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  1. Thank you Dave, I'll do that. And just to explain about the picture T5GTMN, Lula is the name of the ex-president of Brazil who is currently in jail - many people believe he was wrongly convicted and the flag is a symbolic way of "protest" asking for him to be freed. I believe in this case "injustice, president" should stay - or maybe "president lula" would be best. Anyway, I'll get on with reviewing my keywords, thanks again for taking the time to answer and for the kind words!
  2. Thanks for sharing, Ed! A good cautionary tale Funny you shared this now, as I'm going to visit the Iguazu Falls in October. I'm actually really interested in shooting the cities of the three countries, visiting the falls on the Argentinian side, and also the smaller falls on the Paraguayan side (Saltos del Monday). Hope the weather helps.
  3. Hi Chuck, Thanks for taking a look at my portfolio and for the tip, I will dedicate more time on that for sure! And hi Ed! What happened is that I signed up for Alamy in 2017 but my photos were rejected (unsuitable camera). So I bought a better camera now on January 2019 and from then on my photos started to get accepted. Don't know why Alamy already considers me a "member" since 2017 for just signing up but not getting pictures accepted... I know my portfolio here is still super small, I have many more pictures on some microstock sites, but I find it very
  4. Hi Kumar! Thank you so much for the time you took to look at my portfolio and give such good and detailed suggestions! I agree with you on all of it, for sure. As for the overdone one and the overly lightened one, in both the subject was very dark, totally in the shadow, so my way to compensate that went a little overboard! I will be paying much more attention to that in the future. And the keywording tip, that is really something I didn't know. Actually, I thought one word tags were better than putting a phrase as a single tag! So, that was a real eye opener for me.
  5. Thanks Dave! But can I ask you if you've seen something wrong with my keywording, or was that just a general advice? I thought they were good, but maybe I'm missing something! Anyway I'll surely check them through again.
  6. Thanks, Alan! I'm fairly new here on Alamy (started uploading on January), and my portfolio is still small, no sales yet... so it's good to have some feedback!
  7. Hi everyone, I would really appreciate some feedback on my Portfolio. Thanks in advance! https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/helissag
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