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  1. That's a good point re: licence fees. Even though my sales rate is definitely going up now, if the fees are small and keep decreasing, would I still get to $250 after a year? I've just had my 15th licence and all except two so far have been under $20, the lowest being $3. I was initially thinking I could get to $250 if I stayed but the more I think about it, it is quite possible that I wouldn't. It would be depressing to go down to only 20% on silver, but apparently once you reach $250 you go back into gold. As for sales reported after the current contract end date is reached, I wo
  2. Be careful up there Mr Standfast! Hedgehogs are only small 🦔 You don't want to get blown off and end up in traffic. The hedgehog instinct to roll into a ball might make for a safer landing, but may not suffice as protection once the traffic gets rolling!
  3. Wandoo woodland in the Perth hills. Wandoo is a species of eucalyptus tree with pale bark. This was shortly before sunset so they had a kind of warm glow about them. Low $$ for presentation or newsletters.
  4. I agree Ed. A possible alternative could be that the staff have a smart phone or tablet themselves giving them the option of letting the customer order by talking to them but they do the inputting into the app to get the order through. If the customer does have a smart phone they could read the menu on it but not have to go through the laborious process of ordering one thing at a time on it. Or, the staff could come to the table with a small chalk board to show the customer, let them know the daily specials etc, or make sure there are good chalk board displays at the counter if tha
  5. Well, the funny thing is, a nice couple who have been rehabilitating birds for decades in NZ have opened a detox centre for kereru at their wildlife rehab place. A story ran on a NZ news channel about it https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-zealand/wed-better-open-up-brewery-jokes-veteran-rescuer-drunk-kerer-numbers-soar
  6. Fantastic image Carol! I remember seeing a goatfish for the first time when snorkelling at Rottnest Island as a teenager. I had no idea they existed so I found seeing a fish with a goatee fascinating. An image like this one are great illustrations for anyone learning about marine biology and fish behaviour.
  7. Yes, Ed, we're itching to know now what it's about. My mind is running through various scenarios trying to imagine things happening in a restaurant involving apps 🤔
  8. I love these John! They have a distinctive style. I like the mix of colours too. I also like the little details such as the tree shadow on the white wall in the last one. The rough textured paper really works and adds to a kind of rustic feel. I am no good at drawing or painting so I admire anyone who can see a scene and recreate it.
  9. I've never been much of drinker (and not at all now), but the few times I've been sozzled involved beverages with fruit juices. One involved some sort of purple fruit from Africa, and I remember hearing myself say things but having no control over what I was saying. I visited New Zealand in 2018, and they have a large pigeon there called the Kereru that is known for getting drunk on fermented fruit. I got to see some though none were drunk at the time. They are loveable, plump birds. This is a video of some drunk ones: https://www.theguardian.com/global/video/2018/oct/15/inebr
  10. Nature 11 June 2021 https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-021-01562-2 aerial photograph Salt Lake City, Utah Contributor: Aerial Archives / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: D26D5P Carbon Brief 3 June 2021 https://www.carbonbrief.org/cooling-effect-of-clouds-underestimated-by-climate-models-says-new-study Blue sky with clouds Contributor: John Sirlin / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: HG60GT
  11. I have been with Alamy for 20 months and in that time I have had 14 sales for $234 gross from 735 images. 8 of those have been this year which means I am now hitting at least one sale a month. If I were to continue with my previous rate of uploads I'm reasonably confident I would remain in the Gold category and slowly grow sales. But with the commission change and falling licence fees it would mean dedicating more and more of my time to Alamy at the expense of time and energy spent elsewhere. So the contract change has forced me to actively decide that changing direction is a good
  12. It is winter here now and in the Perth Hills that means the streams start to flow again and it is a lovely time for walks up there. This is a photo I took of Piesse Brook in the hills late in the day a few winters ago.
  13. I actually wonder if the bee was drunk 😂 It seems to have half fallen asleep while feeding on nectar with its arms just managing to hold itself up while it has fallen on its behind 🤣 I've actually seen bees drunk on nectar before, unable to fly straight and trying to land on a flower but keep kind of missing and then rolling off it. I was curious if there was a video of this phenomenon and just found this one of drunk bees in slow motion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSqknjdKJ3c
  14. Thanks Gen! it looks like a great area for seascapes and lovely towns as well.
  15. I think what has happened is the cumulative psychological effect of unpredictability and uncertainty. The commission change was upsetting for people, especially after an assurance a few months earlier that there was no intention for one (at least then). Added to that, many people this year have reported receiving micro size licenses for just a few cents each for the first time. That also created an uneasy feeling and continued for some time without an explanation from Alamy as to what seemed to possibly be a change to the licensing model. Then with the way the new contract was displayed with t
  16. Aww, thanks Betty, I will miss you too! I am feeling so sad now and going to miss people 😢 I'd really like to stay for the forum community, but in other ways it seems logical for me to follow my intuition down other paths. I agree this is a great forum with some great people with delightful senses of humour, kind hearts and extensive photographic knowledge that is generously shared.
  17. Spectacular image Gen! That section of the NSW coast I have long wanted to visit. I will keep it in mind, along with Minnamurra, if I get there one day. I'm glad you didn't experience attack number four there. It's a very unpleasant feeling until you know for sure the person is safe. I sometimes wonder about myself going off or returning in the dark before sunrise and after sunset. So far no bad experiences. In fact, I often meet friendly people out walking at dawn, often with their dog. This morning I did go out at dawn to Lake Gwelup, one of a number of lakes stringed along the coastal plain
  18. I absolutely love it too! Sometimes it is like you are the only person in the world and, yes, it's like the senses are really alive. 10 years ago on the southwest coast I got up before dawn in winter and went to Sugarloaf Rock. No signs of any people or cars driving out there, just a group of Wood Ducks who I stopped for so they could cross the road. Once there I climbed down a steep hill for a good vantage point thinking I am the only person there. I'm setting up my tripod in the dark when I realise there is another photographer about 30 metres to the side of me doing the same thing. That's h
  19. That's beautiful Gen! I think you would have a pretty meaningful collection of images. As far as Australia goes, you might have one of the best collections from right around the continent and from the most diverse and remote places. And the fantastic thing is you are getting out there and enjoying everyday and making the most of it, which is an inspiration to us all! Speaking of which, I think I am going to set my alarm tomorrow morning for some dawn photography with the usual decision to be made - birds or landscape? I'm leaning towards landscape as the forecast indicates slight chance of a s
  20. Hope you feel better soon Ed! I think once the furore over the new contract dies down you will be able to go back to your usual stock photography with greater energy and enthusiasm again. The whole thing has indeed been a bit draining. Much of the worry has been over the liability side of the contract, and that seems to be at least partially resolved in the sense that the changes suggest contributors are not under the level of risk they thought they might be. As for the commission, you can just ignore it if you are not dependent on it, and just keep enjoying getting out to do photography. Give
  21. Thanks Steve. I also tried to click on the link to the guidelines but as I'm not on Facebook I could go no further as the next prompt was to log into Facebook. I still forwarded it for anyone who is on FB and wants to investigate further. As for the GrainCorp link, it takes me to a page that says the webpage has moved. Just now I clicked on a link on that page which took me to the main GrainCorp website and then I went to a link for silo art ( https://www.graincorp.com.au/silo-art/ ) and then their was a pdf on guidelines for commercial use of images of silo art here (but don't know if you can
  22. I hope I didn't lead you to delete anything unnecessarily! It is often difficult to tell, as there are often grey areas. I had one image with grain silos in the background that have a mural on them. This is one I included asking Alamy to delete if they can, but my images will all be down soon anyway. I have another one with the same silos but so far away in the distance that I don't think it matters. I had a look at an Australian photography RF site and they have plenty of silos, but notably none with murals on them, so that probably tells a story in itself. The thing is, it is oft
  23. I really don't know for sure whether sculptures 'in context' would be ok commercially in at least some cases, such as where it is not prominent in the frame. I've followed Alamy's advice to not have sculptures more than one third of the frame and made them editorial only. It is something the Arts Law Centre of Australia could probably give you advice on from their perspective. I'm also not sure how the place/country of publication affects all this as well. I would need to read up on copyright law. Yes, it is sad about the wonderful silo art. It seems to be a contentious area, with
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