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  1. Thanks a lot everyone! I need to work on improving my key-wording. I see some images similar to mine with very creative yet relevant keywords, and key word phrases. I think I need to do a bit more of that too.
  2. Thanks a lot for the tip, John! I see your portfolio is rather large and with good variety. How are your sales? How many do you average a month, if you don't mind me asking?
  3. Hi Everyone. I joined Alamy in Apr 2019. Is the CTR number still relevant in placing one's images higher in searches? I've got 3 zooms on 226 views (CTR=1.33), which seems to be reasonable. But of course, it is meaningless without sales. I've got one sale to date. I realize I probably need to upload quite a few more images which can help increase views, and potential sales. Have a great weekend, all.
  4. Congratulations on this impressive sale! The image is fantastic with all the bright stripes of color.
  5. Is this the image that sold? Curious what the need is for. Why couldn't the customer take that image, haha. Lucky you, congrats!
  6. Awesome image, Paulette! Self-published book? Very cool. It'd be curious to see the book it ends up on.
  7. Well done on the sale! What was the price range, if you don't mind me asking?
  8. Thank you very much jodyko! I hope so, or enough to justify equipment upgrades. Haha
  9. First ever sale: $ Country: WorldwideUsage: Editorial, Lesson plans accessed via the web, any size, single placement and design, worldwide, in perpetuityMedia: Editorial websiteIndustry sector: Education Kids with muddy toes sitting on beach pebbles.
  10. Thank you so much for this detailed feedback, Helen! I definitely need to upload way more. Shooting of people mainly relates to my family, my kids in particular. And if it is of others, I don't have releases. So is that what you mean for editorial purposes? The reason I have them on micro sites is to see what type sells where. I will most likely leave some of the abstract/object stuff on the micro sites, and the more editorial stuff on here.
  11. Thank you Paulette and John! Both of you are over 1000 images, so makes sense that I need to keep adding. Does adding new images also bring traffic to earlier ones? Thanks for the many good words of advice, Paulette. I will make sure to try and add more keywords. That's the part I struggle with most.
  12. No one here interested to take a quick look? =(
  13. Yea, you know, I read a blog post of someone who was on Alamy for two years, no sales. She had forgotten about it as she wasn't actively uploading stuff anymore. Then suddenly she got some sales after the second year, and it picked up for her enough for her to become active again. Maybe it is what's trendy, news cycle, fashion cycle, and sometimes older photos get searched a lot.
  14. Hi Chris. I am new myself, to the site, not to photography. Looks like you got pretty decent animal, landscape, and nature shots. Honestly, I don't know how these do on here, as I've just joined. Quality wise they seem fine to me, good colors and exposure. One thing I've read around the site is to be as descriptive as possible in the caption. I know you have a wood duck image. You could probably caption is more specifically as Male/Female Mandarin Wood Duck standing by pond on a sunny day. Anything that helps describe the settings. And add some of these as tags as well, pond, sunny day, colorful, etc. I've been adding as many relevant tags as I could think of, and hopefully that's a good thing. Good luck!
  15. Hello Gnans, I see that you have over 700 images now. Is that since starting in April? What is your luck so far with getting views, and do you have any sales yet? I just posted on this forum as well asking for a portfolio review. I only have 10 images, though I should have 3 more as they just cleared QC.
  16. Hi Fellow Photographers, I shoot for hobby and do not do client work. Last month I opened an Alamy account and hoping. So far it seems I have just two views. Comments on what I currently have would be appreciated, and advice on what different type of content may be more sought after. Here is my link: https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/688956.html.
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