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  1. Good point Bryan. Thank you. Yes it seems to be a balance between creating an impact that is visible and appealing on a thumbnail, but not cropping too tightly. I can see it would vary on a case by case basis too, depending on the subject matter, if copy space might be appropriate etc...
  2. Thank you. I've just joined as a contributor and so I'm really happy to know that Alamy are supporting these initiatives and research.
  3. Thanks Joseph, I don't think you're a fuddy-duddy! Yes hopefully most people will not be buying on their phone. It makes sense if purchasing photographs that you really want to see them properly before purchasing. Perhaps a few marketing or advertising people in a rush to meet a deadline might do it, especially if they are only looking for something small that they don't need to be high res. But yes minimal cropping seems like a good idea.
  4. Thanks Paulette. Yes I will keep this in mind for all future submissions. I just looked at some of your great animal pics! I've got a bunch of bird photos I'll upload soon, so I will make sure bits of them don't get chopped off! Cheers, Sally
  5. Hi Alamy Discussion Forum, It's nice to be here and have just joined and started to upload to Alamy. It seems like a positive and constructive forum community which is great, and Alamy seem like a good stock agency to be contributing to. Just wanted to say hi, and also have a question that's just come up for me... I noticed today that one of my recent pics is clipped in the thumbnail view. It is of a West Australian wildflower called Purple Flag. On my desktop computer it is slightly clipped, but on my phone it is more clipped so that part of the flower is cut off. If I zoom and enlarge the image on my desktop it is in the dimensions I cropped it. If I do the same on my phone the flower is no longer cut off but there is still clipping of the image. Another image which is a square crop, is fine on the desktop thumbnail but clipped on my phone thumbnail. I am wondering whether it is always best to crop to standardised sizes, such as the original image dimensions or 16 x 9, in order to avoid clipping in displays? Is this what others do with their images? And I guess also leaving sufficient space around the main subject is a good idea to avoid the edges being clipped off? I guess my main concern is that a potential buyer looking at a thumbnail, especially if part of the main subject is cut off, may not want to purchase the image. I did find a previous discussion thread on this topic from 2016, so it seems clipping can be an issue. Just wondering if anyone has tips about best way to crop to avoid clipping? Cheers, Sally
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