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  1. PURPLE MARBLES - front cover of Transportation Professional March 2020.. Image of traffic on the approach to York Minster
  2. Found it in 'Landscape' Magazine April 2020, page 118 Dave
  3. Found it in 'Landscape' magazine April 2020, page 115 Dave
  4. Having looked at the video it looks very much like an otter to me. If they know there is a food source they will continue to utilise it. Hope that helps? Dave
  5. Marianne Thanks for the comments; there are some interesting points in there. I do use Nik for my conversions and it is interesting that the dearer the print the more you sell - I may have to have a rethink! I'll keep an eye on how my images do (zooms and, hopefully, sales) over the next 6 months or so and revaluate from there. Dave
  6. Thanks for the response and the comments Dave
  7. Thanks for the welcome Bryan and the points made. Dave
  8. Good Morning Forum, after a number of years I've joined the Forum! A question for you all - how well do black & white or monochrome images sell through Alamy? I would be interested in seeing your thoughts.
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