other software.


    I sometimes have also used the ND grad when hand-holding in brighter light as well, just to even out the exposure. While I haven't used the circular polariser in a while, I have generally used it in the past for giving an image more 'pop' and reducing reflection. I quite like using the polariser in forests and woodlands where it brings out the greens and browns and it can also be helpful to slow the water down of streams/waterfalls in those environments. It can also enable a view through streams to the rocks below which can be a nice effect if there are pebbles or interesting rocks in a stream. Other times you want the reflection off the water and that is were I won't use the polariser.


    One thing I like about using filters in-camera is you can immediately see the results of the exposure rather than working it out later in post processing. Sometimes vignetting is an issue with filters on wide angle lenses but that is easy to remove in post.

  20. 3 minutes ago, Colblimp said:

    Thanks, Sally.  I'm absolutely wasted.  I'm just doing office work today, will be back out taking pics tomorrow.

    Good on you Andy. So great to have that flexibility working for yourself to have a quieter day when you need it, recharge and then get back out there.

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  21. 1 hour ago, Colblimp said:

    Worked a night shift last night and got some rather dramtic pics.  It was well worth it as I got a hit.  Here's some of my faves.




    Wow, fantastic images Andy! With night shifts and early sunrise photography you must be running low on sleep!

  22. Australian Geographic 8 April 2021


    Bumphead parrotfish (Bolbometopon muricatum), Mermaid Reef, Rowley Shoals, Western Australia

    Contributor: Suzanne Long / Alamy Stock Photo

    Image ID: AR7AJN

    Bumphead parrotfish (Bolbometopon muricatum), Mermaid Reef, Rowley Shoals, Western Australia Stock Photo


    Edit: Just found two more from the same publication for 6 April...



    Yellow-streaked Lory Chalcopsitta sintillata, Psittacidae, Papua New Guinea

    Contributor: Roberto Nistri / Alamy Stock Photo

    Image ID: BX0XFR

    Yellow-streaked Lory Chalcopsitta sintillata, Psittacidae, Papua New Guinea Stock Photo



    Greater glider (Petauroides volans), light phase. Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

    Contributor: Auscape International Pty Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo

    Image ID: H3EJCA

    Photographer: Jean-Paul Ferrero/AUSCAPE

    Greater glider (Petauroides volans), light phase. Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve, Australian Capital Territory, Australia Stock Photo

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