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  1. On 31/07/2019 at 22:23, KHA said:


    I can't speak to UK law, but in the US there's no law against asking questions of people with whom you have contracts.


    And congratulations on your first sale, Virender!

    Thanks on my 1st sale after 8 month and then information I got. 

    doubt should be clear.

    Thanks to all for clarify.


    I got the same replay from alamy support team,  anyway I feel good and doing continuously in alamy after 8 month


    From: (CR)Ellie <CREllie@alamy.com>
    Subject: RE: Royalty Free Sale of Xlarge Size in $5.43


    Hi Virender


    Customers we actively go after, contact us about specific needs or key customers with large spends and image requirements may negotiate on price; which always starts with our shop front pricing.


    This customer has price agreements with us for different uses.


    We can confirm that this price is correct.





    Alamy Contributor Relations




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