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  1. Hi Markus, I am in the same boat as you. I'd like to sell enough to justify gear purchases, and to cover my photography as hobby expenses. So that would mean hopefully a few hundred a year. But I am way off that. I only have just over 200 photos, and only 1 sale here of about $5 (Alamy takes half). I am also on SS, but for about 20 downloads pretty much most of them have been a quarter of a dollar. It is quite disheartening, and I do not find it worth putting the effort to uploads hundreds there just to inch towards a dollar. Basically, I will try to stick it out on here another year, increase my upload rate in the next year and perhaps reach several hundred photos, and hope for some moderate success. Your gallery looks great, you have a good eye, artistic. I have some creative shots. Not sure they sell here much. Like mentioned above, I think some current events, popular places, buildings, restaurants seem to be in demand. And generally photos including people doing things, going on with their life. Happy holidays Alex
  2. That's great progress, Gnans! Seems the growing portfolio size and the type of content you're covering has helped. I'm waaaay behind. Uploading often has not been my strong point.
  3. I agree with the above two comments, it seems the focus isn't the people, they only add to the details of the scene. They are hardly or not recognizable at all, unless you are the guy himself. Could be a different story when they are recognizable, but outdoor public shots seem to generally be fine for editorial sale.
  4. You've got a wonderful gallery there. I have the free account, so very few images. No sales for me yet.
  5. I guess there is a want and a need for anything, sometimes the least expected. It's cool this sold! What was it used for, do you remember?
  6. Hi Marianne, and thanks for your input. Not sure what you mean by S, like the big microstock agency I suppose. I find it very disappointing to be active there. Images more often than not sell for crumbs.
  7. Yea, intentionally dark shots or ones that may have noise or grain have tough time passing QC. I've been burned by that too.
  8. Thanks Betty. If you don't mind me asking, where are you selling them? Yes, mine artistic are not necessarily ones that take a lot of setup time and studio work, more finding unusual angles, less commercial in appearance.
  9. Thanks for the insight, Bill. I suppose people shoot and upload what sells, perhaps descriptive shots sell better. But I will describe the subject matter more closely so it will show up in results more easily, whether artistic or not.
  10. Hmm, I guess I really hadn't thought about it that way. I wouldn't search for an image using those terms either. I just mean in general though assuming keywords and captions are sufficient, do these kind of images get any attention from the sea of more generic images in the same category (say cycling)?
  11. Now that's hard for me to know, or for anyone to know what the many customers out there need specifically. But I could help its chances with better captioning and keywording.
  12. Makes sense. I will improve the keywords and caption. Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the great tips. This particular image was just an example of what I meant. I will look into it closer and add more appropriate and effective keywords.
  14. And the flower segment seems so saturated as it is, artistic or not. You've got some mix there with creative angles for commercial product shots, as well as artistic vineyard shots. Do these sell?
  15. Hi all and happy holidays! I am curious how well artistic and creative shots sell here. From what I see, urban, lifestyle, architecture, and documentary and news images sell best. But do artistic/creative shots sell too? For example something like this:
  16. Yeeeaa.... spot on! Why should anyone have a full res file for just $10 and then they can make a print themselves or use it in other ways blown up? Does not make sense when large prints sell for several times more. I've been on Alamy for less than a year but only recently have I realized to restrict personal use on all my photos.
  17. The proposed changes are a good idea, especially consolidating to a single Commercial category, and leaving restriction for Personal Use.
  18. Is it possible to put it on a wall (attached at the back with tape) and aim straight at it? This would ensure parallel alignment. I would use a prime lens too as mentioned above.
  19. I would guess this site's search algorithm isn't the most advanced. It's also possible that among keywords, captions, and optional fields it has difficulty ranking the relevance of search terms and often returns a mishmash of results. 😁
  20. My son in euphoria as fake snow falls at this very elaborately decorated house. And home window lights with our tree reflecting for lovely bokeh. Happy holidays all!
  21. Hi awesome name buddy! I saw your other post, but had not tried the search filter so I had nothing to comment. I left you a like. 😃 Waiting to see what others answer as I am curious too.
  22. That's too bad. It's also a shame there is nothing that appears as you type a town name to know what format they want it in. Is it city/province/country, or city/country, spaces, or dashes, or commas. Who knows.
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