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  1. Great sales, particularly the indigenous women march, the movie rolls, and the airplane view is neat too. How do you know about where in a search your photo appears? I check the keyword(s) used to find my photo, however, that can be only one of the words of someone's search, which may have included multiple words, adding many more photos to the search results.
  2. I don't know what Alamy looked like back in 2008, I've only been a member since last year. So a lot could've changed for their discoverability criteria. What I see is that the Optional tab of information also affects that rating. Make sure to go into it and add/update as necessary for the older images.
  3. Up to 6 now, wow! How do you do it? I know I've seen some of your sales on the monthly forums, do you mind sharing the image codes so I can see them all?
  4. Most of my images are exclusive to Alamy, even though my portfolio is small and only a couple of sales. But those two sales are more than couple of dozen of downloads and loathed other giant stock site, where I had 2 download sales yesterday for amount you can't even buy chewing gum for.
  5. It's great to see regular hobbyists selling some photos. On the other site I am on, the famous ss, I've had over 40 downloads, and barely $14. Here two sales in a bit over a year, and paid out $50 this month after clearing. Still, hoping for that 3rd sale soon though.
  6. Awesome photo, and congratulations on the great sale!
  7. Hi Ed, I think the variety of subjects and contents is great, and the quality of of the image is quite good. Like others said, perhaps reduce the number of repetitive ones, particularly if they are uploaded sequentially. Scrolling through one gets a bit overwhelmed by the number of similar ones. But maybe keep the higher number of images for stuff like the rallies. I am sure that editorial content sells well. Cheers
  8. And it may depend on the camera make, but we both have Sonys. B&W photos display in b&w in the thumbnail on my computer, but when I open the raw in Capture One, it is full color, I can edit it anyway I want.
  9. I believe the raw will always be the full native resolution/ratio. That's why when you set your camera to b&w, or choose different color temperature, the jpeg will implement that but the raw will still have a different color temperature. The raw is uncorrected, and I suspect that applies to the size of the image.
  10. Hi Kristin, The full size image is at the ratio of the sensor, so 3:2 most likely. 16:9 means the image is redimensioned by the camera, something is chopped off from the height of the image. I would put the maximum possible image here, and buyers can always crop it. Maybe crop only if you are removing some distractions, or use the wider ratio for specific impact (more panoramic feel). Best regards Alex g.
  11. Hi James, You've got many great images. I really love the tree with rapeseed and the fabulous sky: 2BD77Y6 . The landscape and street shots look generally fine. Good stuff with getting 3 sales in the first year, and good luck for the rest of the year. Regards Alex g.
  12. Hi Kristin, You can click the number of photos that are shown under the commenter's name in this post, which will take you to their Alamy portfolio. Cheers Alex g.
  13. Great, I've just located that and chosen my portfolio name. Simple: alexg. Avoiding my difficult looking last name. 😃 3 sales is pretty decent then. Take care!
  14. Hey Jim, We are on lockdown here too, seems like forever now. Anyhow, good portfolio and abundance of subjects. I do like vignettes for artistic and appeal purposes. But I have accepted Steve's advice in not applying it to images uploaded to Alamy. Customers can decide to apply vignette easily themselves. I don't have much more to add than Steve. Make sure captions are as descriptive as possible in the short space you have. And that you select the best keywords as your supertags. Sales will come. I have just over 300 images in a whole year, only 2 sales. But you've already been quick at uploading fast.
  15. The images you have on there look generally fine to me, beautiful outdoor carnival photos with vibrant color. Like others said, perhaps include a bit more variety to have a chance of wider customer base. At around 200 photos 1 sale sounds about right. I am a bit over 300 with my second sale recently in a year with Alamy.
  16. Hello Kristin, First of all, I hope you're coping alright with the stay-at-home ordinances in our state. Your gallery looks great to me, so much variety, and definitely lots of editorial content that can sell in my opinion. The a6000 looks like a very capable and handy camera. I considered at some point the a6400, but eventually went for the Sony a7ii, probably an overkill. Anyhow, I also start here a year ago in April. I have just 2 sales, but I am also not investing a whole lot of time on constant uploading. Like you, I am at around 350 images. If you don't mind me asking, how many sales have you had? I know I've seen a few posts from you in the monthly sales topics. Also, how did you get that profile link with your name on it? So far I've been sharing the ugly looking long link to the collection of photos in my name, but I don't like that. Best regards Alex g.
  17. I love this comment, this will really help me too. I am coming to the realization that captions are basically the most important aspect along with relevant super tags. Alex, your gallery has lots of variety of subjects so I am sure they will be searched for and are sellable when captioned and described individually to boost their chances of making it into searches. Good luck!
  18. Hello Chicago, I've been here now for close to a year. I just last week made my second sale and I have a bit over 350 images. I think we can't expect much with comparatively few images to some of the other users on here. As mentioned above, editorial, lifestyle, and daily social activity images seem to sell well here. I've been told that having too many of the same subject can be detrimental and make it difficult for a customer to choose. So for example you have a bunch of photos of a cat. You could perhaps narrow it down to 2-3 of the best ones. That's not to say you can't upload more cat photos at a later time, but perhaps space them out a bit with fewer bunched together too. I've been avoiding adjectives that describe subjective aspects like beautiful, gorgeous, because those can apply to many things and your images can pop up in unrelated searches, which won't help your CTR score. Mine's not great, hovering around 0.4, with the occasional zoom helping it shoot up temporarily. I hope this helps. Good luck!
  19. Hello, and hope all of you are well. I've been way absent on Alamy and especially the forums since all the lockdowns began in California. This sale today - only my second here in a year - blew my mind. Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial Media: Book, print and/or e-book Print run: Unlimited Placement: Inside Image Size: 1 page
  20. It seems to me using North America is a must, then Central America can be an added bonus.
  21. Hi Betty. Yes, it would appear so! I've added it to my tags and captions. Thanks very much. 😃
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