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  1. Well done for achieving this beautiful shot Alan, despite mosquitoes! It does indeed look like the kingfisher is perched on a fishing rod. I've read of some wildlife photographers spending hours partially submerged in lakes to get a low angle photo of a water bird. There is a bird photographer here in Australia, Duade Paton, who has started posting his bird photography tips online. In case it is of interest, this is the page with his images: https://www.photos.duadepaton.com/ ...and this is a page with his photography tips: https://www.duadepaton.com/ I've only watched one of his videos so far which is this one which I thought of looking at your kingfisher on a stick: https://www.duadepaton.com/bird-photography-using-water-to-attract-birds-in-the-field-vlog-1/
  2. I'm guessing Ed you mean the white-necked heron I posted. Yes it looks unusual and that it should be in the Guinness Book of Records for bird with longest neck! I'm glad you at least have some beautiful nature in the form of antipasti πŸ˜‚
  3. Wow that's a nice close-up. I like the sort of coral red colour.
  4. I have a Nikon D5200 but I am yet to investigate options for additional lighting. It's one thing on my long list of photography to-do things! Yes there are a lot of creative ways to make things work!
  5. Guardian Australia online: Top tax return tips for Australians who worked from home during coronavirus https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2020/jul/01/top-tax-return-tips-to-help-you-through-the-end-of-the-australian-financial-year Closeup of accountant counting on calculator and working with table Contributor: Cuomo Mauro / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: PXX5PR The Times: World Meteorological Organisation records world’s longest lightning flash in southern Brazil https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/world-meteorological-organisation-records-world-s-longest-lightning-flash-in-southern-brazil-lvq6xf590 (Couldn't get more info on this one).
  6. Yes I googled enchanter as I hadn't heard of it before and could see that they mostly seem to be white, but I also saw an illustration of it with the same colour you have there. Flashes of various kinds seem to really help with close-up photography. You can keep the shutter speed up while also having enough depth of field to keep everything in focus. One day I might get one of those fancy ring flashes for macro. I've been relying on the bright sunlight here to provide enough light, but in a forest or a cloudy day illumination options come in very handy!
  7. No worries Jansos. I'm glad the article Michael sent is helpful, along with me weighing up the pros and cons πŸ€”. I'm leaning towards one of the older models at the moment now. I'll also wait to see when they are on sale again. It's great to hear that you are pleased with the results of the RX100 as a day to day pocket camera πŸ™‚
  8. Thanks Space Cadet! I like the enchanter's nightshade, including the way the light picks up the hairs all along the stems. It's amazing when you look really closely at things and see what is actually there. It looks like a delicate plant. Glad the custom lens adaptor is holding up πŸ‘
  9. This is a Fairy Tern chick I photographed early last year. He or she was almost fully grown, so no longer a ball of fluff but not quite in adult plumage.
  10. Great choices Colin! I think I'm going to have to wait a day or so before I vote because I can't decide yet.
  11. πŸ˜‚ That is serious gull information, especially the complicated 'errata' section. While I love birds, I'm not quite that obsessive! You have made me think of a bluegrass song and album by Steve Martin called Rare Bird Alert. Apparently rare bird alerts are when someone sees a very rare bird, they quickly inform all other birders within their network exactly what bird they have just seen, giving precise details of time and location. I can't help thinking that the poor, rare red-spotted thingamabob was quietly going about its business, and all of a sudden hundreds of birders are descending upon the location, scaring off the very bird they are so interested in. Anyway, Steve Martin created a bluegrass album named after this phenomenon. For anyone into banjo and bluegrass, this is the title track:
  12. Many thanks Betty. That's very helpful. It would be my secondary camera as well, so in that regard it doesn't have to be able to do everything. It does seem like a fun camera too. We have some good cycle paths around the river and along the ocean here, and I love the idea of having something small and easy like this that's easy to carry should I see something interesting. I already have lenses specialised for different things with my DSLR, but feel the Sony would be an ultra-portable addition that would fill the gap of doing photography when a DSLR is not convenient. I imagine it will do well outdoors, but that as you point out, noise can be a problem in less bright surroundings so I will need to deal with that in post-processing. I will keep thinking about the fastness vs reach issue, and which choice will suit best what I'd like to do with the camera.
  13. Hi Ed, just saw this picture of yours of a Herring Gull and realised they are like the Pacific Gulls we get here in Australia, except ours have yellow legs and much darker back feathers. You rarely see them in Perth, but see them more commonly to the south. Unlike the Silver Gulls which are the most numerous here, our Pacific Gulls sound more like your Herring Gulls, not aggressive and with a kind of nobility about them. I've put up one pic on Alamy of one I saw in southern Tasmania:
  14. Thanks Ed, yes had another look at the data MDM sent. Version 6 may be a good option. There are end of financial year sales here on cameras at the moment that end in a couple of days, and that was adding to my sense of urgency in making a decision. However, I've decided to wait for a bit to think it through more, rather than rushing into deciding. It will probably be better to do so too when I have a bit more money. I do really love the idea of this little camera and can see myself getting one sometime in the next 6 months. Yes Western Australia is truly vast, and all the forms of transport you mention, along with Mr Standfast's idea of a hovercraft, would be great travel options πŸ˜€. All our family holidays when I was a kid were to towns in WA, so I got used to long hours of car travel back then. However, I prefer driving shorter distances at a time myself now, preferably no more than 3-4 hours in a day. I also want to stop all the time and take photos! It would be great if you got some opportunities to head out into Village England. I wonder if there are opportunities by bus, but I guess still important at the moment to think about where best to go based on what is happening with Covid-19. I saw a story on the news last night showing the beaches packed in the UK!
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