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  1. Um, thanks for the answer but the code continues to be wrong for me ...: D. It doesn't matter, I'll see how to look for something with cherry and see if any inconsistencies come up ... Thank you again the new code returns the photo to me at this address https://www.alamy.com/colorful-architecture-of-douglas-douglas-isle-of-man-image220825987
  2. Actually here she explains that the photos appear in the order in which they are most congruent with the search or have had a sale. And that would be ok, but in my case (will it be a coincidence?) The photo that appears third (the one that makes her say I am the third best contributor for that keyword) is not the most congruent and has never been sold. On the final pages of the search there are photos that have more congruence and have also been sold. But maybe it's me who doesn't understand what she wants to tell me. In this case could you explain me better? Thanks
  3. Thanks for your intervention. This consideration on Alamy's way of exhibiting is interesting. Very interesting. What I don't understand is that the last part of your speech does not correspond to reality. The third photo that comes out in the Alamy search, my photo, has never been sold and has not even appeared in the searches (this by reading the daily reports that Alamy makes available to us). On the contrary, photos that are in the last pages have been sold or, as already written, have been viewed and zoomed in. And it is certainly not the one that has the
  4. Thank you Harry Harrison for taking the time to answer my question, I am very honored. Like everyone here, I'm certainly trying to understand how you can improve your positioning within a search on Alamy. It is important because if you are, like in any search engine, let's say in the first three pages the probability of selling an image related to a search is much more probable. So any advice is always welcome. As I have already written, I always try to write a title, a description of the photo, including the keywords that I think are correct and mark the supert
  5. First I would like to thank you, Joseph Clemson, and Harry Harrison for taking the time to answer my question. Thanks, thanks and thanks again. I understand what you mean and normally I try to be as close as possible both in description and as a tag to the subject. Trying to imagine how a possible buyer could search for my photo. I know I should probably do it backwards or figure out if a buyer might be interested in my photo given a particular keyword. Actually my photo rating and comment system is working in searches. I normally have between 80 and 120 searches highli
  6. Hi everyone, I'm Guido Paradisi and I'm a contributor to Alamy. This afternoon I was looking for a photograph that I'm sure I have on Alamy and I put the keyword in the Alamy search. The key word is Majella. To my surprise in the first pages my photographs are there but they are very few. This up to page 16. From here on and up to page 19 (the last in my view) are all mine. On 4 pages there will be maybe a dozen photos of other contributors. Nice, if it were not that they are at the end of the search and therefore no one will ever see them. Mind you, mine is not a complaint. R
  7. Thanks Ed, I'm really glad they're acceptable. Thank you very much.
  8. Hi, it was also a shock for me to see these sales on Alamy in cents. Even more shocking are the responses of Alamy about this situation which is not at all in favor of Alamy (why would a buyer buy more images at acceptable cost if they are given away at cents?) Or of us contributors. Even worse is the fact that the option can only be removed in April and I sold in May at that amount so I was already out of the possibility to change. I was hoping, like others, that this new scheme would bring new sales and pull - at least - the rating a little higher ... at least that, and instead noth
  9. Thanks Paulette, I'm glad you like them .. thanks for the welcome: D
  10. Hi, I'm Guido and I've been an Alamy member since 2018 (end of 2018). I publish my photos here, and in another agency I do not have the same shots, I have the exclusivity on both) because I believe that it is one of the few platforms to give an almost fair compensation (it is obvious that I would like to have more) to photographer. I write and shoot from Italy, I am mainly a travel and landscape photographer; I do not disdain to photograph and publish, if it is correct to do so, every type of image that passes under my hand. Thanks for reading me. Guido Paradisi
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