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  1. Australian Geographic 23 February 2021 https://www.australiangeographic.com.au/travel/2021/02/find-your-freedom-in-australias-coastal-wilderness/ White Bank (also called Seal Island) is home to a family of Australian Sea Lions in the Easter group of the Houtman Abrolhos. The Houtman Abrolhos isl Contributor: stewart allen / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: RYJ46E Houtman Abrolhos Islands, Western Australia Contributor: Bill Bachman / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: BG9WAH Sunset on the coast of Cape Range National Park in Western Au
  2. Thank you Space Cadet. We do all indeed need a laugh! I think this was a young one. I photographed this one on the south coast, but we get kookaburras up here in Perth too, often cackling away at dawn or dusk.
  3. Thank you John. I have watched one of his tutorials already when I was looking at perspective corrections, and his was the one I followed as it was easy to understand and as you say a calm presentation. I'll definitely be looking at more of his tutorials.
  4. Australian Geographic 5 March 2021 https://www.australiangeographic.com.au/topics/science-environment/2021/03/we-have-an-antidote-for-box-jellyfish-stings-but-it-comes-down-to-the-blinding-speed-of-the-venom/ Marine Stinger or Sea Wasp (Carybdea marsupialis), highly venomous, dangerous jellyfish, Kapstadt, South Africa Contributor: Helmut Corneli / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: MBFM7F
  5. Thanks for the tips Miz Brown. Viewpoint from DXO sounds good. I've got a few of those wide angle images with a person on the edge of the frame stretched out as if they are in a crazy mirror.
  6. What I have found in Affinity video tutorials John is that several different people may approach the same task differently to essentially get the same result. I've tended to just persist until I find a video that makes the most sense to me and is the simplest version of how to do something before going onto anything more complicated. For example, I'm quite competent now doing straight forward perspective corrections, but with images with more complex distortion issues I'm still figuring out the best way to handle them. I'm going to have to watch some more videos for these issues.
  7. Ah, thank you Michael! That makes sense. The terms bilinear and bicubic etc were a bit confusing to me.
  8. Thanks so much Tony about the owl picture! Yes, there are so many options in Affinity. I know what you mean about having the time to learn everything. I think I have to just take one step at a time, learning task by task. I think once you have learned how to do something everything speeds up, but the initial learning can be a slow process. All the best with it and happy to share knowledge on it at anytime. And yes, it is nearing the end of the day here, coming up to 8:20pm Perth time.
  9. Thanks Mark. When they talk about shrinking and enlarging images, I am not sure if they are meaning going from a more detailed file to a less detailed one, such as TIFF or RAW to JPEG and vice versa, or exactly what they mean? The bilinear option seems to have worked fine and produced good JPEGS anyway. It also showed as the default option on an Affinity tutorial I watched on exporting. So maybe I'll just stick with that for now but research a bit further as well to confirm.
  10. I love all these images. It was hard to pick just one to vote for. Well done to the finalists!
  11. Hello Affinty Photo users. I've just started using Affinity Photo which I like so far. I've been using it for perspective correction (I will be using it for other purposes too but not up to that yet). I just went to export my first JPEG from a TIFF file to which I have applied perspective correction. Several options appear for the kind of resampling to be used. The one for Bilinear resampling was already ticked and the quality option already showed as Best Quality. The options that appear for resampling are: Resampling methods The following resample set
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