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  1. Hello, I wanted to shoot live news pictures but found out there's an application process. Those between you who applied successfully, can you please show me the link that you filled into "Website or portfolio" field and the pdf file you uploaded as a "recent PDF of a news clipping showing your published work"? Thanks a lot.
  2. Hello, I'm a Linux user and only have Gimp to edit my pics and it's metadata. I intend to do some live news shooting, but I'm not sure what metadata fields I should fill in Gimp to pass the QC. The Alamy oficial news captions guide doesn't help much, since Gimp has a pretty different interface. Can anyone help please?
  3. Thank you for being so helpful! 🌼
  4. Hello, after selling photos on another platform, I decided to join Alamy too. I'm just taking pictures of places I've been to, food I cooked, things I've seen, and having fun. Alas, I'm confused by submitting process. I can't get through my first upload - my pictures keep being rejected for lacking information, description, keywords etc. Yes, I know my images don't have description or keywords, but I don't know when and how edit them. It seems there is no step in uploading process that would allow me to do so: 1. Chose your upload route. - Ok, I've done that. 2
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