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  1. Hey Chris,

    First of all before I add my opinion, let me just say that I am no expert and my portfolio is rather small as well relative to many long timers here.

    There is good variety of images, many objects, scenes and activities which I think are sellable. What can be improved in my opinion is the tagging. In the earlier photos (page 2 as displayed) many photos are under-tagged. For example, the lone elderly cyclist one. You can also add tags like male, man, elderly (on its own), exercise, recreation, method of transportation. Sometimes even tags related to the orientation of the image, like vertical/portrait orientation can be helpful, especially with some landscape scenes that are normally horizontal.


    Then on most recent photos on page 1,  it seems like the majority of tags are compound tags. While some compound tags help with specificity, you're probably missing out on photos being found if the exact specific terms aren't found. For the squirrel one, you have Swedish mammal, but I think mammal separately coupled with other tags mentioning Sweden will be more effective. Considering decoupling some of the tags. Many of the compound tags are fine, just decide which more generic terms may be more useful as a standalone tag.


    I hope that helps. Quality of photos is otherwise generally good, bright and appealing. Good luck!

  2. Yes, in an year and a half I've had 4 sales, though very pleased that 2 of them came this September. And I have a little over 500 photos, so I've been told to expect just that, a few a year. Some of the people with several thousand photos get a few a month.

    1 hour ago, robko photography said:

    Thank you, Alex, I appreciate your comments. I admit it's taken a while for me to figure out what's meant by 'editorial stock,' and what is in demand here. I plan on sticking around and increasing my port size considerably, before I worry about sales. Thanks again!



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  3. Hello @Vicente Sargues,

    Your photos have great pop, are bright and high quality. I can see a lot of work has gone into them, especially for food and medical ones, a lot of setup and preparation.

    One thing that may not have been mentioned is that I think there are too many of nearly the same for the various subjects. I was told maybe limiting similar views/angles to 3-4. I have no proof it helps, but a lot of similar ones just from yourself pits images against each other and may make it harder for a customer to choose the "right" one.


    By the way, any improved luck since your last post?



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  4. On 15/09/2020 at 10:52, robko photography said:



    Hi Rob,

    I really like your gallery and especially your nature abstracts. It's the kind of photos I post on Flickr/IG. Given time, they will be discovered and will sell for sure. I recommend adding a few more tags that are more generic that often can get missed.


    T9A2R7 - great photo, very clean with attention on the animal. I would suggest including other general terms like frozen, freezing, chilly, mammal, herbivore.

    2CT7HJ3 - really amazing light! Consider adding tags trunks, branches, woodland, forest, foliage (maybe).


    I've noticed on Alamy that photos of people doing things, or editorial content, street, city, action, events, recreation, occupation usually tend to do well. Artistic pictures sell as well, but much less than these.


    Good luck



  5. 28 minutes ago, The Blinking Eye said:


    I'm still at six, which is what I had last time we chatted, I think. Though I've sold two cell photos since then. I have an uptick in zooms since May but they don't translate into sales. Maybe I will get out and take some photos this weekend now that the air has cleared.


    Also: your Neowise comet photos over the vineyard are stunning.

    I think the Neowise photo showed in one search so far. But yea, I've seen an uptick in zooms last month and this. Good news, I hope it continues. Goodnight.

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  6. Just now, The Blinking Eye said:


    Congratulations! Great image. It looks like the sun in smoldering. I took a few orange sky photos last week too, but no sales. I have been sheltering in place so long, I haven't been uploading many photos. Didn't you and I have the same number in our portfolios at some point? I need to catch up!

    Thank you, Kristin! Yeah. we are still close, I have slightly over 500. I have bursts of uploading, like a dozen a weekend now and then.

    How many sales are you at? I am 3 total, 2 this year though. 😃

  7. Hi,

    I believe one of the replies says not to bother checking it all. Either Alamy will notify the buyer or the buyer will see there are no releases and will purchase an editorial only license.

    I would not check the button either for distant or close people - just indicate you have no releases.


    What I've come to believe, and that is only my opinion, is that the Editorial only button is there if you really insist for an image to be used for editorial purposes and not for merchandise, advertising, products, etc. A few photos where my sons are in them I've specifically checked the Editorial button.


    I hope that helps.

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  8. 53 minutes ago, John Mitchell said:

    Clicking the editorial box can limit sales. Consequently, I do so only for images that I definitely don't want licensed for commercial use -- e.g. artwork and images that I have agreed (usually with an institution like a museum) to use for editorial purposes only.


    28 minutes ago, Colblimp said:

    All my pics are RM and I never check the editorial box.  I leave that side of things to Alamy.


    Thank you both! Seems like I am generally okay then, as I hardly have checked the box either. There a few shots with my kids in them that I have specifically checked as editorial.

  9. Hi fellow Alamy sellers.

    I am still unclear whether I should check the Editorial Only box on certain photos.


    1. If a photo clearly has a person, property or art without the proper release, does Alamy automatically apply an editorial use license? Or do I need to check the box?

    2. How does checking the Editorial box affect license types RM and RF? Does it matter at all what license is chosen if you plan on checking the editorial use only?

    3. Does specifying Editorial Only help with sales for those particular types of images?

    4. Finally, based on above, if I must choose whether to check the box or not, what if I am not sure whether something should be editorial? Should I just leave it blank and other settings like not having releases will be taken into consideration by the buyers themselves?


    Thanks everyone for any tips.


    Alex g.

  10. 27 minutes ago, Harry Harrison said:

    They are selections of images, usually around a theme, that you can then share with others, potential customers perhaps. Buyers can also create them and Alamy also share them from time to time on various topical, potentially saleable subjects.




    Everyday Surrealism


    Fashion Unwind



    Are these your own or are they a collection of items from all Alamy sellers?

    Thanks for the info.

  11. 22 hours ago, Cal said:


    I would say RM still makes sense if you value the image and don't want, say, a newspaper buying it and then using it frequently thereafter on articles. On the other hand I suspect some types of images will only ever sell well when set as RF, but I'd never set something I was very very proud of (or that was a rare thing to have an image of) as RF - it's like giving your work away.


    3 hours ago, John Mitchell said:


    I believe it's called "magical thinking" (on my part). 🙈


    Thanks a lot for your inputs! 😃

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