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  1. It's a bit late, but I've just FOUND this usage... DNA Book | DK | download (b-ok.cc) My son is very proud to be in this book! Lots of Alamy people mentioned too.
  2. Cheers, I wasn't able to find anything even though I had the name!
  3. I think it belongs to a fuel/petrol/gasoline company, but cannot be sure. Could be a old gas lighting company.
  4. I see on the Alamy complaint form; We can’t chase unauthorized uses on your behalf if your image… Has been reproduced on another website as a direct copy of an original article which has a license. But surely by removing all the credits then this is not a 'direct copy' of an article? Not gonna mope about it too long for the measly $5 sale - Country: WorldwideUsage: EditorialMedia: Editorial websiteIndustry sector: Media, design & publishingOne use in a single editorial article used within the digital versions of a single publication. Digital usage includes archi
  5. Hi All, What are your experiences of this, is it allowed? My image appeared in The Sun, and was dutifully paid for; Restaurant where Rishi Sunak once worked offers free lunches to kids over half-term (thesun.co.uk) But also appears here (Note without any image credits) Restaurant where Rishi Sunak once worked offers free lunches to kids over half-term - Hell Of A Read Is this allowed, or should I report it? (Apologies I posted this in the other chat group too but can't delete it)
  6. I've been waiting for ages to appear on one of these lists - it's a status symbol - thanks for the spot (still not sure where you guys get your info).
  7. Hi Guys, If a company takes your image and uses a portion of it as a composite in another image... should they pay (or at least credit)? Especially if said company is a major US TV brand and uses it for their next blockbuster TV series?
  8. I'm confused, that sign would indicate 'No Falling' not 'No Climbing'. The circle indicates an order rather than a warning (which would be a triangle). But the image shows someone falling off, not sitting on the lion. (This is in jest by the way, no need to comment on my stupidity).
  9. A very disappointing Rights Managed sale of $4; I didn't think they could get so low for this type of sale. Country: WorldwideUsage: Editorial, Editorial website, any size, single use, but includes unlimited sharing across web and social media platforms, worldwide, in perpetuity.Media: Editorial websiteStart: 12 November 2020Duration: In perpetuity
  10. I think we shrug our shoulders, accept that it's some other person's problem and move on.
  11. Hi, is there a way I can complete additional info, such as Number of People and categories, before I upload to Alamy? custom metadata maybe?
  12. my comment was tongue in cheek... I also have an interest as I've had a photo of a movie poster removed due to copyright, so I don't see how someone can just upload loads of movie stills and make money from them. Dances with Wolves is produced by a company solely owned (I believe) by Kevin Costner, I doubt he gave permission.
  13. Is Dances with Wolves really now a vintage film ? 😞
  14. I was hoping someone from Alamy might be aroudnto answer as I can't find any guidelines. 6Mp for a microscope camera is pretty high, not impossible, just rules out most of the more affordable models.
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