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  1. interesting and good to know your opinion on all that business thing but we are going off the main point....basically our rights as copyrights owner to see where the pictures are published, use them for our portfolio to promote our work, use for payback declaration, monitoring credits, and all the rest we have the rights for... I not really going on to about business to get the Client on our side and all that negotiating thing . Hope it make sense...
  2. Pardon but not true , when I first joined Alamy ...they were listing at any sale specifically were the picture was published and with who. It suddenly changed after some years but do not remember if they ever send a notice to photographers about that. There would have nothing to do with GDPR it just our right as copyright owners...
  3. I am thinking often to that ...but also thinking of photographer get together this could be changed...
  4. Hi Colin, not sure what you mean re negotiating with Client. I believe as photographer we should have an ethic of work and respect that. I would not go to the Client, the images were sold by Alamy (or agency)and already negotiated. The images must be credited to the photographer and if the Client is interested to work directly with the photographer for commission that os another thing and I do not see why not. Alamy is not the photographer exclusive agent but just a distributor and seller and they take 50% to cover their work for selling which is already a lot. If they are scared of t
  5. That sounds cool ! Thanks Sally and all ... still we should have all right to that list from Alamy...
  6. This is not right toward contributors.we still own the copyright of the images and we have all legal right to use and track our published work fir our portfolio. Furthermore if we want to claim Payback on our own we must have the list of published work. How possible!?
  7. Hi , hope all is well. Was wandering how could we get from Alamy the list of publications each contributor has had published ? Not monthly but at least annually.
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