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  1. I like your take, Edo and a very valid point. Plus, a reason to not need one because it will make it a bit bulkier too! 😉
  2. Thanks, that’s helpful. I wouldn’t go for the V1 though as too slow. Ideally the V but still a bit costly so might need to go for the 1V.
  3. Hi Marianne, without seeing the leaves of the tree close up its difficult to know what it is. Again, same with the lichen. It could be someth8ng like a common greenshield lichen but there are so many species. Plus I’m UK based so may be wrong. Try googling lichen. sorry not to be of more help! Sas
  4. So I'm gathering that it isn't great for action shots. I'm thinking of people in motion, running and leaping dogs and cats mostly. I'm wondering what the 24fps is useful for - where does it come into its own?
  5. Yes, I'm very aware of the limitations of a small sensor camera and that it takes more skills than just point and shoot to get really good shots. I've been doing DSLR photography for 12 years so by no means a beginner but there are always gaps in my knowledge. Re the Panasonic - I have the LX3 bought years ago on the basis of its excellent reviews but I actually hated it. I found it fiddly was never happy with the quality of shots. They always looked blocky and soft when zooming in. I appreciate that technology has advanced since then but my experience has put me of the LX series. As I said, I prefer my DSLR but feel the need for a new discreet compact.
  6. Yes, I’m a stickler for quality too. I just find it incredible that there still isn’t a decent enough pocket sized camera that can handle action on the market yet. I do think technology isn’t where it should be in this respect. I sometimes wonder if manufacturers are deliberately holding back producing such technology because it would damage the DSLR and mirrorless markets and their profit margins....which is why there is always a compromise with whatever you purchase - not just cameras. For example one brand creates a product great at doing one or two things but might be rubbish at something else which another brand is great at.
  7. Live not come across that version. I know there is the Mark VI following MK V but I’ve discounted it as it is slower and would be worse in low light. Besides I’m happy to make do with a smaller zoom range such as 24-70. I’ll google the VA version. Thanks!
  8. Thats good to know, Betty, thanks! crazy thing is that I’ve never had a compact camera that I get on well with and have been happy with. I always find my pro DSLR easier to work to!🤣🤣🤣 So I guess I’m reluctant as part of me doesn’t believe there’s anything out there that I can coax great shots out of. I definitely need something that can catch action though. I’d be interested to hear if others use their RX100 for any action shots. The other her thing I’m bcomng aware of is it’s not just enough for someone to recommend a camera as great because that person may shoot completely different stuff - like street. I’m rarely in a street!🤣🤣🤣. I’m more likely to be on a farm, in a garden, house, on a day out somewhere or in an office with no photo opportunities, lol!😂.
  9. Yes, that’s one of my hesitations about the RX100 - that you have to journey into the menus to change settings and often there is some action happening which requires grabbing the camera quickly and shooting it before it’s over...such as a pet posing a a certain way or doing something - shots where you have to be quick! So the Fuji would be better if only it was smaller!
  10. Hi Joe, No, you haven’t confused me more. That’s very helpful. It’s good to get everyone’s different take on it. And it does sound as if the RX100 is a popular choice with quite a few Alamy stock photographers so the image quality must be good enough for stock. I had discounted the lasted RX100 6 due to the fact that it’s slower as a compromise to a greater zoom range. So I had shortlisted RX100 5.
  11. Might be a bit big, Mr Standfast. Don't think it would fit in the glove compartment. Not keen on a fixed lens either.
  12. Hi Barry, I'm not sure that I would benefit from a grip as I have small hands. Unless there is another reason for using one? Sas
  13. Thanks everyone for your replies. My handbag is heavy enough!!😂 Thainking about what I will be shooting. Well, some indoor stuff, plus pets in action, other people in action, outdoor general views on my travels, people portraits inside and outside, maybe garden views and floral portraits (floral and macro is my specialist area which I use DSLR for, plus pets lately and some studio portraiture on occasion.). So the high end compact would be something to have handy at a moments notice when opportunities arise. Plus I would use for usual snapshot stuff of family, etc. I’m looking at the RX100 V. Not the latest version as I see there is a trade off of a stop and a half for the increased focal range. So the M5 would be a bit better in low light. But I like the small focal range. I like the speed as I need something for action. I’m sure I could do some non-macro plant portraiture, plus general stuff. Those who who use an RX, how do you find it in terms of changing settings quickly and also for tracking a subject? And what’s it like for selecting changing the desired focal point? Do you find you miss opportunities for shots because you have to wade through menus to change settings? What is quality of auto rather than manual settings? Do you get a lot of stuff from your RX100 accepted on Alamy? Any other observations or tips with this camera? Thanks so much!
  14. Thanks for replying. Thats interesting that you’ve got on well with your LX3. I guess much of what I’ve used the LX3 for was indoors or under cloudy skies. Or perhaps because I am comparing it with my D3S im being unrealistic. That said I have a D5500 entry level DSLR and I’m not happy with the image quality on many of those shots either! I’m not sure of the fixed lens of the Fuji is what I want. Plus it’s still quite bulky for a compact. Thinking about the RX100.
  15. Hi, I’m planning to get back into shooting for stock (having barely dipped by toe in years ago!). My main camera is my trusty D3S, but I want to invest in a carry anywhere, compact/point and shoot to keep with me for everyday opportunities. Having had a Panasonic LX3 years ago which was supposedly good at the time with the best reviews I was disappointed and hated it. I had a lot of blurry noisy shots. I’m a stickler for quality and I am only too aware of the quality being not a patch on my D3S. I also have an entry level NIkon DSLR (still too big for my handbag) which disappoints quality wise with images fine until you zoom in. So my question is which compacts/advanced compacts would churn out professional enough quality suitable for Alamy submissions? I live in a cloudy country and would also like to use if for some indoor shots so ideally I would want something able to cope with low light, or have a good fill in flash. Ideas and and thoughts please. Thank you!
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