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  1. On 03/08/2019 at 22:46, Chuck Nacke said:


    Can you still get Dungeness crab for

    a reasonable price?  My brother-in-law had a crab boat in Bellingham in the 70's and 80's and it

    was just take the boat out and pull up some dinner.....


    Hi Chuck,


    Compared to catching your own, it's spendy, but I think price is still pretty fair, as long as you stay away from places like Pike Place Market! I have noticed them getting much smaller. Two good crabs used to easily feed four of us, now we need three. Several local grocers have commented on that in the last couple of years. I also think the seasons are shorter and fewer locations available for non-commercial crabbers. Must admit, I am now hungry for crab, some really good sourdough, and that bottle of wine. I have been here in Washington for 30 years but grew up in the Bay Area. I miss that SF sourdough!


    On 05/08/2019 at 13:34, LawrensonPhoto said:

    And to the OP, where's the people in your pictures?


    You are right, and I did mention in my original post that I have very few images with people. I am, without a doubt, NOT a newspaper-style editorial or a lifestyle photographer and I know that hurts my sales chances. People are tough for me as I am very, very much an introvert. Will need to work on that :-)

  2. On 27/07/2019 at 22:08, Chuck Nacke said:


    Check out one of my favorite images on Alamy: CX0RKJ shot for Pacific Northwest Magazine in the early 80's with a Nikon SP with a 50mm 1.4 on FUJI 100 RD.




    Been out of town on camping trip but finally got to check out this shot--great one, and just as relevant for that area today. You have a fascinating portfolio!




    PS Re the mushrooms, I've probably got them on our property!

  3. Hi Everyone,


    I've been slowly building up my portfolio here on Alamy and am hoping that some of you might find the time to offer me some constructive criticism. I do know that it is quite small, making me a tiny fish in a very large and talented pool, and I don't have many people shots, but is there any other help you can give me? I am working on my tagging (and going back to my first entries to add)--I think I started out with not enough but am wondering if now I'm adding too much? Any advice is most appreciated! Thank you in advance for your time.




    Kelly (Washington State, US)

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