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  1. SRJUK

    60% Commission too high

    I think we shrug our shoulders, accept that it's some other person's problem and move on.
  2. Hi, is there a way I can complete additional info, such as Number of People and categories, before I upload to Alamy? custom metadata maybe?
  3. SRJUK

    60% Commission too high

    my comment was tongue in cheek... I also have an interest as I've had a photo of a movie poster removed due to copyright, so I don't see how someone can just upload loads of movie stills and make money from them. Dances with Wolves is produced by a company solely owned (I believe) by Kevin Costner, I doubt he gave permission.
  4. SRJUK

    60% Commission too high

    Is Dances with Wolves really now a vintage film ? 😞
  5. I was hoping someone from Alamy might be aroudnto answer as I can't find any guidelines. 6Mp for a microscope camera is pretty high, not impossible, just rules out most of the more affordable models.
  6. Do you have any guidelines on the minimum quality for microscope photography? What sort of quality/megapixels do you expect?
  7. My first 2020 sale... to think I took it on a whim whilst running back to the car park.
  8. Here is a simple question I hope. Does punctuation matter in tags? I.e. would all of these different tags, which are accepted as different tags by the system actually come up as different search results? This is especially an issue when it comes to the multiple ways you could type a name. - TS Eliot - T.S. Eliot - t.s. Eliot - ts eliot - T.S. eliot
  9. Book covers, I believe should be handled like this; - If in a creative setting, such as being held/read by a person, or placed on a coffee table with props, then all is good. Sell as usual. - If it is the book cover only, not showing any such creativity, or maybe shows nothing else at all, then it is ok to sell for 'editorial only' - which you will find in the optional data tab when applying your metadata. "Sell for editorial only" button.
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