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  1. Each to their own, BidC. Perhaps the course you have been doing wasn't up to scratch, but I have experience of both sides of the fence - I have been on some excellent courses run by Central St Martins, Magnum, and the RPS. My teaching commitment varies from year to year, but in the next one I have five courses currently scheduled and I would be very unhappy if people came away saying that the course is of more benefit to the colleges and the tutor than to them. (I know they don't because the colleges actively solicit independent and anonymous reviews.) Ian has a wealth of exper
  2. Have you done any teaching, Ian? You have a wealth of experience and I am sure that there would be a lot of people who would be interested in learning from you. An online course, a week-long programme, maybe assisting Stuart Franklin and Max Houghton on the Magnum intensive (https://www.magnumphotos.com/events/event/magnum-and-lcc-intensive-documentary-photography-course-summer-2019/), doing something through the RPS/Martin Parr? Just a thought. Graham (PS Let me know when and I will be one of the first to sign up!) 😉
  3. So, last night, I set the FTP transfer going on 91 images. This morning I look and according to the FTP software all 91 have uploaded successfully. When I look at the AIM, it says that there were three upload batches and overall 101 passed, 197 failed in processing. As I say, I'm a newbie at this, can anyone explain these stats to me? Thanks, Graham
  4. Pardon me for jumping in... I am a newbie. I have had so many problems uploading this week that I was beginning to despair. I tried the web upload and loads timed out, then I tried FTP and they have been taking an eternity even though the software keeps them going. Last night, I set up 40 images to upload. Eight hours later only 4 had done so. I can't believe that this is "normal" or even a temporary glitch. I don't really know what to try other than just keep going. Sorry, that was more a letting off of steam than anything else. Cheers Graham UPDATE: O
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