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  1. True! One thing I do realize. Is that Alamy has less restrictions then others. Because why do I need a press pass for every sporting event? I am either invited, I can photo shoot and contribute 10 photos back, I can photo shoot and sell photos directly, or I am a hired photographer. I never signed or had to ask for a press release form to get rights to sell. That makes no sense. That sounds like to me that photos on SS are being sold as commercial still. I uploaded photos to a demo derby event which I was invited out to and told I can sell photos. Than SS denied all of them???? Sent me information about needing press pass for editorial use??? I would need the press outlet I am working for, need the organization to sign a press release to allow photos to be used as editorial, have main organizer head sign a waiver for allowing me to photo shoot the event. I would need forms or Emails stating all of that. WTH??? Even when I freelance on my own at times as my own photojournalist. I still need all of that. So certain events I will upload onto Alamy still and make them exclusive butt with other stuff. They will not be Exclusive.
  2. Odd thing is, that they are being downloaded on other stock sites. I have nothing against Alamy, I am just pointing out facts. When search around on the net, all I see is shutterstock or other stock sites being mentioned or used. On social media when stock sites are being marketed and advertised all I see is shutterstock. When I search on youtube for videos, not many or hardly any videos about or experience or sellings with Alamy. More with the other sites. When I search on google for experiences all I see is the other sites being talked about even with google images. People are posting their sale results. So I just don't know if Alamy is being marketed as much as it is in the USA. I seen users on here from other countries have better results than those in the USA. On other stock sites I see it is better here in the USA then in other countries. Again I am not trying to tare down Alamy, I am just pointing out what I see. Also based on google's information about Alamy: " Alamy is a British privately owned stock photography agency launched in 1999. Its headquarters are in Milton Park, near Abingdon, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom" and SS is in the US. So I am just stating that just maybe, SS has a better lead in the US than alamy does which is why some have not heard of it or have found use of it. Also if I have not stated this before, when I worked with a design team in my state of Wisconsin for websites and graphic design. We used SS and bigstock sometimes getty but not always and few times with adobe stock. So Again, what I shoot and tag may not be the relevant to customers with Alamy. I am not going to remove my photos, I will fix them from time to time. But I just don't see the effectiveness in the USA. Most users on here are in the European countries. Thus Alamy has better exposure there then in the USA. Also for people that state about the News networks. As I have stated before. Most news networks have their own photographers and videographers. USA Today Network who I freelance from time to time with, which I 100% know they only use photos from their own photographers because well... they are being paid to either freelance or work directly with them. We do go under background checks, we don't just accept any photo from anyone off the street. That is policy. Again I don't dislike Alamy but there has to be a understanding between what I shoot and what is considered as editorial worthy. I can shoot bugs and insects and make great tags, But that doesn't mean the customers on Alamy are looking for that. If I posted about the flood last year on here. I don't really expect that to sell that well but when I did put them on SS and getty every news outlet picked them up. Yes my photos were on Wisconsin TV news networks. It is just a give and take. I may have to wait for some time. So be it, I make money in other means than I here. I am just trying to make some cash from all the photos in my cache on my HDs. So don't worry I am not leaving, I am just not waiting forever. Time is money.
  3. I am not getting no zooms just views. My stuff does show up on Alamy and on google search which is how the organizers found my SS photos even though I sent them my smugmug site. But they told me they didn't receive the email which I could have made more but they brought them off of Shutter stock. Which has me questioning, do people want to pay a decent price or the very bare minimum? Either way, as I said. I am going to fix my photos on here and hope to get some sales. But will not make any of my photos exclusive anymore to Alamy. I am not sure if what I shoot is actually interesting or editorial worthy. I say that because most of my sport action photos of stock car, dirt bike, and ATV racing. They rather purchase directly then from a stock site or ask for contributing photos. I know this because I am apart of AMA, UMA, IRA motorsport networks. So I just don't know if other editors are finding my stuff interesting. It is just the stuff I mainly photo shoot other than events. I know Alamy pays out way more but again I just feel that what I shoot is not worthy for the editors that are connected with Alamy.
  4. That is just to much wasted energy and time which I don't have all the time. I don't want to stir things up but I have to be honest. I uploaded photos of a parade on Shutterstock. They all got sold. I made $300 all of it was editorial use with extended license agreement. I don't know if enough people in media design or outlets or businesses know that much about Alamy or using Alamy. I may have started out wrong on here and I still need to fix things but I have no CTRs but views. I have been changing things and still nothing. So I am just tired of continually trying when things are not happening. Alamy may work for some but not for many. To much is going on here, to much is moving around. Alamy is not so widely known in the design world maybe more in other countries and editorial is not being noticed as much on here either. What I have came to learn from people who are successful, they majority of people in European countries. I will keep the photos I have on here and fix them from time to time. But they will not be exclusive anymore. I been using L.A. Photography pseudo and still nothing. If I upload the same photos on here what I have uploaded on Shutterstock and I get more sells from them than on here. Then something is going wrong. Either I or like I said not widely known in the design field, that is how I see it. Thank everyone for all your help.
  5. Yes I do need to remove some of the similarities. I am a avid photographer. I have 2 Sony a9s one with 70-200 f2.8 and 100-400 f4.5-5.6. I also have Sony A7R3 with 24-105 f4 and Sony RX10M4 for back up. I want to get the Sony 400mm at f2.8 or wait for the e-mount of 300mm. Either way I am nearly set on what I need for photo equipment.
  6. Maybe I shouldn't upload so many in one day term. But photography is all I do. In a month I shoot nearly 10,000 photos. Events, land scape, sports, some photojournalism, and private stuff. I am trying to sell off certain stuff to make extra cash. That is what I am trying to do. I am not in competition with anyone. I just want to make some money.
  7. Is it me or is everyone else is having this issue? I have photos in QC since Friday morning and they still have not be through QC yet. Why is there such a long wait? Last couple weeks photos from Friday pass on Monday Morning. Now it is going into Tuesday and they have not been okay yet.
  8. Yeah I am going to less worry about that and more worry about content in the image that needs tagging. Before I missed read your comment and had to edit it. But I am going to try to follow the standards everyone is doing. What and/or who then where so the search results come back to the first part and focus on tagging words that are of the image.
  9. I will look more into this, Thank for the tip! I went back to those that made great sales last month. I found not many use the entire 50 tags usually 15-30. Since many of you see this as the more effective way to conduct the work on here, perhaps that discovery bar trying to make it solid green should be removed then if it is misdirecting new users. Not having that green states poor to good discovery. Is this all true? Does that bar actually state the actual discovery of the images? I also see that many of you have stated. That I shouldn't have where and when first but have what and who first then where in the captions. I have seen many images from others and that looks like how everyone is conducting themselves.
  10. I would probably do, is use the generator to get a starting point. Delete the ones I don't want to use and add in the ones that point on the content in the photo. I think that would be the more appropriate approach.
  11. That is what I was thinking, if 50 keywords is not really needed. Than I'll do what is most relevant to the content of the photo.
  12. Hello everyone, I been reading and doing what I can to fix my issues with my photos. I been trying to take in what everyone keeps repeating to me. But I do have some serious Questions. First I want to say before anyone goes through my portfolio, please do understand that I am slowly correcting everything. I do freelance 24/7 and getting to my Alamy portfolio is not so always easy when I am going here and there and taking photos and editing them very little and sending them to my clients. So I am doing all I can be patient. Now I have been correcting my captions, detailing what, who and where of the image content. I have applied for live news. What I am going through in my head is that when I search on Alamy taking on the sense I am a buyer for a website, maginize, or any editorial use. When I do a search I want to find something very specific, not say cute girl, cool boy, big dog little cat, blue car so on so forth. That would give me 1,000 to 10,000 images which no one is going to sit there and go through all those images. I wouldn't and I don't think any sane human would. So they would be specific with their search, who in the photo, what is going on and when it was. If it is very vague or they may be interested in the rest of the photos from the point of time of the photo meaning having other shots of what is going on in the photo buyers would probably more likely search just for that. Like a fair in the county the had a famous band come to play but wanted to search for other shots of the fair and hoping they do find some. So my question is, are buyers are more interested in a detail description or just a very vague one? I know many of you state that my keywords are not good and they do not pertain to the content in the image. Yes I do use a keyword generator which scans the image and creates based on image. I do batch them with other images when it is an event. But I have been adding certain keywords that do pertain to the content in the image. I am slowly going through my old uploads and doing that. But my question is this, how effective is the keywords over caption? Are the buys going off of keywords which will lead them to go through 100s to 1,000s of photos to find the right one or are they going more off of caption of the photo? Also is everyone using all 50 keywords and Super keywords? I have seen other's photos and looks like on some photos they not all 50 are being used. Do the optimization matter when submitting the images? How does keywords effect ranking of images when searching based on content of the photo? Like for instance, Road Trip the band which is being processed still. Will my images show up based on Rock band or Road trip band? Also will location and event they were at matter? If I have captions state location, who is and what is going on and my keywords are off based a bit how does that effect the search results when buyers search? Again if a buy is looking for specific band, event or something that is happening in the photo. Animal, event, action sport, whatever is going on. The caption should state that which would limit the search results down. I am just really trying to figure all this out and why some are making 100s to 1,000s on here. When I am trying to do everyone else is doing. I am trying to make all of this work. Also I am not getting any CTR more views than anything. So that is why I wonder, are buyers looking for certain photos of who, where, and what is going on in the photo or is it just a vague results and hope to for the best out of the 100 to 1,000 photos your photos is the one picked. Again I am just trying to figure all of this out and do all of this the correct way.
  13. Again thank you, I am going slowly over my images and making changes. But it will take time. This is not the only thing I do. I freelance 24/7 for outlets, organizations and many groups in and out of Wisconsin. So I am trying to get to all my images. It will take time. I am placing the dates and location because it will give more deep description on where and when it the photo was taken. That is the only reason why I am doing it. Hope things change.
  14. I am not going to try to argue with anyone. There are some points made and need some correction. Since Alamy is mostly a photo editorial website, I just have to focus on doing things in that way. I have done editorial work before and still do time from time. I do see there are others I have came across that have a very and I do mean very huge photo collection. That I know of and they are independent photojournalist and how they placed headlines and tags is basically the same as I used to do it before I came on here. For the head line start with city, state and date and brief to strong description of what is going on in the image or batch of images. Add location and event information in the tags so that Alamy can archive the photos based on heading content and tags to location and event. That is how I am seeing all of this. If I am wrong please do correct me. But I saw from full time independent photojournalist that is how it is being conducted.
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