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  1. I could well be wrong, but I thought Alamy said not to bother uploading releases anymore?
  2. Good job John! I started to look into all the rules and regs around using a drone in the new year, and discovered it all seemed to be in a state of upheaval at the time. Is it clear now? I'm still undecided really if I want to make the investment in getting one mind!
  3. Thanks John, apologies for being absent on the challenge!
  4. This is me and my daughters doing the PE with Joe Youtube workout on Friday morning. Joe Wicks (aka The Body Coach) is doing a twenty minute live stream living room workout every morning to fill in for the nation's PE teachers while we're all home schooling due to coronavirus lockdown.. He's getting millions of people joining in, its good fun and makes your legs ache!
  5. Wow, I hadn't really taken in that it was a competition! Thank you and my apologies for taking so long to notice! I hope everyone is keeping safe and well during these strange times. Alex
  6. Hopeful the next generation of business dudes have sustainability on their minds . .. . Going back to older more simple tech could be the future? Less energy hungry and wasteful. Oh and some obligatory new tech being installed!
  7. Or you could try darktable....similar to Lightroom without the cost 😉
  8. John Mint is a good option, very user friendly for anyone switching from Windows. There is also I believe a lightweight version which is ideal if your netbook specs are on the lowside. Lightweight Linux distros really breath new life into old machines that are effectively obsolete if you trying running Win10 on them.
  9. I know it won't be an option for many wedded to LR etc, but worth mentioning as an option for those running Windows 7 facing the need to go to 10 is the idea of using Linux as your OS. There are many very user friendly distributions now and these will bring older Win7 era hardware that will struggle to run Windows 10 back to life as they're much less demanding operating systems. Equally a refurb spec that will just run Win10 adequately will be a speedy machine running something like Linux Mint.
  10. Thanks Guys for the further comments. To clarify I wouldn't literally close down and go, that would be fairly pointless. It is more a choice of leaving it dormant with perhaps the odd sporadic upload when I had something, or rolling up my sleeves and putting the effort in to up my game and make significant new contributions. I'm feeling like I've had enough constructive feedback here from you all (thank you) to want to pursue the second option! Time permitting, it it is my preference to continue with positive efforts, but I don't want to flog the proverbial dead horse either! Re t
  11. Thanks for the thoughts Bryan and John. That's helpful. Food for thought!
  12. https://bit.ly/2YXhj8Y Hello all So end of year time for a little reflection. I've never had particularly good results here but have generally been used to steady improvements year on year as long as I kept my end of the bargain up with reasonably regular submissions. 2019 has however been dismal for me. Sales volume just about on a par with 2015, revenue however needs a late boost to even equal 2008. So the natural question, is it worth me continuing to put much effort into adding to my collection here? The previous two years were also poor, so
  13. It is not just trust. Unfortunately the stark reality of my experience in recent years is that the prices and volume Alamy are achieving just doesn't warrant exclusivity for images I can place elsewhere with a reasonable expectation of returns. The more esoteric shots that find a home, and ocassionly sales, on Alamy will end up being by default exclusive. I'm hoping for a fairly painless way of going through existing shots to set their status!
  14. Stock is, and I think always has been, ebbs and flows, wheels within cycles and other such unpredicatabilities. Good luck working out patterns or trends to follow! That said there will be some models and/or agencies that will suit some depending on the work they typically produce. The microstock agencies transformed the industry, there is little point bemoaning it now. We're now at a point that the term 'microstock' doesn't really properly describe the place of the bigger players amongst them (top 3). While they are known for their tiny per image returns that's not what they all ab
  15. I may have missed it, but I'd be interested to see some sort of official response to this question.
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