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  1. 3 hours ago, KateR said:

     I just logged on to also ask whether anyone has found shooting to the "what should i shoot" list (as against looking for zero result queries in AoA), because when i randomly checked a couple of the terms they had plenty of decent quality existing results! For example, El Rey Ruins is on the list currently, as is St James Hotel and Club. Both perfectly well covered when you do a normal search.

    So, is there any point at all in looking at that list?!

    Kate, that’s what I was wondering. Wish someone from Alamy could answer us. 

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  2. I clicked on the "What should I shoot" link and it brought up a long list of very specific "needs." My question: If I have photos that fit and click the box that says I uploaded that photo, what happens? Is there an advantage? Does someone who requested a photo get notified so they can review and possibly purchase? I'd shoot the "needs" if I knew that they'd be promoted. Thanks. Just curious.

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