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  1. I've got no expertise in food photography, but I can appreciate when I see some impressive work. I have to agree with others that if you isolate the subject and replace the background, it has to be done impeccably or otherwise it catches the eyes in a bad way. Perhaps cropping on the right side only and eliminating the distracting details in the upper right would leave a nice photo of a full round plate with a significant quarter of the nearby one on the left. That's not too bad in my opinion.
  2. No sales Oct and Nov here. 😕 I'm on FAA as well, but with free account with less than 20 images. Waiting to see if something will sell and for how much before paying for am unlimited account. Nothing so far in 2-3 months.
  3. I don't know about this QC rating system. I've generally passed QC consistently over the last several months. The few rejections came early in the year when I first started on here. My rating is 3*. I find that submissions on Sunday usually get through quickly and are ready on Monday. For me, any other nights, I should expect a wait of a couple of days. Doesn't bother me.
  4. Hiya Helen, and thanks for your honest response. I do really like these too, especially my son with all the Christmas lights. So far 1 sale when I was at around 160 photos, this one of muddy feet T97HXT .
  5. Yes, sometimes I have to tilt up to get the desired view in place and not chop off the tops of buildings, or perhaps I am shooting low to capture some interesting nearby ground objects and have to tilt up to include the buildings. Agreed. Now I have found the corrections in Capture One which meanderingeumu suggested. Thanks again!
  6. Ah thanks, also just saw a help video on youtube. Yup, Keystone. Not a single click, but the vertical points adjustment is easy enough. Already corrected the few obvious ones on the Town Green buildings that were pointed out above. I just uploaded the corrected ones for QC. The distorted ones will stay until they accept the new ones. Happy Holidays 😃
  7. Hi Steve, I use Capture One. I have lens corrections ticked on, but haven't looked into what it entails. Could just be for barrel, pincushion and purple fringing. I have to learn how to fix this wide angle distortion. Is it very off-putting to potential buyers you think? Thanks for the tips.
  8. Hey Steve, I've listened to your advice, and upon thinking more and looking at the images more, I agree with your points about the lizard pictures. They are neither representative of the ranch in an obvious way, nor very captivating closeup of a particular lizard species. I've removed them from my gallery. And as others have mentioned before, I will strive to be more selective when uploading a batch of a similar subject. Thanks again for the invaluable input!
  9. Hey Ed, Thanks for that! By selective you are referring to groups of similar images, that I should cut down on the number within that group? It's so difficult to decide sometimes which images to omit, as I wouldn't want to omit one that buyers may have found more interesting than ones I've offered them. Well anyway, California is wet this weekend from a Pacific storm moving in, very heavy rain on this Friday night here.
  10. Alamy is much lower volume of sales, at least when compared to microstock sites. The license fees for stock images on Alamy are higher too, so many agencies and purchasers would tend to go for subscription services on microstock sites and pay pennies for images. Sadly, many sales here are for pennies too.
  11. The light is indeed good in California most of the time. Agreed. Thanks for your input on the captions. Great user name by the way! I have to show it to my wife, she'll get a kick out of it. You make excellent points. On the VW van one, I have to agree at the end, while there is burn on one of the foreground hills, it doesn't shot significantly enough to be the main subject. And great eye catching the absence of kid/child as keywords in the boy photos. Thanks for thoroughly looking through! Steve, thanks for being so insightful! I now see you perspective, especially on the ranch and lizard pictures. If I am advertising them as lizard photos, the lizard isn't large enough as a main subject. And advertising it as Jack London ranch, the context isn't there, so it could be anywhere really. Points well taken. Thank you all 3 for these invaluable comments. Looks like I have some editing to do!
  12. https://www.alamy.com/category/eyeem.html
  13. Much of the content I see on there seems to be edited in the same style as Instagram, with similar color themes and filters. It's all becoming a muddled mix with the likes of 500px.
  14. Is Alamy a partner of EyeEm? Anyone here have good success on EyeEm?
  15. Did you come across one of your images having been stolen and then try to declare its value in your claim? I think using Alamy pricing is not necessarily it's value as the same image could sell much cheaper or much higher elsewhere, depending on the licensing method. But it seems like if they won't pursue what you are paying them for, then it doesn't make sense to continue paying for no service.
  16. Hey Joachim, I see you have over 1500 pics now in about half a year. I took a look at the first couple of pages. The lighting and colors are good, and subject matter has good variety. How are your sales? I am curious. I've been slow on uploading and have under 200 photos in about the same time as you, 1 sale only so far.
  17. Hi dear Alamy community, I joined in Apr 2019 and am slowly inching towards 200 photos. I realize I am going at a slow pace, but my time is occupied with family commitments. I have one sale so far in September, but zooms have dropped since then, although new views have been consistent. Is the content I am posting relevant? Do I just need to increased the frequency of uploads? Or do I need to change both aspects? Thanks very much!
  18. Cool that this kind of aerial shot sells. Congratulations!
  19. Not having been very informed on this licensing topic, I now find it quite depressing and unsettling that Getty has chosen that direction. I had RF on all my images (except for a handful of family ones where I had disabled PU), but just now changed all to RM. I've only had one sale so far anyway, so I don't think this will hurt me additionally. =(
  20. Good points above, shoot iso-400 max, or 800 if really necessary. Most cameras should handle 400 well. Also, the sharpness is greatly dependent on the lens used, less on the camera body.
  21. Great advice, thank you. That's what I thought, but I've been uncertain all this time. Cheers!
  22. Hi John, What would you say has kept your success? Do you believe you've increased uploaded content and seen sales increase because of it? Your gallery has quite a lot of editorial shots. How are those doing for you?
  23. I am curious whether I need to check the box Sell for Editorial Only if I don't have model/property releases or if that's already automatically determined. Let's say I have a photo of a person and I do not have a model release. I already check there is 1 person in the photo and select no model releases. Do I need to also check the editorial button, or does it become optional at this point? Does checking it help customers looking for editorial only find it easier? Put simply, is there any benefit for me to check that box if I don't have releases? Thanks for the time to look and provide advice.
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