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  1. First, thanks to everyone for the feedback. Much appreciated. I already made it through QC after replacing this particular image from the initial submission batch. I use Darktable for all the post-processing; the lens correction was already applied to this image. This should take care of distortions, transversal chromatic aberrations and vignetting. I checked a few other pictures taken with this camera body and lens, and it seems that the combination of 70mm and narrow aperture (f/13) results in sharpness problems. Images with a different focal length or ape
  2. Hi, I have recently submitted my initial three pictures for admission to alamy. Unfortunately, one of the pictures was rejected due to "Soft or lacking definition". The picture can be viewed in full resolution at this link: https://pasteboard.co/IdCBJan.jpg I shoot in raw format (Nikon NEF). I have not applied any sharpening in post-processing. But that could of course be done. There was some haze at on the day the picture was taken. This could be remediated by a "haze removal" filter, but that would falsify the colors. Any adivse?
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