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  1. Hello All, I clicked on it and it worked - opened up a new page "My Portfolio". also gave me an option to turn it on or off..But it also says updated November 2018 so.. work in progress it is then lol
  2. Here is my portfolio - I have a few folks that that gave me a bit of advice so still working on it... https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/debcolombo
  3. THANK YOU TO ALL FOR YOUR MUCH NEEDED INSIGHT ! I see more now the direction, changes etc that need to be made. Yes, due to "life" time hasnt allowed me to shoot much in the past - that, my friends, is about to change ! I love photography so much & its time to kick it in high gear. THANK YOU AGAIN !
  4. Hello All, I have 8 images with "Good Discoverability" and 284 "Poor Discoverability"... What am I doing wrong or missing ? Thank you !
  5. Hello All from Pensacola Florida. I have been with Alamy numerous years but have not participated in any discussions - time to change that so here I am I would really appreciate some honest constructive opinions on my images. https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/debcolombo Thank you to all !
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