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  1. I have few more questions which I have been trying to figure out. Since there is mix information on the forums. I am trying to understand the difference and what one should be used for images. Rights managed or Royalty-Free. What is difference between the other? What gets more sells? What one is used for when there is buildings, people, logos and brands in the image? I just want to know a bit more about this because I couldn't really find a clear answer on the forums. Thanks again for all the help!
  2. Gee, I must need to watch my postings. It seems they can get into a mess lol. @Marianne I found you on Google and I'll email you there about any questions I do have. But can everyone fully agree that Alamy is mostly the only site that is editorial based? Also besides that other tips do you have any others like what to more focus on for stock and what would be great for stock use.I do see your portfolio is mixed between illustrations and photos. It is good to give customers a different sort of things. But what should I mostly focus on to get buys? If this is to much of a bad question to ask than I do apologize I will cease my discussion.
  3. WOW, such a heated topic lol. But I happy to see the response I am getting. I am new to Alamy, I am new to this forum and I am sort of new to stock photography. I appreciate each and everyone of you that have took the time to respond to my questions. Thank you. There is a lot to digues here. First I want to say I will try to watch what I say on these forums. I was just stressing my issues about how we creators are getting a very short end of the stick. Because how some of us travel a lot and and expect something that is decent but only earn the very low bare minimum makes this type of field seem to be very under appreciated. But yet, from youtube and blogs many are saying they are making about $300-500 on other sites when the commission is very low. So I am very confused at that point, which led me to here. A place that makes us feel more appreciate for our effort. So I hoping Alamy stays on the path of the business structure they have. Also I do deeply apologize for making such remarks about Alamy. I have read blogs and seen youtube videos that do talk down about this platform. I don't know if it were people that didn't like Alamy for some reason or members from the other stock sites doing rouch marketing by creating a scare to keep people away from sites like Alamy. It was just a question nothing more. I don't know what is true or not. But the obvious look at it is if Alamy was doing all those things people were saying than no one would be on this platform. So I have feeling it is people from the other sites that are trying to keep people away from sites like Alamy. Just my guess. @Marianne Thank you for being very in-depth with your response. I do appreciate that a lot. I have decided to follow you, is there a way we can PM each other? If not that is ok. Yes I am planning to move all my photos to here. Seem a much more respectful platform. Yes I tried to cheated my way to go through the photos after a long day when just stringing keywords. I fully understand where you are coming from so it would benefit the customer for use of the photo. The rest of your response if pretty much straight forward and I will look over the rest of the forum and CTR at a later time. I am hoping to make some what a living on here. But it is still stock and it all depends what is all needed and wanted. It isn't like showing up at a action sport event. Hand out cards and hope they will come find your work and buy your work. Some have but it has gone down because now young and new photographers rather give things away for free instead of selling them which makes it harder for everyone else. $20,000 of camera equipment just doesn't fall from the sky.
  4. It seems than I have some work to do then to pull them from this other sites. But I do have a question about 500px even though they don't sell the photos themselves, they send the over to Getty and this Asian stock site but there is a exclusive feature that have clicked on but no photos have been sent to the stock sites over a year now. I mostly use it has a portfolio now. But since I have done that. Will there be issues? I do apologize for bringing other stock sites into my response but I am just trying to this right.
  5. So you gain less with Exclusive? Meaning pay out.
  6. Hello Paulette, I have a question about exclusive. What does that fully mean about being exclusive to Alamy. Is it something that I only can upload my images to Alamy and no where else? Or is something that clients/customers are more able to find better Images when they are exclusive to Alamy? What are the pros and cons and differences. Also would I have to worry about legal issues?
  7. New here hoping to make some sales of my 40,000+ portfolio. I have to go through them all. I have most of my photos on my Smugmug backup site. Mostly sport action and Special events in the Wisconsin area.
  8. Hello, Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening to whomever is in different time zones. I am new to Alamy but I have been uploading to Alamy and hoping to make some sells than based on what I am not fully archiving with Shutter Stock or Adobe Stock. I been doing photo work for quite sometime. My Portfolio . Mostly sports but been doing different things here and there. My question is since each platform is different and each one is tricky. Like how SS sometimes allows certain photos I take on my travels like buildings and certain events then doesn't, same with Adobe Stock. I wish 500px would supply more of my photos to iStock and Getty as they are supposed to, even my landscape photos are not even being ported over. Only a small handful about a year and half ago when they did make the change adding iStock and Getty to their selling feature now nothing. Also 500px is weird at times because when a photo doesn't pass to be licensed but you upload it again and it does but the photo that follows the one that does get licensed it doesn't than even if it is landscape photos. So my Questions are since I have a ton of photos more than 10,000 about 40,000 and still adding more. I am hoping to reach about 100,000 before the end of the year. But my questions are. Do people make a decent living on this platform? If so how long and how many photos needed? I understand that a huge amount makes you more noticed. Also with release forms, do you really need a release form? Because honestly some of the landscape or travel photos which have no people or known building in the photos, Adobe and Shutter Stock still reject them??? Very odd. If it is a old run down farm or building with no ownership. The photo gets rejected. So I ask does that truly matter here??? I hope someone is able to answer these questions and I hope to work with some of you. I been seeing a lot of backlash about this platform. Which about Alamy steals photos and sells them without your consent to do so and no one makes money here even after a year. Also the commission has dropped big time and people are leaving because of it. So what is true or not? If any of that is true will this platform bottle up like SS and AS and only give people .25 or .33 cents for one sale??? Honestly that Subscription crap is BS. Because it hurts the creator in the effort of doing something worthy. Like putting a video together that took 6-8 hours of editing and only get a few bucks when the true price of it is in thousands. So I hope Alamy doesn't drive down that road and turn into a subscription platform and screw over the creators big time. People need to pay by the work not by shot.
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