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  1. This is my problem.  My user name and password are not adequate to log in to my account.  I am a machine, or my computer or the network I use is possibly attacking... something. 

    Captcha is taking hours and days from my life.  I wish it were not so, for it has sprouted up seeming everywhere.  Everywhere, that is, but on facebook. 

    Why is Captcha or reCaptcha needed?  Why am I INSTANTLY informed of my non-human, or attacking entity status when I select audible instead of those horrifyingly grainy photos, with bits and pieces of stuff hanging over into the next blocks?  I prefer audible, but it kills my login. 

    I want to leave Alamy, it has become so wasteful of my time and effort.  First, though, it would be prudent to allow Alamy sufficient time to recant their decision to exclude me from connecting half of the time, but getting rid of Captcha. 

    This is a sufficiently frustrating time that adding Captcha everywhere is simply too much.  I want it gone.  I am frustrated, and Captcha is one of the most disheartening parts of my day. 


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