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  1. Poor business practice on Alamy's behalf, they should have communicated this message from the start and given a timescale to expect a response. I agree with there decisions, I just wish they relayed this message earlier.
  2. Good Morning, I have just read 24 pages of the discussion about the recent changes to Almy Live News Feed, and I'm no clearer to why this is happening. I asked Alamy the day it happened and the response was far from a justified explanation, especially if the Live News Feed was your only revenue stream. The only explanation I can think of that a Union has been involved due to the number of photographers/videographers attending breaking news events and Almy have been asked to clean up their contributors? I expect this as if this was in any other industry Alamy would have a Union knocking on there door demanding a detailed explanation. I, just like many other contributors want a clear defined answer so I can either, learn from this or simply move on, as I have missed almost a months worths of breaking news events, especially around the Extinction Rebellion movement. Best Regards, Andy.
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