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  1. Everyone here seems fine with what ALAMY did. And every industry is facing a race to the bottom. Stop voting for the status quo if you are upset by this.
  2. Poor reasoning, indeed. Free market capitalism is my fault, yes. I was LOYAL to ALAMY and felt they offered a fair deal. They chose to break that deal and I responded. Instead of just moaning, why not supplement your income with a job in an Amazon warehouse. I hear they have plenty of openings.
  3. Again, my point was that I liked ALAMY and felt they were offering a fair deal. Changing the contract left me feeling betrayed. I guess you liked the change in contract terms?
  4. I didn't go there first. I was exclusive to ALAMY and very loyal. ALAMY chose to head to the bottom. That's my point. And for people like me who will never make a living from this, it doesn't matter what ALAMY do. I can pursue my hobby with or without. For people who do rely on this income, well...
  5. My point is $10 or $0.10, makes no difference to me. The thrill is in the purchase. I chose ALAMY originally because they seemed to be a nice outfit offering a fair deal and that meant something in these days of racing to the bottom. Maybe I'm not typical but do you think this is a good (or just necessary) thing that ALAMY did?
  6. As I buyer, I would go straight to SS for the lowest prices. Why bother with ALAMY, knowing that exclusive is no longer the case? And everyone has deadlines but everyone also normally has to keep to a budget. Or do you live in blank cheque world? Must be nice.
  7. I was very upset when Alamy took away exclusivity as a meaningful option other than to the few whales who actually make real money on the platform. I personally felt that exclusivity was a good deal for a 50% split and felt that Alamy benefited by attracting a loyal, diverse and eclectic "exclusive" group of hobbyists and amateurs. I'm definitely not in this for the money - I know I'm mediocre at best - but the fact of a photo selling (for whatever price) drives me on. It's like a game. So I unchecked "exclusive" on all my photos and then started uploading to SS. And with l
  8. Kinda liberating. I was totally exclusive to Alamy but obviously they don't give a s**t. I'm off to investigate Shutterstock, etc :)
  9. Same issue here, but unresolved. Tried Edge, Chrome & Firefox on both Windows 10 & Linux machines. None of them would generate a unique id. No error messages. (And I tried a couple of different unique ids, in case the other ones were not unique. Although I'd expect an error message letting me know if my choice was taken.) Any help would be appreciated. Update!!! It worked on an iPhone 5s with Safari. Who knew it could get that specific?
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