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  1. Um..Thank-you:) Yes, I knew that.. I'm sorry, I guess I should have been more specific... I have submitted a few sets of 3 photos in the past, and some of those photos would have been accepted but for the "all three photos must pass" rule. I'm trying to re-submit 2 photos, along with a 3rd, new photo. Hmm... just thought of .... Maybe my laptop is doing something funky? Probably not - most likely its operator error... lol..
  2. No..:) I know what that's all about... I thought I had the 3 photos...batched, so to speak, but only the one loaded.
  3. Yeeaah…:) Kind of.. I uploaded the same photo twice - I couldn't figure out how to delete them, though. So I'll go to Image manager & delete them, then upload the trio again... Wish me luck..lol..& thank-you..
  4. Hello All:) Over the past few days of trying to manoeuvre around the Alamy site, I've done a reasonable imitation of Daffy Duck...who would have probably thrown his laptop out the window in a fit of grand annoyance, with steam coming out of his ears!:) Prior to all of that I read everything available on how to get around the site, submit photos, etc.. Nobody likes to look stupid, or like they haven't done their homework; for some reason, I'm finding it difficult to move around Alamy's site. A few minutes ago, I tried submitting another 3 photos that were rejected because of the
  5. Hello Everyone:) This is a repeat of a question I posted this last Saturday... How many times does one have to submit 3 photos to be approved by Alamy Quality Control? I have the email from Alamy, sent to me on August 22nd approving my 3 photos & welcoming me to Alamy - I took that to mean that I'd passed the test. But maybe not...? I've looked through the site & have not found any info - I will be the first to admit I might have overlooked something though:) Any info on this would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Elizabeth - aka tinyninjacat
  6. Hey everyone:) Maybe I missed something... How many times does a person have to "submit 3 photos.."? My photos passed QC on August 22nd, & I just had to do it again.. Sssso…?
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